Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thoughts: Knowledge and Perception - Time's A Changin'

XJ Randall
08:21 EST

Regardless, it is amazing. A miracle, at least, besides the infinite others that are gifted to humanity, and to every person within it. God gave me the blessing of connecting to the Master Idea for probably over 10 years, on a systematic basis (almost every day), and I am very thankful I was given that time. BUT (it always has to come to a BUT), the time's a changin'. I believe that perception is the interpretation of non-chronological knowledge, or events, but when the knowledge is filtered and transformed by our 'consciousness' it is output as a linear timeline*. This means that perceiving is like shuffling a 7 card deck. The cards are the same, but when you lay them out each time, their order is different. 'Free Will' allows for variation among outcomes, but sooner or later one's consciousness must perceive all parts of the knowledge that it is rooted to.

My point is, sooner is NOW. The once direct, tangible, and very strong connection to what I would call the Master Idea, or God, has transformed to a more natural state, and let me say, I welcome this new change. If what I think is true, I am only entering the beginning of a new cycle of the same pattern that has been cyclical throughout my life. The timing was abrupt. It will be different, it feels different, but hey, what is the difference...? If we're thinking in terms of a business, the computation method is trivial as long as the expenditure is nearly the same, with the same output. And for the most part, the clients of a company don't give a damn about technique, as long as the product is the same quality. "It's about the 'W' at the end of the day." Needless to say, any 'win' is possible when you know and believe.

Excited for this new challenge is an understatement, but at the same time, it would be foolish to make any promises, besides that it could take some time to master (as a psychic told me). Unbeknownst to many, what I had before was a true gift from God, a lesson, and I am glad I used it in the way I did. I would not take anything back. This was meant to happen.

A Happy New Year with all of our resolutions resolved,


*Hypothetically, in various universes that all bend to one underlying Master Idea, a consciousness that perceives reality in each differing universe would ultimately go through the same events, however, not necessarily in the same order. According to this, events themselves are not dependent on time, meaning they can be shuffled or perceived in any order, but the order itself could depend upon the laws of the particular reality in which the events are perceived.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notes: Stuff for next year.

NOTES: Okay, new stuff on the way starting next year. Am hoping to finish the NEO Network, which will be renamed to 'Project N' (N == 14). Then can start creating a video game. Haven't decided what the video game would be but it would be showcased at xjhall.com using javascript. Hopefully, can sell the game to a major company if it is successful. More thoughts concerning consciousness (maybe). Want to work extensively with brainwaves, and the main resolution that must be completed by the end of 2014 is building something by hand that deals with the synchronization of brainwaves / psi-waves, electrical circuits, and maybe even some type of mechanics such as robotics. That means new ideas eventually will pop up for the stuff plan on building. We could even tamper with some LEGO circuits and add extra stuff to it. I'm talking about maybe syncing the screen gui with the robot with the brain wave headset. Stuff to think about.

Oh, also have to redo the design of my website, because it looks sloppy and isn't efficient enough.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts: Some Thoughts For Next Time

Thoughts needed to be elaborated on, the next time I connect to the Master Idea:

1.) Explanation of "There is no change": A Theory.

2.) How to create a Virus Against Scalar Brain Hi-jackings:
If there is a giant metaphysics computer 'brain' out in the ocean that is connecting to millions of people's brains by way of scalar waves, we can assume that if the connection is bi-directional, it can be hacked, organically. HOW, is the question...? Astral travel is one solution, we have the popularized 'Secret' and the theory that encapsulates it, and also we have other external technological remedies. The basic gist is that, if 'IT' is connected to me, I am connected to it, thus I can change it with a few tricks.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Constant Sigil: Telling the Future Via Brain-Wave Graphics

The more I delve into a way to manipulate reality, the more 'stuff' I uncover, interesting to say the least. This 'stuff' has to do with brainwaves. Just the gist will be explained, although I haven't tested it yet. It is the blueprint for what should occur.

I was trying to find a way to manipulate reality via the technology I already have, basic technology including a brain wave headset. But I wanted to start by being able to tell the future. In order to solve the problem, I use one of my favorite techniques, start from the solution and work backwards.

PROBLEM: Need a way to tell the future.

COMPONENTS: Must use current technology, i.e. brain-wave headset.

What can we get from a brainwave headset...? Raw EEG data. That data can be converted to help whatever needs to be interpreted, in this case reality, or something about it, the future. What are the constraints to manipulate reality...? The device that does so must attach an emotion (not sure) to a 'thought' that dissipates into the fabric of  'what is' and manifests on the other side, i.e. the future. So, I think, somehow the emotions can tell us something, all we have to do is translate EEG data to emotion, and then work from there. One interesting fact is that brain-waves decay over a period of time, meaning a certain pattern of brainwave might contain data from the perceived past, as if it were a print. So I am thinking, how do we connect the past-print to the future...? One theory is that the past has the same knowledge as the future, the "Sigil" is the same, what differs is the interpretation of that pattern.

Going from here, we find out what this constant pattern is and then somehow figure the changing variable, the future, based on a calculation. That means, this constant pattern is the same in the past and the future, so if we isolate it in analysis, we can see what is different and make decisions based off of that. Now, how will this pattern be recognized...? It could be 1s and 0s but since I am more familiar with images, it would be a graphic of some sort. The graphic is made from the raw EEG data sent through an algorithm. We do a simple study and compare the graphics of the past to bring out the surface the "constant sigil". Then we do other analyses to the graphics. I just looked online today and it says, I don't know how true this is, but it says that photographs or digital images can somehow predict the future.

It was here http://english.pravda.ru/society/anomal/26-09-2011/119157-photographs_future-0/.

Perhaps, if we do an analysis on the brain-wave graphic to such an extent, we could get similar results.

That is all I have for now, will update soon.

Stuff: The Real NEO-Network

Just a note: if you see this idea somewhere else, it probably came from XJ Hall.

This is not really an idea, it is just a different take on what I already have. Briefly, I am building this NEO-Network to function online, but I am having a hard time seeing the difference it would make if it uses an outdated system, if it relies on advertising, or selling personal data to companies, to pay for the bandwidth. Then I thought, hey! We don't have to use ads...!
(a vision)

Jack: John, you're stupid, everyone has to use ads to pay for stuff they put online...

John: Then I won't use online...

Jack: You won't use the internet? Well, that defeats the purpose of the network...

John: Not unless the network runs independent of the WWW.

Jack: What are you saying...?

John: I'm saying, the dirty work must be done, in order to break the nonsensical, because chaos is all too easy to ignore...!

Jack: I see.

John: Basically, we can't keep doing what we're doing. We have to do it different. The Network cannot be run on an old platform. It has to be separate.

(end vision)
So basically, sorry if I'm being blatantly easy with my vocabulary, we create a 'device' that is a receiver and a sender of 'a certain type of ethos or radio wave that may or may not be in public use'. This 'device' will run on practically 'free energy' 'generated via the atmosphere'. The 'device' will be larger at first, but as technology progresses, it gets smaller, and could possibly become as small as a usb. The device will be able to be 'plugged into' via 'electrical or other means' and will have a 'display' such like a laptop, computer, or pad screen. There will be no connecting to satellite, and probably no connecting to any wires, or any wires that are tapped into by the WWW. This will be an independent network. How will information flow...? It will be an authentic experience, one that emulates or copies what had occurred 100 to 200 to 1000's of years before this. Information was passed via word of mouth or pamphlet. The information could only be accessed from exposure from one node to the next, like ants in an ant hill. It would be different, because the network would depend on the nodes in the area (because it doesn't rely on satellite), therefore making it a ground-network. NO. A user would not have the luxury of connecting to the WWW. But that is what makes it different. We start manufacturing these, get more people interested, the network will grow in each area. So there will be unique information to each 'area-network' but the setup of each node's GUI would be the same. Now some might say, "How do you find out information from across the world...?". Good question. To answer it would require using something of the scope of quantum mechanics, a 'different type of technology not currently seen by the public, making its debut for the first time ever'. It would possibly be 'used in an unorthodox way', extorted, used differently than intended, or pumped up on steroids.

