Monday, November 24, 2014

Projects: Project N

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14:27 EST

Here is a project I was (and still am) working on. The user can connect to a network in 3D space. Go to to check the design out.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Inventions Brief: Artificial Bio-Censorship

XJ Randall
23:37 EST

Last updated: 11.23.2014 - 23:42 EST

■ Definition.

'Artificial Bio-Censorship' is the biological censorship or blocking of a target via artificial means.

■ How it is done.

Bio-censorship is basically done through replacement or substitution. Any of a person's senses can be digitally hijacked, however because of the latency associated with the biological processes of the brain, a person's sight is the most probable candidate for censorship via technological means, such as by a super computer on a satellite.

It takes the brain a minuscule amount of time to determine how to respond to an image before outputting it so that a person can recognize it. In this time, a super-computer from satellite, hooked to our unique consciousness signal, visually analyzes the content to determine if anything should be censored. If that is the case, the satellite beams radiation from microwaves (or other types of waves) to the brain to visually and biologically block out what it doesn't want the person to see. All of this done within a fraction of a second.

■ Implications.

Using facial-recognition, bio-censorship can be used to block out a person's face essentially creating a 'black box' for anyone that person comes in contact with.

■ Problems.

 Imagine no one knowing what your face looks like because of this technology...!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Thoughts: What is The Beauty...?

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18:24 EST

What is Beauty...?

The first thing we have to ask is why am I asking this question...? If finding the answer does not lead to a practical application, then it's all just philosophy... we're wasting our time. This makes me wonder, why in the world would the early philosophers seek to define it if the answers to the question were only meant to be pondered...? What does defining 'Beauty' help us accomplish...? If nothing else, then a more solid view of a person's schema for the world around him.

The answer I have can be used in movie or books as a theme, but also it has application in various technology. I can see it stemming into probably at least two other ideas.

In this definition, 'Beauty' is called, 'The Beauty' (because that sounds cooler...!).

The Beauty is like a process with disregard to time. Meaning, the timing of the parts of the process are illegitimate compared to the parts themselves. If all the parts are evident, then The Beauty takes place. When explaining the parts, I explain them in a nominative-timely matter because this is the popular way to disseminate information.

The main part of The Beauty that must take place is Death. We are not concerned with the timing of the death, but moreover that the death has taken place, is taking place, or will take place. In this theory, Death is all three of those events, in one.

The Beauty is conditionable. Because of this, one person's beauty might be repugnant to another person and to the same person himself, beauty can change over time. The conditions for The Beauty to take place involve conditioning a person to seek after that which has, is, and will die. This is done by associating survival with materialism during the conditioning process. The person that knows the death has, is, and will occur seeks a materialistic item to counter the biological processes that are a sub-product of conditioned survival. Hence, the human is a machine, a mechanism that could have an enumerable amount of 'ins', or inputs, and 'outs', or outputs. Mastery of that mechanism, or the knowledge that requires it, is a side note.

Do you find what you seek...? In this theory, The Beauty is always sought after before it is found. It is never found on accident. If it is, then it is not The Beauty. The person's mind is conditioned to subconsciously, or subliminal to himself, seek after The Beauty until he finds it. The Beauty is 'uptaked' via the senses. That is the primary way to condition a person to seek The Beauty, in other words, to know The Beauty.

When survival must need another part to fill in the blanks, when there is nothing else accountable except the quest for The Beauty, then The Beauty must be sought and found in materialism, but in the person's mind, The Beauty is already found, and it is already defined and is concrete, subconsciously. Thus materialism is only a mirroring of what already is. The idea takes precedence before manifestation.

Moreover, The Beauty is death that transcends time, allowing a person to not take his senses for granted, possibly 'longing' for this experience.

