Monday, June 24, 2013

2013: A Cumulative Dissertation

Now this may take me some time, probably days, maybe a month, but I decided that I will sequentially go ahead and write in these new ideas. These ideas were formulated within the last 2 months and include a mini description:

1.) Desktop version of SOXR / EYXR mix:
Technologies: C++, Visual Basic, ... .NET, etc.

2.) 'Papercode':
OCR / Stroke Recognition, Compiling, and Execution.

3.) 'Bio-data Interaction and Communication':
Interact with associates via bio-data across networks.

4.) 'Hex-J':
Game © 2007-2013 XJ Hall. NO NEED FOR PATENTS. FREE FOR ALL.
(Credit XJ Hall).

5.) 'SOXR3D':
3D Sound Manipulation.

6.) 'Air-Midi Controller':
OR Air Controller via camera and object tracking (javascript).

7.) 'The Neo-Social Network / Neo-Social Game':
Contents TBA...

8.) 'The BIG Shadow':

Although I could make more money by waiting a year, it is stiffening my creative juices by holding them back. I can always think of a better idea, precisely because there are an enumerable amount of outlets, including newly created ones (or ones that have not been created yet) that could be vented for that purpose.

Who wants these ideas anyways...? Well, they are pretty brilliant (thank the Master Idea). To conclude this year I am creating a book from the ideas realized before and through 2013. It will be like a cumulative dissertation. I haven't thought of a name yet...


Sunday, June 23, 2013

XJ Hall: Modes of Truth and Survival

Here is an essay from my first philosophy class, btw it wasn't taken at a major university, only at a community college. This proves that you can become enlightened without having to submit to the parameters of an accredited university.

Modes of Truth and Survival
An Incomplete Argument
by XJ Hall

As a deviant at ten it often seemed fitting to fabricate the truth. I knew consequences were grave and as my social stability was threatened I had to choose to get hurt or survive. I thought about ways I could have avoided a damaging situation by telling a better fib. But how often do children, moreover the populous in general, think that telling the truth will lead them to survive? This is my point. Through college education I have come to realize that truth is very powerful and is made of many factors that are aligned. My postulations lead me to believe that truth is the physical entity or entities that aid in promoting human survival, that is, the betterment of self worth for an individual and for those who interact with that individual. Its existence relies on at least two individuals who depend on each other, which can also be defined as a society: a network consisting of connecting human nodes that are unequal because of the natural qualities of man. Were it not for the social contract of society, the natural qualities of man would push him to follow desires that ultimately lead to self-destruction, the opposite of truth. Thus, the survival of society is based on truth. In my philosophy, I aim to explain that truth is a real physical entity, that its detection is related to survival of society, and that those who know it will always choose to use it.

First, I will start out by describing how I came to the conclusion that all truth is physical. It's popular usage defines it as something that is or verifies reality. Because nothing can override its power, truth is seen as universal: what is true is true what is not is not. Therefore, one may question what is true when two realities are present. Within logical explanation the answer is that both realities are true and only an error or lack of knowledge prevents one from knowing this. To illustrate this I will give a couple simple examples. A blind man and a deaf woman both go to the cinema to see the movie Inception. The blind man can not see the movie and the deaf woman can not hear the movie but obviously the movie and all its properties still exist. This is similar to studies of the mind. A mentally ill person's reality considered to be delusional is no less true than the reality of someone who is not. The error for both of these situations exists in what is detected: people assume that what is not detectable is not true. However, new research and technologies today prove the existence of mind altering factors that were once thought to be abstract. Memories and ideas are now being proven, through logic, to be physical entities that have the potential to be detected when the technology exists. As Materialism suggests, the folk practices of yesterday that were unable to explain phenomena of the mind are being replaced by scientific and mathematical evidence while studies such as philosophy, psychology, and sociology compliment the data. Thus, what realities people consider to be abstract, unexplainable, and unprovable will be verified by evidence in the future. It is only a matter of time before an infinite amount of evidence leads to the realization that all reality is detectable and physical. Thus, if all reality is physical then all truth must be physical as well.