Well, that's it. Like I said, if I see someone else with this idea, it probably came from my realization. I am not kidding when I say it could actually happen in the future. Remember from my previous notes, knowledge is independent of distance. That means, no matter what the distance, wherever you go, the knowledge is the same, NO MATTER WHAT. It depends on what our technology is, what we are capable of, that will allow us to do things that we have never done before, that will allow us to tap into this 'force' and discern what is happening anywhere at any time. It could happen. Maybe it already is...

That is all,

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Projects: Noter

Here is a mock-up I did of a project I'm about to build. Briefly: the 'run' button double functions to record and playback on the timeline. When it 'runs' it records strokes and audio as well. If the user 'sketches' while running, the sketch can fade into the background. Pause the timeline to post a note. Content can only be changed on the creator's laptop but shared and viewed by other users, notes are stored in local storage, eventually there will be a web-socket network to watch and share automated notes in real time...


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Projects and Technology: XJ-Chat Demo

I created this little demo program to test out HTML5 / JavaScript sound before I convert it to websockets. Yes, it actually works (in Chrome) without Flash...! The program records the user's voice, and sends it as an audible message in chat. In this demo, when the user hovers over the audio, it takes some time to load. However, in future versions, we will be using websockets to execute some interesting new techniques for storing the audio, so it will be less slow, probably many times faster. You can check out the demo here.

Excited yet...? hmm...


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thoughts: Flatland

"Deeds, and not words, shall proclaim the truth. Listen, my friend. I have told you I can see from my position in Space the inside of all things that you consider closed. ..."
-Section 17, Flatland by Author A Square

I tried to make an analogy to this book and while I was reading through I picked up some neat thoughts. I'm looking for the 'out' and I believe the author knew of it. Here are my thoughts, I have not changed them in any way yet...

"This tells me that spirits from the 4th dimension can see our thoughts. But thoughts are universal, meaning it is allowed to be construed by a 4th dimensional being because it is a physical nature, similar to a smell of a flower in the 3rd dimension. The smell can be judged as either good or bad but the smell remains the same no matter who smells it. the letters change based on language, but the meaning is not dependent on language.

i think, in higher dimensions, communication is not dependent on language, where letters change, but 'meaning' which is based on physicality. in higher dimensions, an explicit meaning cannot be altered. so basically, spirits would communicate by meaning, but humans interpret meaning and recognize it as language... this also might *mean that our thoughts are physical or can be seen in higher dimensions... it wouldn't matter whether they have language or not, meaning is universal, it is based on vibration, frequency, energy. this means that two different people from two different backgrounds and languages could telepathically (brainwave headset) telepathically communicate meaning without language and understand what the other person is saying it would be in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration so we would have a headset able to communicate with the brain...

it is possible that all of the dimensions are around us, interacting with them depends on whether we are able to pick them up or not. brain == 3D, thoughts == 4D? not sure yet... well it says that nothing in 4D is able to be picked up in 3D but what if we are part 4D? then we could pick up some elements of 4D nature. how is it possible for a human to experience the 4D world after taking DMT if not one part of him was of 4D nature...? or... perhaps the meaning of what we see is interpreted as a spirit world. leads to everything is a meanning dependent upon translation. is meaning knowledge with an emotion...? just like knowledge, maybe emotion is a dimension as well...?"


Monday, October 21, 2013

Brief Beef: 3 Ideas

Here is the simple brief beef for three ideas I encountered while walking around downtown. The last one is the best.

1.) Organic Motion Recorder (as opposed to electronic).
3D-Time Picture Wall with Invisible-Film: A chunk of thin, overlapping and translucent film papers the size of a wall and thickness of about three to five inches. The wall captures light projected onto it after the very top layer is peeled off exposing it to light. In order for the wall to 'capture' motion, each layer of the wall must be factorized to 'develop' at a mathematical rate respective to the position of the layer according to a time function. During the process of developing a layer image will slowly turn opaque, whence upon being fully developed, it is completely opaque, blocking light to the layers beneath it. The end results in a wall whose layers can be illuminated in a certain fashion to replay a motion. There are additional things that would have to be done that are not mentioned.

Now, if you think that idea was impractical, you're right. However, it leads to several other ideas. The first is the Holographic parallel of this.

In the Holographic version, we do use electricity to record all of the 3D data of a space in motion with a Holographic camera. The data is output to a Holographic display device that would actually display the depth of the recreated scene instead of a flat picture. The display would be a wall in height and length.

2.) Is it possible to retrieve a recording of the past out of thin air...? Results:
A.) Store the recording / data in air.
B.) Look into the past directly.

B. is a better alternative. We might have help by looking at some of Nikola Tesla's work and notes.
How...? A Time Frame Projector. The projector is a doorway in size and is a clear, artificially intelligent, glass. It is touch screen glass with Holographic display. Basically, it would have controls that allow the user to affect what happens in 'time', the past, looking through the glass to the projected other side. Get it...? The projector somehow changes the 'frequency' or vibration of the 'image' of the present but not the present itself. How do we get the 'image' of the present? On to the next idea:

3.) Synthetic Brainwave / Thought Generator.
So how do we get the past 'image' for the last idea...? If time is reliant on a perception, then, I think, our brain waves would be the control unit for that perception. That means by manipulating a person's brainwaves in a certain manner (energy, frequency, vibration), we could get them to visualize the past. But we want to project this past onto a screen, so instead of using a real person and projecting the resultant effects, we create a synthetic brain wave generator, so we can manipulate it to project the past back to us, and then onto the Holographic display. It would essentially be a kind of synthetic 'brain' specifically for traveling time.

Other things a synthetic brainwave generator would be useful for is creating 'thoughts', which have the power to manipulate reality when coupled with an emotion.

That is all,


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Technology Report: Manipulation of Reality via Thought Broadcasting

XJ Hall

"The future is not technology, it's how we use it."

Parts of this post are detailed loosely in several previous entries, Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory and Theory: Request / Response Theory.

In another previous post, I said that reality is the interpretation of knowledge, inherent in the Master Idea, a projection by one's "device", that being the consciousness and its physical manifestation, the brain. At this moment, that theory could be no farther from the truth and interestingly paraligns with the process that happens when we emit or broadcast a thought. The undergoing of such activity requires there to be an emotion attached to the process (current theory) reinforcing that only first order organisms, those that are capable of emotion, are capable of manipulating reality (as opposed to second order organisms which are incapable of emotion).

A human as a whole, including one's body and one's brain, whatever makes one's total electrical field or aura, is a 'device' or factory capable of outputting information, data, but more specifically packets of vibrational energy on an indefinite basis. It can be deemed that this is exactly what emotions are, a spectrum of vibrational energy: the higher or lower the vibration the more or less the chance for survival, pointing to the side conclusion that the relationship with 'good' and 'evil' could also be aligned with this assumption.

What I am saying is, this is a process and there is one limitation to it. Currently, it is the lack of evidence or research and information about it. So how would we test it...? How does it work...? A rough sketch is as follows: A thought is generated from the source and projects outward like a wave, affecting anything in its path. The theory states that distance is inconsequential; an atom affected two meters away is the same as an atom affected two billion meters away. All is one. Taking this into account, along with the assumption that time is non-existent, it would seem that there is an opening for a new technology, or at least an interest in, to spring up based on a limitless potential.

