Sunday, November 23, 2014

Inventions Brief: Artificial Bio-Censorship

XJ Randall
23:37 EST

Last updated: 11.23.2014 - 23:42 EST

■ Definition.

'Artificial Bio-Censorship' is the biological censorship or blocking of a target via artificial means.

■ How it is done.

Bio-censorship is basically done through replacement or substitution. Any of a person's senses can be digitally hijacked, however because of the latency associated with the biological processes of the brain, a person's sight is the most probable candidate for censorship via technological means, such as by a super computer on a satellite.

It takes the brain a minuscule amount of time to determine how to respond to an image before outputting it so that a person can recognize it. In this time, a super-computer from satellite, hooked to our unique consciousness signal, visually analyzes the content to determine if anything should be censored. If that is the case, the satellite beams radiation from microwaves (or other types of waves) to the brain to visually and biologically block out what it doesn't want the person to see. All of this done within a fraction of a second.

■ Implications.

Using facial-recognition, bio-censorship can be used to block out a person's face essentially creating a 'black box' for anyone that person comes in contact with.

■ Problems.

 Imagine no one knowing what your face looks like because of this technology...!


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