Based on the above, if a person was already programmed, or conditioned, to find The Beauty, then knowing the future would be as simple as knowing what The Beauty is in the first place. The qualifiers or properties of The Beauty might seem to be abstract but putting them together would create a solid understanding of what a person seeks, has found and what will manifest in his material sphere of influence. Ultimately, this leads us to understand that whatever the person has around him in this moment, is the result of a preconceived idea.

Obviously there are different types of technologies, hermetic or otherwise related to digital manipulation, that revolve around this, but I will go into it no further.

Just my thoughts,


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Inventions Brief: The 'Smart Watch' Phone

XJ Randall
13:28 EST

Here is the brief: Have you ever seen a spy movie where one of the characters communicates to his base via a microphone in his watch...? This may seem like it is only useful for spy ops, but (I think) the technology has a high probability of being used as a common communications device, in what I term as the 'Smart Watch Phone'. The Smart Watch Phone is a wrist watch that is a cell phone. Because of the limited viewing area, it is mostly controlled via voice/speech recognized commands. The smart watch phone has the option of having a wireless headset. A problem that could be run into is finding the technology for the smallest phone ever, for a watch to host current, fast, cell phone technology. But eventually, if not now, it should be possible.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Inventions: Prototype Function for the 'Guardian'

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Inventions: Prototype Function for the 'Guardian'
Sunday 11.09.2014
22:25 EST

Updated 11.14.2014 - 12:25 EST

I had an idea for Google Glasses, 'X6', or other similar device that I would call a, 'guardian'.

Using face recognition and speech recognition, the 'gaurdian' would digitally record what the user says and to whom he says it to. This sounds kind of bordering on invasive, but it is actually kind of cool.

Let's say a user wants the guardian to record his conversation with someone. The user would start by introducing his conversation-mate to the guardian by saying something like, "Guardian, ..." (which would activate it to start listening...) , "this is Joan", while looking at his friend, Joan. The gaurdian would then associate the face with the spoken name which would be translated to text and stored for later, when the user encounters her face, or when the guardian recognizes it again.

The user could then tailor the settings specifically for each person, making them unique, so that every time the user and person interact, the guardian applies functions applicable to the conversation.

For instance, say you want to remember what your parents or friends say to you and you want to keep a log in order to do that. The guardian would keep your conversations with each person in a digital album accessible from, what they call nowadays, a cloud or private server.

Another thought by brainstorming,


Notes: 'Techliapathy' and the Guardian Program

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Notes - 11.09.2014
22:03 EST

Updated 11.09.2014 - 22:54 EST

Just some thoughts I need to expand upon later today... These came from my tweets but they are protected on my blog.

"in the future, we could have programs from satellite as our best friends...
they would have no human form, but we could communicate with them via computer and they would interact with us via radiation
essentially, it's a computer with extreme A.I.
the program would monitor all things that we do from satellite to help build it's profile of how to interact with you
the program could communicate with you and other people's programs with artificial telepathy or 'tekliapathy'
everyone of the population would have a program as a guardian angel (or demon) so we would all walk around with like smart watches
and on the smart watch would be the personification of the guardian (or demon ('daemon')).
is that a billion dollar idea...? probably. no one has thought of using the satellite to host helper programs
the programs actually use some of the technology that is covert right now.
meaning, that in the future, it would be possible for a normal human in society to use today's covert technology for practical means
via the satellite program ('daemon', 'angel', guardian, whatevs)
it could protect you. let's say you are walking home and some persons try to rob you. the demon could send elctrmagnetic pulses to fry them
or it could call 911 in case of an emergency. if it monitors all that you do, then it should know if you are in an emergency
you wouldn't even need a cell phone. you could tell your daemon/angel/gaurdian program to send someone a message... and
if the other person had a program guardian he/she would receive the message via it. or if he/she didn't, then via the technology he/she has
is this a big idea...? i think so. this way the government can introduce the technology that is being hushed
artificial telepathy exists, however it is being used for 'other' activity. we could publicize it in a product for the program guardian
if it became public, it would be easier to protect a user's thoughts with new laws and regulations."

More for later,