For example: in this theory, a thought, or a vibrational packet that is constructed from one's reality 'device', coupled with an 'emotion' (what comprises it) could not only affect people in the room around oneself but could potentially affect someone 1029 miles away (and also in different time frames...!). We could study this with an experiment(s) with a setup in a controlled environment, such as a hanger, that is mostly void of electromagnetic radiation (done with anti-radio wave paint and anti-microwave paint).

Since the walls are lined with reflective material, no thoughts, being electromagnetic in nature, will be able to escape. (This means that the thoughts are not only are kept within a space, but since there is no time, the thoughts from one day might transcend to another... or another year for that matter.) In the open space there can be about 100 people, or more or less, all emitting thoughts according to a guideline (or not). Each participant is set up with thought monitoring device, such as EEG headset or other equivalent. The energy will be measured for all the participants during a trial run. The thoughts cannot go anywhere, so they must be picked up or reflected back into the space. We want to see how the thoughts manifest in each and all participants vibrational energy. The ultimate goal is to devise a systematic approach so it can be 'tinkered' with.

After realizing the mechanics to the system, there are probably several things it could be used for, but it would most notably be used for manipulating reality. Give me time to think of the applications, it's kind of interesting.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts: The 'Realization' Patent and Technology

Because the Master Idea (and knowledge) is constant, any idea is everyone's idea, the only difference being the manner in which it is realized. Thus, in the future, paper contracts will not hold to claim ideas as property, so a neo-derivative would allow companies to patent via realization: an idea, consciousness, time / date, and place. The realization can be checked in a database to look up the consciousness(es) it is claimed by. In claiming a realization in this manner, a network can be created to be used auto-electronically, and among other things visualized in a 3D representation...

I realized that doesn't make sense. How can you make money off of a realization if the realization is unique to each person...? But then I realized, how can you not...? A realization is unique to each person, unless it is proven that it isn't. Meaning, it can be copyrighted or patented if the public would not normally see the realization (or idea) under any circumstances unless it is personally introduced to them by the realizer. This would mean that once the technology permits, a person could copyright, patent, and sell their 'memories'.

Why would we patent memories...? Once we can remotely access and record the electronic parts of the brain and have a system for deciphering its signals, we could have something much like a video game console that replays memories for other people to experience. It could be just like watching a movie, but it could get even more intricate when we allow for interactivity with those memories. This would go about in the following:

1.) The memories of a person are recorded.
2.) The memories are manipulated and programmed to be received by the gamer in a specific order, similar to programming a video game, by the developers of the game.
3.) The game of memories is 'cartridged' and released to the public.
4.) A gamer loads the cartridge in a commercial brain console that communicates with his brain remotely.
5.) The cartridge runs and the gamer interacts with the game based on data the brain console is receiving from the user.

A 'brain' console is a device that communicates with a user's brain remotely. When 'memories' are loaded to the console they can be played to a person's brain much like a movie or video game, except any stimuli sensed occurs internally, within the 'mind'. As of right now, the technology at our disposal is limited, however the progression of our abilities could occur in the following order:

1.) Remote recording of electrical signals or brainwaves from a user 3 to 10 feet away is possible in a manner that is sufficient enough to use in interactive gaming / programming.

2.) Genome or map of the electrical circuit of brain and/or genome of brain waves is nearly complete, allowing for deciphering of electrical signals into their parallel representations (images, movements, senses, etc.).

3.) The first gaming device (or other) utilizes 1. and 2. and outputs communication in a visual or other external format (screen, etc.)

4.)  Information is able to be sent to the brain where it is consciously recognized by the user. The device will start as 'close-range' (close to the head), then evolve over time to be used from a remote distance.

5.) Two way communication is possible between a gaming device (or other) and a user's brain, established via all of the above.

The expansion of the 'mind' industry could be crucially tied with the realization patent which is simultaneously based off of the technology for two way communication between the brain and the ability to identify a person from the 'print' of their consciousness. I suppose the first will lead to headway in the second, if it is not already established by itself.

Just my thoughts,


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Inventions: AIR-FI

Here is a brief description: A-FI or AIR-FI is a device and technique for storing and retrieving data via the air in an enclosed space, preferably a room. It is an air filter, an air composition identifier, and an air composition changer, in one. Air is constantly moving, so in order to store data in the 'air', we must label or imprint a certain percentage of the molecules in the space with the data wanting to be stored. Then, for retrieval, the composition of the air around the device will be measured for certain imprints / differing constructions of changed molecules. In a space that is not sealed off, air 'slipperage' / escape will occur affecting the composition of the entire space. Thus, the device could possibly only detect the air closest to it, such as an id card that has been factorized to emit a unique scent whose molecules are imprinted with the data that needs to be checked / verified. In another scenario, a student would save his project in his nearly perfectly sealed room (or vacuole / battery). A user-set ratio of data-molecules to total molecules would determine the amount of imprinted air. The obvious advantage of this is that air is abundant.

How to imprint data in air via molecules:


Monday, September 16, 2013

The Master Idea: Manipulation of Reality In a Non-Chronological or Mono-Chronological Universe

XJ Hall

I semi-detailed part of this theory in my previous notes. To state this part simply, from this we could learn to manipulate reality, just as Jesus once did.

From this, Knowledge could not be power. No. It is the perception, the interpretation of Knowledge, that we must give our dues. It is what our minds do to it, how it is manifested that determines how powerful we are. Knowledge by itself cannot do that. Knowledge is as immaterial as numbers. Think of it as data or 1s and 0s. Different devices will display that data differently*. Only our consciousness has the ability to create the interpretation.

* Like a graph. If you give ten different people the same data and tell them to plot a graph with it, they will all do it differently, according to their 'devices'.

This tells us that the manifestation of prophecies is the willing of a consciousness to partake in the global consciousness. Because if reality is tied to multiple consciousnesses then it is committed to the sum of them. This means that as a whole we could change prophecies if we knew how. But to start it would require believing in new material and NOT repeating our history lessons. Remember, Knowledge does not change, only the perception of knowledge can change, and that is controlled by a consciousness. That would explain the quantum exercises they were doing, sending a photon through a slit and observing the output shape on the other side. Scientists were confused because the decision was made in the NOW, but when the experiment ran, it was perceived as being created in the PAST. 

"What has happened here is that a random decision (which cards to burn) made in the present has caused a photon 50 years in the past to decide to be in the form of a wave or a particle."

Then it clicked, the AHA moment...! Somehow, there is a relationship between the man making the photon punch cards in the past and the man viewing them in the present. In this relationship, once again, there is no time. This is almost like saying, the man in the past, 50 years ago, exists right next to the man in the present as we speak. Something must be constant; initially that would be Knowledge, but the whole of the idea could be explained as the Master Idea.

We are living in the NOW: not a dot that moves on a timeline, but a dot that is constantly changing, based on our perception of reality. So, there is a distance* between the man in the present and the man in the past and it is smaller than some people's distances between who they are connected to in the present...! This means, that a man who makes a decision in 2013 could affect a person or people in 1929...!*

* Think about it like two clear and flat pieces of plastic about a notebook page in size, height, and width. One layer is put on top of the other and they are suspended in space. A light source is above them. Using a black permanent marker, a circle is drawn on the top layer, but it is NOT drawn on the bottom. Even though the marker is not drawn on the bottom layer, the top layer still affects it by the shadow it makes. Now multiply the layers by infiniti with drawings on all layers and an ambient light source. Get it...? This is a very simple analogy. 

