Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Inventions Brief: The 'Smart Watch' Phone

XJ Randall
13:28 EST

Here is the brief: Have you ever seen a spy movie where one of the characters communicates to his base via a microphone in his watch...? This may seem like it is only useful for spy ops, but (I think) the technology has a high probability of being used as a common communications device, in what I term as the 'Smart Watch Phone'. The Smart Watch Phone is a wrist watch that is a cell phone. Because of the limited viewing area, it is mostly controlled via voice/speech recognized commands. The smart watch phone has the option of having a wireless headset. A problem that could be run into is finding the technology for the smallest phone ever, for a watch to host current, fast, cell phone technology. But eventually, if not now, it should be possible.


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