This is extremely important because gaining knowledge from truth, from physicality, will lead to a better understanding of survival, but I will explain that at the same time if all knowledge is perfected it has the potential to collapse society. Picture a network of nodes, a structure of energetic shaking dots having great potential energy, that are all held in place by their connections and dependencies on each other. If all nodes lost their connections with each other the structure would vanish and they would violently be released. Now picture society as this network of nodes, or individuals. It has been proven that society's inequality is the basis for its existence based on each individuals abilities and needs and how they interact with each other. The knowledge of truth is a threat based on this inequality. If the individuals in society came to a point in which their research gave them the knowledge to become self dependent, society would collapse. The individuals that once chose to survive would then choose to self-destroy.

Now enhancing this a step further, the network of nodes can be applied to the groups that make up society. The physical detections of reality will not only be used on an individual basis for secular research, but for macro religious research as well. As stated, the realities of two different individuals can be different but true at the same time. Take the case of realities of two different religions that are upheld by its followers. The stratification of religious beliefs promote inequality within society and aid society on a macro level. The religious societies can use the knowledge of truth based on physical evidence to enhance their survival. But because survival is based off of truth, and truth is universal, ultimately, all religions will realize that what they are advocating in their beliefs are identical. This would mean the end of religion altogether as people and societies set aside their differences for Truth.

However, it does not mean that an individual's power, the ability that comes from knowing truth, can not be used for survival, if there is still inequality in society. In my previous statement, I assumed that all nodes in a network would leave the network once they were self dependent and had the power to do so. But this leaves out the exception of those who choose not to leave the network even if they do have the power. In any case, an individual would not leave the network, if they wouldn't have the power to do so, or if they did they would choose not to do so.

In my next point I will explain why this is so. Individuals with free-will who know truth will choose to follow the truth under all circumstances. This is because I believe our choices are free. I believe this because believing in the contrary would be to believe that people have no control over their own choices: that those who do not know truth do not have the power to conquer oppressive forces, or in other words, make the appropriate choice to handle a situation. Thus, those with limited power may feel that they were forced by outside forces to make a choice, but it is one's ignorance of truth that ultimately leads them to make a choice they are unhappy with, or a choice that hinders their survival. So a person who has truth will always make the correct decision for survival, instead of self destruction. But this does not account for the network of people who do not know the ultimate truth to survive but have become self dependent and so are more likely to disband and let society self-destruct.

Ultimately, no matter how small or big the society, the individuals that make it must know some truth in order to survive. They must depend on each other, sharing their abilities of technology and receiving power from truth. The spectrum of scenarios goes far beyond what I have listed but it gives a brief understanding of what were to occur when societies individuals know truth. In most cases society will stick together and not collapse either because its individuals know truth and choose to stick together, or because the individuals do not know truth, and thus do not have the power to become self dependent. I understand that there are flaws in my design and I wish to graphically illustrate it if I had more time. But, overall, truth is a very complex thing to understand and it should be reviewed and thought of more crucially in order to understand it more.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Notes: The Ideas Leading up to M~

I tried to make these look good. O well. These notes were taken directly from my notebook.

 'Philosophy Behind M~:' Philosophy and thoughts behind brain wave technology and its future implementation(s).

■  'The Master Idea:'
1.) 'Indirect Convergence:' There must be truth to an argument (idea) if at least 2 people come upon its conclusion by means of 'indirect convergence.' There must be a link, meaning that something, some entity or idea, came before us for both of us to (realize the same idea) come upon the same conclusion.

2.) 'Ubiquitously Evident Physicality:' 'Spontaneous Generation' was once believed to be a culpable factor for unexplained happen-chance (origins of the physical). However, we know now that it is practical to say that energy is passed on from one organism to another. It is clear to see a trend as technology evolves. In the future, immaterial enigmas will be soluble via palpable (detectable) or physical diagnosis and explanation. To put it simply, everything in the Universe is detectable; our understanding is only as great as the technology that aids it. When human technology reaches its peak, we will know a significant amount more, physically, about the things that leave us in the dark today.

