Monday, June 10, 2013

Inventions: Building a Mechanical Medium

In the next 48 hours, I am going to attempt to build a mechanical medium for a hypothetical masked plane of energy. Well that's how I could describe it in a few words. I can only do this with the tools and theory I already have. The good thing is I'm not starting completely from scratch: I have Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory and Imprint Half-Life Theory (so it is called right now, I haven't explained it in detail yet).

This is simple: let me explain. The Imprint Half-Life Theory basically says that everything we do in life is recorded and can not be taken back. It is as if we are living in a giant glass aquarium that is filled with a translucent recording substance known as 'gel'. Living in a glass aquarium filled with gel, every move we make changes the structure of the gel around us, that is it leaves an 'imprint' that cannot be taken back. It's just like an imprint of light on photo paper. Photo paper has a half life; at the end of its life the original image is null and grey. The movement that is 'recorded' in the gel only structurally stays for so long, then it collapses or 'vanishes', like the image on the photo. 

What I'm trying to say is, somehow, we have to be able to pick up the part of the image or recorded structure that still exists and hasn't collapsed or vanished. We do this by building a mechanical or digital  'medium' to pick up or detect what remains of the half-life of the image or structure. Hypothetically, as humans, the structure that we create in the 'gel' could still be existent if the gel that records it has a long enough half life. We just have to find out which or what gel it is and its half-life to be able to start to  interact with the part the gel / image, or past, that we want. 

Investigation into the paranormal spurred me to do this, although it is arguably not really paranormal, because we would be interacting with past images, not intelligent ones. HOWEVER, who's to say the past can't be intelligent just because it has been recorded? My current stance on time is that time does not exist, therefore the past, the present, and the future are all linked together in the NOW, leading me to conclude that because there is little or no difference between those three states there is a possibility that intelligence is carried through each state. It is questionable whether the form or caliber of intelligence is different or unaltered.

So we find a 'gel' by experimenting. Yes, there may be multiple gels, each with their own half-life.
A problem: how can we test this experiment if we don't know the initial half life of the 'gel'...?

I was thinking of doing something along the lines of, do something, then detect the recording in the gel a certain time frame, like 20 minutes, later. I guess I'll have to experiment. We can base the half life off of the coefficient or algorithm that we find from experimentation.


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