How is this possible you might ask...? Because TIME DOES NOT EXIST. All of what we percieve to be time is only a separation by 'distance' between planes in the NOW. We are living in a network, a spiderweb of interactions between people in perceived different time frames, but time is a distance that can be large or small and is independent of time frame. Technically, we are ALL in the same time frame. Based on this, in the network a node could exist in the future and affect a node in the present. Whereas vice versa, a node in the present could affect the future. There is little distance between the planes of percieved time: we're just layers on top of each other, we can't see each other but we can affect each other through our actions... now, the scientific mechanics of this is another matter.

When we look at the quantum mechanics photon experiment, it seems that the artifact itself is what makes a difference as the punch cards spanned decades, which is multiple time frames or layers. This means that the card is the same card in the present or future or past; upon it's creation it exists in all planes of existence.*

* What I am saying is that basically the Universe is made up of atoms and electrons. It would be more logical to say that instead of the punch card existing in all planes of existence, it is the atoms and electrons of its make-up that transcend all time. This would mean that whatever object you could fathom, if you could affect it right now, you are somehow affecting the atoms in that object, wherever they came from, in all planes of time, more specifically, in the NOW.

The conclusion is that we create the past and the future by what we do. right. NOW. In the network there are many dialogues: the past affecting the future, the future affecting the past, the present affecting the present, etc. We realize from this, that because there is NO TIME, WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD IN HISTORY IS TRUE BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE BASE ALL OUR DECISIONS OFF OF IT. This implies, that if we chose to believe in a different past or future for ourselves, then that choice would manifest in our everyday lives. MEANING, WHAT WE BELIEVE IS FABRICATED. HISTORY IS FABRICATED. There is no time, yet if we believe History to exist, then it affects everything in the NOW. History is nothing, it doesn't exist... it is NOT concrete...! 

Just think about that. We all could be living in the biggest matrix that ever existed...! History exists because we are aware that it exists. It could be a huge control device. It only has power because we give it power. If we believe in an idea in the NOW, we believe in an idea in the past and the future. There is more on this, but what I am saying is, we can change the past and the future by changing the NOW, and perhaps, according to quantum mechanics, only if we are unaware of the past or the future. This requires letting go of certain prophecies and History. Remember to ask yourself, "what is the purpose of remembering this History?" the next time you are told that 'this is the official count of how it went down and you should learn it exactly as it is'...

Based on this Theory, being aware of something makes it true. If we keep history, then it is true. If we keep prophecy, then it is true. The manifestation of the idea that is still alive could require 'drones', or facilitators (consciousnesses) with a higher ability to affect it to bring it to fruition. It is not clear on what would make someone have a higher ability to do so, but it could be related to the amount of connections within the 'network'*.

* Suppose a person with LESS connections would be more able to affect the manifestation of an idea, or perhaps a person with MORE connections would be able to do so. If the latter was the case, the result could be tenfold in a network where an idea is learned by most people within the network. If everyone were a 'drone' or facilitator, the manifestation of the idea would be imminent.

All of this culminates to the realization that if one has a set frame of mind, then it is impossible to change reality. But anything is possible, when we change ourselves.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theory: How is the Future cast before it occurs...?

How is the Future cast before it occurs...?

There is another dimension or plane that humans can tap into, it transcends all time, and it holds the knowledge of the Universe. It is called the Master Idea. No matter when a person taps into the Master Idea, however they got there being regardless, they are tapping into the past, present, and future because ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN, IS, AND WILL BE THE SAME FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. So when they tap into the Master Idea they are tapping into all eternity: the Truth. Time does not exist, only our perception of time exists.

The following are the notes I used to prove the above (granted I still have more work to do), that knowledge is another dimension, it holds the 'data' of that universe, regardless of time, and that the only thing that can change is our perception of reality. The concept of Free Will is slightly altered. Knowledge is constant, an Idea, forever. However, it may be interpreted differently by the consciousness. Understanding how to to affect the consciousness 'device' would lead to studies of manipulating reality.

How are we able to tell the future from a limited perspective...?
How does manifestation work...?

1.) Master Idea Theory claims that there is no "dot that moves on a timeline", only a 'dot that continually exists and is ever-changing.' Time does not exist.

2.) Therefore, because there is no past or future, there is just the present, i.e. the NOW, consisting of multi-facets of planes, each overlapping eachother or existing within the same space but separated by *a distance.

* This is exactly what time is; while our current idea of time allows us to believe it is an abstractivity, distance is a notion that is more so measurable and while being metaphysical in nature will be detectable once technology catches up.

This leads to the question, 'If the Universe stopped expanding, would 'time', or the metaphysical distance exist...? Without change, there may be no time.

Also leads to the conclusion that there could be two separate 'times'. Each differs by the distance that defines it: one is physical distance, the other metaphysical distance.

3.) I think our past is recorded in our atomic structure. Why do I beleive this...? Somehow our brain has to be able to access past memories. If the past was stored outside of our brain, the Universe is moving at a certain pace, we would be unable, physically, to connect to our past.

But this is another matter for collective unconscious.

4.) At this point, there is a plane that transcends at least the present plane, present-past plane, and present-future plane in the NOW (reality at the present moment). In the 3rd dimension, it is the Idea plane that holds the information and knowledge to everything that IS. Meaning, it's the status of the Universe and everything in it at any moment (which means it constantly changes with the universe). It is the ghost copy of the Universe, think of it this way, it is not the pen I write with, it is the properties, the data, the knowledge of the pen I write with**.

** This suggests that data, information, or knowledge, is a separate dimension itself, if not a separate plane of existence (quite possibly both).

QUESTION: What if (to test this) our reality was only that dimension, the dimension of knowledge...? We would think that we are in a physical reality, but we are actually in a limited view because we only have the properties of reality, not the physicality, suggesting that it would be up to a third party device to interpret the data... Basically, the pen I am writing with is the manifestation output by that device.

5.) When a person attempts to manifest reality / predict the future / be psychic: a certain line of events follows.

a.) The man somehow vibrates at the right frequency to tap into the knowledge dimension and sap out data.
b.) It is weird because being able to sap out data for the future would denote that not only the present have a knowledge plane (dimension) but so do the past-present and future-present planes.
c.) This leads me to the question: Are the past, present, and future knowledge dimension separate or all ONE...? IF THEY ARE ALL ONE: leads toward the revelation that ACTION is static...!

i.) The knowledge planes are ONE. past, present, future = NOW.
ii.) If the knowledge planes are all ONE and we assume that the past cannot be changed, then that would mean neither can the present nor future.
iii.) From this we conclude that if the NOW cannot be altered, then it is a constant idea.
iv.) If the NOW is a constant idea then the only thing that changes (or can change) is our perception of reality, OR the device that interprets the never-changing / static idea, or knowledge.
v.) On a separate note, this leads us to conclude that Free Will exists but it is based on interpretation of an idea that is constant.

Knowledge cannot be changed. Only interpreted differently.***

*** Like a line graph. The data can stay the same but it can be interpreted differently. Or like a song. The lyrics can stay the same, but it can have a different key or different notes.

How can we utilize this knowledge...? I have always said that there is a Master Idea that is ONE. Knowledge cannot be changed, only interpreted differently. So does this mean that if we could control our 'devices' we could manipulate our perceptions of reality....? Possibly, we might already be doing that. The question remains, HOW...? I guess we would have to find out what devices are. Is it our brains...? Perhaps, it is the consciousness (another question I have to tackle).