3.) 'Omni-Representation:' ___more later...

4.) 'Idea Theory:' Everything in the entire universe is detectable (or physical), most specifically, our minds.

a.) 'The Mind:' The mind is the focalization of all things physical pertaining to our bodies and holds the physical ideas...

b.) 'My Mind Projection Thesis:' I believe that for whatever physical entity one possesses and utilizes, one ultimately has physical memory to go along with it. I believe that dreams are the recorded and repeated physical memories of those physical entities. Thus, a person who is able to utilize his sight with eyes would be able to 'see' dreams and a person who is able to utilize his sense of touch with hands would be able to 'feel' dreams. I believe that the mind is the focalization of all of one's physical memories. I believe that memories are physicalities and thus they are able to be detected. This leads me to believe that in order to project memories from the mind to an external audience one must de-encrypt the physical memories by recording the detected energy reacting with them, running the recorded data through a cipher, and reassembling the feedback into a visual-perceivable or other physical-presentable order.

5.) 'Technology and Innovation:' 

a.) 'No Original Idea:' "We derived all of our ideas from the Master Idea. We are all innovators, sharing our ideas subconsciously, but the reward goes to the realizer. Hence, there is NO original idea. Only original realizations of the Master Idea."

b.) 'Time Does Not Exist:' "Idea Theory tells us that there is no time and what we perceive to be the past are repeated physical memories, structures, or objects."

c.) 'Inequality and Identicality:'
i.) 'Inequality Leads to Innovation:' ___more later...
ii.) 'Identicality OR Lack of Inequality Leads to the Solution of a Network:'* ___more later...

*However, we cannot say that there is positive correlation between lack of inequality and less innovation (innovation is more apparent with more inequality precisely because there is a noticeable difference between the entities involved).

d.) 'The Decision of Man:' The content of man's decisions evolve with technology, however, HOW man makes decisions has not differed drastically since over two-thousand years ago.

e.) 'Conclusion:' Because of all of this, we can assume that some part of the fate of human kind rests on how technologically advanced we become.

■  'Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory:' ___more later...

■  'The Structure of the Past and How our Brains Interact with It:' __more later...

■  'M~ Results:'  __more later...


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ideas: The Animated Image

I'm going to see if this will work. If not, this says something about the place where animated images are and how they fit into current technological expectations.

Very quick and informal. A question: why is there so much limitation on pictures when there is a possibility to explode with this stuff? What I mean is, where is the animated photograph that should have been invented since the movie 'Harry Potter'? Not only is this lacking in vividness but also other things having to do with animation are as well, including sound. There are some lucrative ideas that have (or may not have) already been thought of, however they haven't been done (finished / executed / brought to public attention)... yet. The animated image could be enhanced probably on various levels, and utilized across the creative field, including in physical objects not pertaining to the internet.

Food for thought. Or what not. Bringing it to your attention,

If the above animated image does not work, then I rest my case.

Project NEO: Just Some Philosophy

Project NEO
© 2013 XJ Hall

Today's date: 06.11.2013
Start date: circa* 02.29.2013
Status: ...

*before, on, or near

The purpose of this project was to create an innovative new type of way to use the technology that we currently employ for social networking, along with HTML5 and other technologies, essentially creating the neo-social network or neo-social game.

How we know what will come next:
There is a philosophy that goes with creating successful ideas. To put it short, we ALL WANT something out of life. And what we WANT is core to our being, and can be argued to be our being. The realization is that life is really a transitory stage, meaning, there is something before it and something after, and life is inbetween. We are stuck in life passing time, however that does not mean that we have to live in a psychological state of being that does not benefit us.

The people, i.e. the consumers, are willing to pay for a product that will better their psychological state of being or outlook on life; they are willing to pay for something that satisfies their WANT. The problem is, WANTING something and knowing exactly what they WANT are two different things.

People will not buy something, unless it solves a psychological dilemma (whether it is subconscious or not). We know that the product solves the dilemma because the user continues to buy the product. Having a company that bases its products off of creativity and originality, or for having a company at all, it is the responsibility of that company to find out what these people WANT, even before they know WHAT they WANT.

