Sunday, February 17, 2013

Music: A Little Of My Philosophy

I'm saving this bio here for future reference.

Played violin for 12 years. Studied Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University.

In thinking, I guess I believe that art or work should make people think, even if it doesn't ask a question. Most artwork, if not all artwork, has a purpose even if it is not apparent to its creator. When someone creates artwork they are creating a physical representation or recording of the subliminal conscious of an artist's world or society. If you know how to pick apart pieces of artwork, one would be able to determine the artist's psychological state at the time of being. This is what I believe.

Art is like an abstract wormhole through a non-existent time. Because of its abilities to broadcast states of being to the viewer or audience, art can also be purposefully utilized to project a message adherent to a motive. Studies have shown that there is a purpose for systematic design in art that affects how the artwork is construed and how the message of the artwork is assimilated. In knowing this, it is possible to make a bigger impact, or difference, on the audience that is viewing the artwork, simply by being conscious of what makes them think (whether it is consciously or subconsciously). Countless techniques have been devised since the beginning of the study of such matters and are at our disposal for this purpose. The question then becomes, if we are able to make a bigger difference and we have the tools to do so, why aren't we doing it...? To me, knowledge of 'image broadcasting' (which applies to CG and Music) comes with a responsibility that is mandatory to uphold. Therefore, I believe that all of my work must project a message, one that is consistent with my beliefs. Arguably, this could also be called rhetoric.

This philosophy of image projection is something I want to put in my current and future projects. Right now, I'm working on producing (for the first time) a premier collaboration album as a promo and something to add to my portfolio (think 'Shock Value' for unsigned artists). Music is a part of me, but it's not ALL of me. Besides being a composer and wanting to produce for video games and films in the future, I have other plans and talents concerning CG and Art, perhaps my first loves, including merging some of my ideas with music to go into other fields such as the Video Game Industry, the Movie Industry, and the Computer Graphics Industry.

Some of the ideas I've come up with include producing mock video game and movie websites (with a mock soundtrack), for the purpose of measuring the affect they might have if they were actual productions, producing book websites for classical books without soundtracks, for the purpose of showcasing my composing abilities while practicing on non-funded projects, creating neo-social networks that utilize ideas from the music / audio component, and among other things, ultimately, one day building a new type of DAW implementing design and broadcasting techniques from CG. These are a few of my ideas and talents I have in store for XJ Hall. And one day, as you might have guessed, I want to launch my own brand / company. You might call me a jack of all trades concerning the entertainment industry. Just because I haven't done it yet, doesn't mean I don't know how.

Give me a concept to work with and I will create the soundtrack or beat to that concept in as intelligent way as possible. This includes using new techniques such as 'literal' organization of music or melodies in a song. For instance, if you want me to make a song about the planets aligning using a mandolin, I would take that idea and start out the beat with 8 different notes in different spaces of the audio field (left 90 degrees, left 60 degrees, left 45 degrees, left 30 degrees, right 15 degrees, right 30 degrees, right 45 degrees, right 60 degrees). Then, I would emulate the movements of the planets into alignment by moving the stereo notes simultaneously into alignment over a period of time to ultimately be mono. Another example, is when I'm making a soundtrack to a book, I will use instruments that are associated with the 'image' that is trying to be conveyed. Hence, a soundtrack about a 'Lake Shore' will utilize seagull audio samples. Those are examples of how I do my work.

Still building portfolio... Over 150 beats, ideas, and pieces of work and counting.

I have enough technology to make exemplary pieces.


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