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theory: Request Response Theory

This is basically the idea that supports that "we allow ourselves to become victimized." (Or other action in place of.)

A human's imagination is rooted in 3D, therefore the explanation I provide will utilize this condition. That being said, the basis for the existence of all is the Master Idea. To put it simply, the base or cornerstone of all creation, settled at the bottom of the stack, is a static and concrete 'idea' that never changes but somehow fuels and influences the physical domain(s) above it to manifest in a way that coincides with the 'direction' of its 'print'. To be more accurate it would suffice to say that the Master Idea is the plan of the Universe, and the energy for the Universe, which is the Universe itself. So the Master Idea is everything, and pervades everything, even though we don't have specific devices to detect it alone (yet). This also leads us to conclude that there is no Time as we perceive it, a dot moving on a timeline. There is just a dot; no past, no future, only the present constantly changing in the NOW.

Arguably, there is an ether that transcends all levels above the source, whether physical or metaphysical (that being able to be detected or not), that acts as a stream to carry 'information' to and through everything connected to it. The details of information, or 'organic data', is yet to be discussed (it could be suggested that energy is itself data).

People are the physical materialization or result of the Master Idea broadcasting itself 'through matter' (quoted because matter is the Master Idea, so it is figurative). Unlike the Master Idea, which is constant, because we are physical, we change. When the information a person broadcasts changes, the attitude of the information changes, or in other words the 'color' of the message changes. In any event regarding Free Will or lack thereof, when we change a 'color', the 'information' that is broadcast is sent as a request through the ether to whoever or whatever is in contact with it. You can imagine a node sending out wave ripples of information around it. The ripples continue to flow until decay and friction make them null (which we will not go into here). If Free Will exists, then the people that receive the request have the choice to answer it, to respond to it, or to ignore it. In responding to the request, whether to do an action that is morally or ethically right or wrong, the receiver helps mold the sender's destiny.

Changing the 'color' of the information being broadcast through us can change the responses we get from people we are in contact with, whether they are literally right in front of us, in another country, or in another realm. This relies heavily on Free Will (or non Free Will equivalent). The problem now lies in finding how to change the 'color' voluntarily, on our own accord. Of course, we haven't gone into complexity of this, which would detail all of the possible configurations for sending and receiving requests, including sending and receiving requests of requests and compounded requests.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drawings: 11.02.07

From pain and suffering can come something beautiful, if we choose it to be.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts: All Noise is a Memory, An Extension of YOU

Today, I am nothing. and the universe was once the same. Nothing. There is nothing. But it is so powerful, to be nothing at all. How does nothing hold so much power...? Let us liken nothing to silence and use them interchangeably.

The power is not in the absence of sound, it is not in the void itself. When everything is nothing, there is nothing to compare, so there is no value. The power is not in the nothing. It is in the memory of the nothing, that being just as strong, if not stronger, as the reality of something. We don't know that it was silent until we hear the noise. But when we do, I suppose this would be called 'having Knowledge'.

Now I am going to analogize the problem that one might consider with memories and silence to a small tape recorder in a black void. One might be wondering, "If the tape recorder was always rolling, if our memories were pre-existent to the noise, then why couldn't we record sound, granted it would be all silence, but wouldn't we be able to 'have Knowledge', wouldn't we be aware none-the-less...?" This is easy to solve. The solution is that the memories could NOT have existed, the tape recorder could not have existed, before the noise. Meaning, I am not saying the recorder was recording when it was silent, I am saying that the recorder is the noise, so it could not have recorded until it itself existed. The recorder, memories, are the 'noise', therefore, it records itself. Memories are but another 'noise', for how else would it contrast itself to nothing, to silence? For if there were all silence, but memories existed, it would 'know' there is all silence because it itself would be noise... get it? Furthermore, this leads to conclude that all noise could be but a memory, that contrasts of different frequencies within itself, and that all originate from the same source.

So when you see a water bottle on the table next to you while you are typing, what I am saying is, that is a memory, which is a noise. But in some way, your 'tape recorder' wouldn't be able to 'remember' it, the water bottle itself wouldn't even exist, if your tape recorder didn't exist.

Hmm, there is something to get from this. I can't put my finger on it...

Now another question is, why is it that when we observe nothing, or any absolute in anything, which equates to nothing, this nothing-ness, this silence always leads to an explosion of noise...?

Stuff to think about...


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inventions: 'Noter'

Usual ideas for inventions arise from the need to complete a task, mixed with common sense and the lack of innovation to complete it. This invention is no different. 'Noter' is an online blogging site but the blogs are done entirely in a drawing-type application that looks like a blank notepad or notebook. Similar to modern blogging sites, the user has the capability to use HTML and CSS to change the template, or use a template 'guide'. The application can use 2D or 3D canvas and saves the post and all images in the post by the coordinates and data of an image, or page, created by the user. Saving the coordinates of a stroke or line gives the user more options, specifically when replaying or editing. Basically, it is Microsoft Paint and Notepad on steroids. It can be used on a pad device (or laptop) to quickly jot down notes or ideas, or can be used for more lengthy projects such as a personal site, power-point equivalent presentation, or what else.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Thoughts: Why a Thought is More Than a Reality

A thought is more than a reality. It is all of 'time' before it, the progenitor and the precedence in one. It is the object of a nebulous Truth, formed through a mystery of the 'Consciousness'. Understand that doubt may erase the validity of a thought, but it does not erase the Truth from where it came. Even if the thought is dismissed, we have to accept the Truth that formed it. If we go backwards and uncondense the thought, expand it into the Truth it was founded on, we would be able to find insights into why the thought occurred. It is not wrong to judge a thought, whether you think it should be accepted or not, good or bad, etc. But we should not forget that even ridiculous thoughts come from Truth. In fact, ALL thoughts come from Truth. My point is, we should pay more attention to the Truth the thought comes from than the validity of the thought itself.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Project NEO: Design Update

I just know users would be complaining about the last design of NEO. So I redid it. It is very simple and easy to use. Also, you might be noticing that it is in 3D...


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Game: Hex-J

Too tired. Will explain all of the rules later. The awesome thing about this game is that it is so generic it can be applied to different genres and video games (...).

I see some things that need to be changed, it's not clear enough, keep using different words to explain the same thing.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Theory: The 'One Light' Theory

by XJ Hall

Hello, I came up with ANOTHER theory having to do with a 'network'. This is different than the last because it uses 'mirrors' to explain the transfer of a substance related to survival (hang with me). This is interesting because when we normally think of embodying a characteristic or property, we think of it as something that WE generated, or something that originates from us. Whereas, this theory challenges that notion by saying that all we are as humans, all anything is as a node in the network, is a reflection, or mirror, of what already exists. We don't have any properties other than what we reflect...! The properties of who we are are the result of the transfer of an omniscient 'light' in a way where it is concentrated into rays and bounced off of mirrors, or different compositions of the omniscient light.

The whole of what we perceive to 'be', 'life', as far as we can tell, is 'a network': a labyrinthine conglomeration of connections based on stimuli, to be sensed, assimilated, comprehended, analyzed, interpreted, metaphorized, rationalized, philosophized, produced and re-produced, and challenged and re-explained via alternate, and eye-opening, explanations. Perhaps, this is one such explanation, but a brief one at that.

If you asked me questions about the network it would be easier for me to explain it to you. But since you are not here, at least yet, I will have to emulate the questions that I think you would like to ask.