If there is one, there are two. If there is one person who wants something then there is another person like him who wants the same thing. A quick browse on Google should show that social networks are becoming boring or outdated (that, along with the internet and computers, but that's another story...). The social network needs to be facelifted or one-upped altogether. How do we do this...?

Using analisation techniques, we can realize new ideas that come from patterns unique to the situation or predicament at hand. In the case of Project NEO, I had to come up with a new type of social network, that was also innovative. To do this, I relied on my pattern making skills to study and compare a handful of technological products that fit the popular definition of 'innovative' when they were released to the public. Companies such as Apple and Nintendo hit it right on the money with their innovations such as the Iphone and Nintendo Wii.

We are summing up patterns (not shown here) that are so potent they are used in many industries including the Video Game, Music, Movie, and creative industries. These patterns or profiles are the basis of what starts the idea and brainstorming process. Ultimately, the ideas that lead from the initial idea are what I consider 'gold-mines' for what could be achieved through them. These novel ideas are actually what the user, the consumer, what the people want but don't know that they want.

In the process of building NEO we came upon all sorts of cool stuff...



Monday, June 10, 2013

Inventions: Building a Mechanical Medium

In the next 48 hours, I am going to attempt to build a mechanical medium for a hypothetical masked plane of energy. Well that's how I could describe it in a few words. I can only do this with the tools and theory I already have. The good thing is I'm not starting completely from scratch: I have Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory and Imprint Half-Life Theory (so it is called right now, I haven't explained it in detail yet).

This is simple: let me explain. The Imprint Half-Life Theory basically says that everything we do in life is recorded and can not be taken back. It is as if we are living in a giant glass aquarium that is filled with a translucent recording substance known as 'gel'. Living in a glass aquarium filled with gel, every move we make changes the structure of the gel around us, that is it leaves an 'imprint' that cannot be taken back. It's just like an imprint of light on photo paper. Photo paper has a half life; at the end of its life the original image is null and grey. The movement that is 'recorded' in the gel only structurally stays for so long, then it collapses or 'vanishes', like the image on the photo. 

What I'm trying to say is, somehow, we have to be able to pick up the part of the image or recorded structure that still exists and hasn't collapsed or vanished. We do this by building a mechanical or digital  'medium' to pick up or detect what remains of the half-life of the image or structure. Hypothetically, as humans, the structure that we create in the 'gel' could still be existent if the gel that records it has a long enough half life. We just have to find out which or what gel it is and its half-life to be able to start to  interact with the part the gel / image, or past, that we want. 

Investigation into the paranormal spurred me to do this, although it is arguably not really paranormal, because we would be interacting with past images, not intelligent ones. HOWEVER, who's to say the past can't be intelligent just because it has been recorded? My current stance on time is that time does not exist, therefore the past, the present, and the future are all linked together in the NOW, leading me to conclude that because there is little or no difference between those three states there is a possibility that intelligence is carried through each state. It is questionable whether the form or caliber of intelligence is different or unaltered.

So we find a 'gel' by experimenting. Yes, there may be multiple gels, each with their own half-life.
A problem: how can we test this experiment if we don't know the initial half life of the 'gel'...?

I was thinking of doing something along the lines of, do something, then detect the recording in the gel a certain time frame, like 20 minutes, later. I guess I'll have to experiment. We can base the half life off of the coefficient or algorithm that we find from experimentation.


Sunday, June 9, 2013


© XJ Hall 2013

1.) ■ INTRO
Hello! Thanks for taking interest in my work...!
I have never written a contract before so I had some help from various sources as I tried to emulate them. Please bare with me, this is the best I could do up to this point, but hopefully, it IS to the point. I don't know legal jargon but this should suffice for my needs as of lately. I haven't hidden anything; it's all pretty much straight forward. Use my ideas responsibly and enjoy...!


'XJ Hall' is the pseudonym, or pen name, of John Edward Hall (Randall).
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