"What is this about...?"
I was postulating on forgiveness and I realized that there exists within humans something like a 'mirror' that can be pivoted via an invisible axis that runs through it. Hang with me here, this is interesting. It is a one sided mirror: on one side is a reflective surface and on the other is a non reflective surface. In being a one sided mirror, humans, or nodes, can reflect the stimuli passed through a connection, or they can turn the mirror inward to basically reflect nothing at all. Assumed to be a matter of choice, upon fully introverting the node becomes invisible to the network. Why is this so...? The network itself IS an omniscient 'light', a type of 'ether', if you will. It has always been an omniscient light and exists in of itself, however it was not a network until somehow nodes started popping up. This suggests that nodes are a different composition of the light, but are composed of the light none-the-less. The nodes were able to reflect the omniscient light; in doing so they 'were' in the network because they could not 'be'in the network unless light was reflected from them. This leads to conclude that light cannot be seen unless there is a node, with its mirror turned outward, to reflect it.

"So what are you saying...?"
A network must be comprised of at least two nodes that are connected. The connection would be the omnicient light, the 'ONE LIGHT'. We cannot know we exist within the network unless there is another node that reflects the ONE LIGHT, and we cannot be known to exist by other nodes unless we, ourselves as nodes, reflect the ONE LIGHT. We can exist without knowing, but in order to know, we must exist within the network. Light cannot be seen unless there is a mirror to reflect it. Get it...?

Now moving on, the omnicient light that makes up the network can be bounced off of one node to another throughout the network in way so that it is disperssed in an indiscriminant manner, so that some nodes recieve more or less light than others. Moreover, in heavilly concentrated areas where light is reflected from multiple nodes, the node whose mirror is facing the concentration will reflect the properties of all of those beams, seemingly an augmented reflection of light. So what I am saying is, a node such as the sun is a huge reflection of all of the light being concentrated at it. Were the sun's 'mirror' faced inward, we would not see the light focused in space. Get it...?

Applying this to humans, the light 'goes through' every thing in the network, but we are unable to see it, all the time, because there is not always a 'mirror', or node, to reflect it. Okay...? The first human did not know that he existed until the second human gave him reference of that (until the second node reflected the light).

So what's my point...? Thinking about forgiveness I began to think about this paradigm and what it means. I think, as nodes, humans may have several mirrors that reflect different compressions of the omnicient 'light', and one of the mirrors reflects what I cannot name but will analogize with 'love', 'knowledge', and 'truth', all together. Basically, these are survival 'substances', a 'substance K', probably the most purest form of compression of the ONE LIGHT.

And you might say, so what...? Remember, I said that a node ceases to know it exists if it is not part of the network, and it can only be part of the network if it reflects light. So if a human were to turn its mirror inward from substance K, a compression of ONE LIGHT, the human would be doomed to survive within the network, at least from reflecting substance K. There are probably other 'substances', or compressions of ONE LIGHT, but let's just say, for this explanation only, that substance K WAS the only substance that was reflected. And let's just say that the network consists of billions of human nodes, each with their mirror turned at various degrees, each reflecting substance K, consequently creating a network that may be more densly permeated with substance K in some areas than in others. What I am saying is there is a relationship here. The 'areas', or spaces, of the network where substance K is less concentrated will have the inability to reflect the most from it. However, this does not mean that the most densly permeated space of the network will be utilized efficiently, if there are few or no nodes to reflect the light back into the network. Get it...?

"Well, XJ, this is rather abstract. What do you plan on using this for...?"
It is interesting, really. I know I've been coming up with ideas related to networks, I need to stop doing that. But we can apply this to some things. I mean, how is substance K communicated to each node...? Through 'reflecting'. But what is reflecting...? Obviously, 'reflection' could be a simple abstract term for more complex things such as the science, or behavior of 'behavior'. This leads to connections with my previous post that suggests that the 'uptake', or in this case 'reflection', of substance K is for the most part independent of logical surface meaning (despite what we believe) and relies on what is reflected to us in a systematic manner. This would include the angle of 'light' reflected to us, or the way we behave in order to change the 'angle' of our 'mirrors'. Remember, we can't be anything we don't reflect. We are what we reflect, and if we didn't reflect we wouldn't be (at least in the network). So being able to systematically change our 'mirrors' to reflect the most light would be interesting. There are things that I have not mentioned here, like the current scientific explanations for the properties of light could be applied to this theory. For instance, diffusion, color, wavelength, etc.

This whole theory could probably be made into a movie. We might be able to do something with this behavior wise. I mean, in a network see what we can do...

Not sure what else to say. Just my thoughts,


Monday, July 29, 2013

Ideas: NEON and The 'Consciousness'

This post has some pretty cool  ideas in them including: storing data in the 'air', an organic network that runs on atmospheric electricity, possibly storing data in what we perceive to be as 'time', and storing data in either the 'Consciousness' or the 'collective unconscious'.

The work and aims of scientists within the 19th and 20th Centuries, specifically Nikola Tesla, allow us to walk into a new era that holds potential for neo innovation. The world is ready for an explosion of some magnitude, but that all depends on the catalyst. Based on where my studies have lead me in the past 6 months, the ultimate factor behind the spark of a technological revelation is related to finding a practical paradigm for the systematic utilization of what we perceive to be and call by name, the 'Consciousness'. In this draft, I premier an invention and idea, a proposition for an 'organic' network relying heavily on the knowledge from the past, but holding stead fast for the ultimate plan to sync with a factual 'Consciousness'. 

│ Evidence │
The evidence below makes up the general science behind the inventions / ideas that follow and support our need to define 'Consciousness' and map out its structure.

'Earth-magnetic' Fields and the human EEG:
Earth's magnetic field, in slow or drastic flux, has little some effect on the human EEG. The fact that Earth also has an EEG, and that it is similar to a human's, proves that the entire universe has an electric 'pulse': this being evident through even the most amorphous objects, including the air.

Resonant Frequency:
The theory of transmitting energy via identical 'frequencies' specifically allows for the transmission of electrical energy from one device to another. This has not been perfected as of yet; practical applications are limited to within 0 to 100 ft. However, there is a use for it in an organic network that is based off of local interactions (Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory), as opposed to connecting nodes that are thousands of miles apart.

Propagation Delay:
Propagation delay, or the time it takes for an electromagnetic energy to be sent to a target, could be used for unorthodox purposes, such as literally using time, or the perception of it, to 'store' electromagnetic energy, or data, until it is requested to be retrieved. This poses a problem: the data that is transferred may have a predictable 'turn-around' rate, or PD, but that does not mean that a node in the network will not request for it at any time before or after the data's predicted PD. This is not practical because a node is most probably using the network for random access. There are two suggested solutions to this which I will not go into. Somehow, we have to be able to know when the node will request for retrieval of the energy at the time they send it, even if they are using it for random access. The second option would be to somehow 'fake' the time component of PD. Meaning, the energy actually simulates going on a voyage and utilizes time to store it, but in actuality does not go anywhere. This differs from storing the energy locally because it requires time, the energy is actually sent on a path, whereas storing the energy locally means that it is physically in reach. This is interesting... (tbc.).

Atmospheric Energy:
According to various sources concerning Nikola Tesla, he may or may not have been able to utilize the properties of the atmosphere to produce free electrical currents. I haven't read his bio yet, just seen and read many things about him, and there was a documentary that purported that Tesla did in fact create a device that utilized the static in the atmosphere, as he demonstrated with an electric car. The use for such a device is multiplicitous. On the one hand, the device could be perfected to such a state that it is as tiny as a blue-tooth device: everyone could be connected to the network, the device would power their connections. On the other hand, the device could be used for other purposes not limited to producing electricity, including retrieving / converting other types of energy.

│ NEON │

NEON, or Neo Electromagnetic Organic Network, is almost exactly as it's name implies. It is a network that is organic in nature because it is conducted via information that is is transmitted, broadcast, or stored through the atmosphere, or 'air', using a form of electromagnetic resonance and 'retrieval'. There are two ways through which it can do this, the latter involves propagation delay.

│ Scenario A │
The first scenario shows a design for the network that would allow it to be void of unwanted physical conglomerations, making it more efficient. There would be no need for the systematic placement of massive radio towers. There are no cords and no computers because the network is stored in the atmosphere, or 'air'. Any modification to information is done before it is transmitted, or broadcast, into the 'air' (sent to the network). The sending or transmission of information is viable through possible future technological advancements in electromagnetic resonance, which would allow a carrier, node, or person in the network, to 'vibrate' the information into the air. There is a problem with this however: air cannot record / store anything but heat, and it is always constantly moving. The solution to this is to set up a network that is only local. This means that only the nodes or people in your area will be able to interact with your device. There would literally be a circle around a node, about a radius of 3 to 290 ft., showing the 'interaction range'.

│ Scenario B │
The second scenario is a wider network with the scope of who ever is connected to the atmosphere. So this means most likely the country or bordering countries, it would depend on how much the atmosphere could be tinkered with. I'm not saying it is, but I would like to entertain the notion that maybe it could be possible to somehow store data in the 'static' of the atmosphere, or essentially in air. If we cannot do it via the 'static' of the atmosphere, I have a hunch that delving further into the 'Consciousness' question will open us up to new insights. (tbc...).

│ A Crude Demonstration │
A light bulb is connected to a large copper coil, coil A, ready to interact with it's brother, coil B, which is 3 feet away and has no electric current running through it, via 'a resonance'. A person flips a switch and an electric current runs through coil B. Coil A then 'picks up' that current and the light bulb ignites. This lasts for one second. A person then retracts the switch and an electrical current ceases to flow through coil B. The light bulb turns off. The number '1' has been successfully broadcast.

Now, imagine if there were 29 light bulbs in the room. This would mean that every time the switch was flipped, all of the light bulbs would share the 'resonance' within the 'interaction circle / range' and would ignite. This might mean that the energy would be dimmed for each light bulb unless each light bulb itself retrieved FREE energy from the atmosphere, basically acting as a sender and receiver. As each light bulb is a node it is able to broadcast to other nodes around it (not going too deep into this). Of course, the real 'organic' network is more complicated than that.

│ Problems │
A problem that pops up is, "Why would someone go through all this trouble when we can just use radio waves...?" Good question. I think some great things can come from this. And moreover, once the 'Consciousness' is broken down and we can use it, the main problems that have kept occurring while creating this idea would be solved. For instance, if we found out what the 'Consciousness' was, this might lead us to find what the 'collective unconscious' runs on, and we would definitely be able to store data in it for random access by anyone at any time (more on this idea later... tbc.).

Well, that sums it up.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thoughts: A Failed Idea

It seems ideas keep getting longer and harder to explain as time goes. Today, as I was conjecturing on the nature of evil, I actually stumbled upon another interesting idea, although I'm fairly certain someone else has thought of the likeness of it. If not a new realization, it would add to the evidence suggesting that  knowledge is a substance, but moreover, my conclusion is that enlightenment, or heightened states of consciousness that occur when we 'learn' something new, can be induced via a (the only way I could call it) lineup of pockets of 'representational objects' or 'images' being assimilated or entering through one or more of our five senses and evoking each separate meaning, or "feeling", sequentially that, together, add up to a new 'feeling', or insight. What I am getting at here is that the pockets can be assembled via formula that is unique to what we want to learn and in a fashion that is relatively faster than what we have to go through today to achieve enlightenment or 'learning'. Get it...? Ultimately, I think I failed on this one but you can read through the rest if you want.

At the start, I wanted to find out what evil was. Based on my own philosophy and several other philosophers, for the sake of this idea alone, I chose to expand on the idea that evil was the lack of the 'substance' called Truth, or Knowledge which allows men to do 'good' things. What is this substance...? Perhaps it is a 'conscious' or the 'one-conscious' that is freely out there pervading the air. We don't know what it is yet, but we know that in order to become more enlightened, we have to 'uptake' the substance. I'll just call it substance K from now on. If substance K is a substance, how is it taken in...?

How do we normally 'learn' or gain insight...? The answer is, indirectly, through our 5 (6,7...) senses. But it is in a way that is minutely convoluted. When a person reads a book they look at the surface quality of the information first. The surface quality or property covers the meaning that hides underneath it, similar to how our bodies are the surface representation, but our 'minds' are out of view. Right now, the surface properties, or image, only have an underlying meaning if we have been conditioned to be alerted by them. Hence, the word 'Art' in English will have a different meaning to someone who doesn't read English. That being said, every time we read a word, or look at some symbol, or take in stimuli through any of our 5 (6) senses, if we are conditioned to it, our minds are evoked from the connection that is made and responds accordingly. I think that each of a human's 5 senses operate on their own at any given time. Come to think of it, words are weird. Words are just like numbers, in that when we think of the number "11", the Alphanumeric representation pops into mind. When, the 'image' representation of "dog" could be the word, dog, or an image of a dog or both.... (hmmm, although this idea failed, I think I have another one.) Strictly for this idea, now knowing that certain words can evoke a 'feeling' in us, and that learning something new requires evoking all of the feelings connected to the surface properties of the words, it can be assumed that we can 'push' the learning process, or 'insight', through the systematic placing of words in a formula so that the resulting playback of the feelings correlating with those words lead to the desired result.

So basically, the problem is we need to uptake substance K. This process allows us to do it faster, I think. Consequently, I'm pretty sure it has already been thought of. But my argument is, it's not about the surface properties of the image it is about the "feeling" that comes from it: it's about the "feeling" of enlightenment. Before there was logic, there was "feeling". That being said, images that do not have a strong underlying "feeling" or 'meaning' component to them would not be good candidates to evoke the "feeling" in the participant.

And basically this just explains what is already out there. Nothing new here. I guess this idea is a failure. But the trick here is to NOT force people to become conditioned to an 'image' so that they WILL 100% respond, but to find out what people are conditioned to already, and work from there.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Past Thoughts: You are the Source of Light

This is interesting. These thoughts suggest that the properties of light are fabricated within the 'mind' or  within our consciousness. Basically, light doesn't exist unless we are aware that it exists because we create the view of our world. This leads me to believe that the awareness and/or existence of some things is and is not independent of our consciousness. Here it is:

"I was looking at the river one night and was wondering why the light reflects off of the water the way it does. How come the reflection always follows the eye...? I mean, how come when we move the light reflection does not stay in position that would denote change...? The light reflecting off of the water always reflects towards the eye, in comparison, a shadow does not  stay in a position relative to the eye, as we are able to tell based upon the change that occurs in its shape as we move around the object that creates it. No matter where I move to, as I look on the North side of the bridge towards the lights on the Union street bridge, the light emanating from it, reflecting off the water, always stays relative to my eyesight. when I move to the left or right, but continue to look towards the reflection, it does not curve or change shape."

Thinking about this I knew that this would be the same for each person. No matter who you are, the light will always reflect towards YOUR eyesight, not someone else's point of reference. From this I came to the conclusion that the source of light must come from within each of us, because if it were an outside source, the reflection of the light would change it's shape or point of reference when we changed our position, but instead it always stays constant. This lead me to conclude that YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF LIGHT! That somehow, biologically, there is something in the brain within each of us that allows us decode the light. But this also meant that the light reflection for each of us could be unique. I might note that the premises to this argument are valid, although the conclusion might not be true."

Hmm, interesting. I thought I was incorrect in assuming that the properties of light were fabricated.


A Brief Thought: The Master Idea and the Mono-Conscious

Before I tell you the idea, I'll tell you what lead up to it. Why was I thinking about this...? Oh yeah. First, let me say that it only makes sense that our bodies are made up of a matrix of atoms. But what people tend to think is that 'atoms' are somehow a concrete substance, and that it is impossible for them to be amorphous in nature. Based on my current research, no atom is what we perceive to be as 'rock solid'. It is only a group of closely knit parts held together by something, meaning that there is a 'void', a 'silence', if you will, between two 'noises'. Please correct me if I am wrong when I say that I think this is what Raymond L. Bridgman meant when he expounded upon the 'silence between two noises' in his beautifully written book, 'The Master Idea'. I have not heard of it anywhere else.

Actually, I got the phrase messed up. Pay no attention to what I just said. I still don't know what Raymond means. Maybe I'll find out later.

Anyways, being that every thing is spaced apart, there is space between every atom and that the arrangement of atoms is in a formation, something must hold them together or produce that formation, apparently being the 'conscious', or so say the experts on a video I watched on YouTube (see below).

This is very interesting when they say 'conscious'. The other day I was thinking about what to think about and the Master Idea popped up again. I visualized a blooming flower, which I have used because of the striking shape and 3D structure that is conjured when building the image in memory. It has a certain formation that occurs every time it is produce, almost exactly the same every time it is produce. Now we have to wonder what is the determining factor for the structure of the flower, the molding of the atoms. You could say, "the electromagnetic spectrum" but that doesn't explain WHY the flower is shaped the way it is, in an intelligent design, NOT SUPER intelligent, but intelligent none-the-less. I think soon we will have to break down what we think of as intelligent. But what I mean when I say 'intelligent' is not 'I beat you at chess' intelligent. When I say a flower blooming is intelligent design, I mean that it is produced in such a way that only a blue print would allow for anyone else to replicate the design. What is that blueprint...? The Master Idea.

Now to my next thought. Tonight I was thinking about one of my other theories, that the past is actually carried around with us, where ever we go. It is stored in our atomic structure, but vibrates at a different frequency. Therefore, if our 'conscious' were to vibrate at a higher or lower frequency, we would be able to experience that past. But this has a problem: people are only allowed to experience their past and would not be able to go into any one else's. I know what you're thinking. "Hey, what about those good old stories with time travelers who visit Abraham Lincoln." Well, this would not be feasible under that theory, UNLESS (here comes the good part), UNLESS the 'conscious' was outside of our personal atomic structures and was stored in a universal or mono-conscious, meaning we all share one conscious. This has some problems though as well, basically meaning that if we wanted to go to the location of where Hawaii is in 33 AD, the problem is that no one has been to Hawaii in 33 AD because it wasn't inhabited. In this theory your conscious can't vibrate to pasts that have never been encountered by any other conscious or the collective conscious. This  is not to say that we can't astral project (that is in the present) in order to widen the mono-conscious. To solve this, adding to this theory, we could say that even inanimate objects are part of the mono-conscious so perhaps we can reach outside parts of the human conscious.

So basically, there could be this mono-conscious, but there could also be the plural of the 'conscious', many of them, that all come from the Master Idea.

Now for a semi related note: What we have now is the laws of physics. That is the pattern that explains the blueprint of why a flower blooms in the shape it does. But once we find out what this Master Idea is or what it is made of, we could be able to manipulate it to essentially change the laws of physics itself. We're talking about changing the blueprint of the conscious of the blooming flower and possibly everything else!

Just some stuff to think about,


Friday, July 12, 2013

'Paper-code': A 'Drawing Language'

Going to make this short. Here is my idea or solution for the recurring problem I have with conventional programming and its techniques.

When artists want to create something, programming languages restrict their creativity and prohibit their drive because of the length of time it takes to gather the appropriate resources or the amount of concentration required to think through the problems and translate the idea into a reality. Ultimately, this takes energy away from the purpose to actually create the idea.

Again, artists like me tend to initially draw the idea on a piece of paper first. But the problem exists because we have to transfer the idea from the paper, to our minds, and after a significant amount of time figuring out how to efficiently represent this in code, put it into the computer, by typing it character by character, one line at a time. Seems tedious doesn't it...?

This is where 'Paper-code' comes in. Instead having to take extra steps to transfer and translate idea to code, the drawing on paper should be the last step a user has to do before their idea is executed. With 'Paper-code', the drawing is recognized through the camera or other device and is directly translated into computer code for the user, or artist.

'Paper-code' is basically a "drawing language" or an object and stroke recognition for images including lines, colors, text, handwriting, etc. An example would be a user drawing a diagram, adherent to 'Paper-code' drawing language, of  a simple "Hello, world!" html page. Each part of the html page might succeed from top to bottom and the <divs> might be enclosed in drawn out boxes. For javascript animations, the 'Paper-code' might require symbols that denote change from one state to another.

ERRORS (Syntax, etc.):
You might say, "What about errors...!" I thought about this as well. We could use a dry erase board to put in front of the recognizer (camera / scanner). That way the image can be erased, but if it were successful it could be saved on the computer in computer code.

Another thing I didn't mention is that it could also be used to recognize drawing language done in photoshop.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that "drawings" or image-code can be placed on top of each other, meaning the subsequent drawing will add to the previous compiled 'Paper-code'. Changing or editing the computer code could be as simple as erasing a part on the original drawing and having the recognizer realize which part was erased and apply changes.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Theory: Time is Actually Distance*

Just to make a note I did actually spell parallel wrong in the illustration. That's what happens when you rush.
I'm kind of tired. I'll explain later.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Documentaries: Icing on a Cake and the NEO Soundtrack

NO MUSIC in my first movie.

I have realized while watching A SIGNIFICANT amount of documentaries, about conspiracies and such, that music plays a very important role in getting the point across. Does it work? SOMEWHAT-YES. It depends, but I think in various cases it is a charlatan practice, exuberant since the invention of movies with sound, that limits the message from achieving it's highest audience saturation. There is another way we can do this, a better, more moral way. Let me explain.

Do you like frosting...? Most people do. Music is just like that. It is the icing covering the entirety of a cake. It is a "sweets" at the top of the nutrients pyramid. It is a device used to jump-start and push the intentions of the author (and is also used to hypnotize, but we'll cover that later). This doesn't apply to ALL documentaries, but it is insulting to be considered less educated. Why do I say this...? The authors may not recognize what they are doing, but that is the reason why music is used in their documentaries: because less educated people are more susceptible to believe or be persuaded when their emotions are evoked through music.

Of course I have the choice to NOT watch the documentary.

Why put icing on the cake if the cake tastes fine by itself...? NO. Sometimes we have to take the cake as it is, even if it is bitter. The Truth need not icing to be comprehended, only the willingness of the audience.

By using 'icing' or music to set the tone of a documentary the author obviously is using a tactic to aid in the broadcasting of his intentions, but it is also 'dishonest'. Just give the audience the cake as it is, tell the truth without ornamentation or distraction.

If you don't believe me about the effects of music, watch a documentary about a conspiracy. Then, imagine that documentary without the music. You'll probably agree that it makes a big difference in how we perceive the message. In my opinion, this is ethically wrong.

To solve this dilemma, I have considered (this is just an idea right now) of using a new type of soundtrack with my first documentary that is NOT JUST inspired by the events but actually directly results or is a byproduct of the events. How will I do this? I'll think of something.

This needs more time in the oven.