Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughts: The Difference Between 'Alone' And Independent

"Wow, look at that man sitting over there. He's always by himself, talking to himself. He must be a really lonely guy..."

People. There is a difference between being 'alone' and independent. 'Alone' stipulates that there is a network to which it belongs. Whereas it is impossible for a network to exist with an independent being, therefore, it is not possible for 'alone' to exist. In other words, when a person or node is 'alone' this would mean that they exist in the network but are void of a direct connection with the other node(s). An independent node exists by itself, therefore there is no network (seeing as a network requires two or more nodes). There has to be two or more people in a group in order for a person in that group to be alone. But of course, there can be a group of independent beings, however there cannot be a network of independent beings. Basically, calling someone 'alone' when they are independent is incorrect. Furthermore, there is no way we could identify who is 'alone' or not, seeing as we can't measure what people depend on or how. So basically, 'alone' is only theoretical or hypothetical.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Propaganda: How What We Choose To Be Controlled By Affects The Outcome

First, the title could be better. Now, read this short story. I wrote it so you could understand what I'm talking about when I explain what I'm talking about. Be forewarned, it's a little bit graphic. But it gets the point across.

"A perfectly calm and self righteous man is walking in the forest, alone and by himself. He's hiking in one of the most remote places in the world. Hours away from civilization, he has a two week pack on his back, complete with fold out tents, water supply, water filtration devices, food full of protein, fire-starters, an extra set of clothes... I don't know, you know what I mean, the consumerist kind of things that go with these kind of ventures. Everything he needs he's got. It seems as if he's all set for survival. Especially knowing that he's an expert on this stuff. He's walking up a boulder filled hill when he sights a boulder that looks like it has some kind of... well, something written into it. Like it is etched or something. The man is intrigued, so he gets closer to find out it is an etching of a cross. Just a cross, like a plus sign. The man hesitates to move for a minute. It looks as if he's trying to interpret the sign. All of a sudden the man takes off his backpack, removes his knife from its holder and slits his throat. The man dies there, never to see or be seen by anyone ever again..."

You might wonder why I would write such a grotesque story, that seemingly has no meaning to it. I began thinking about why and how people believe or perceive what they want within certain circumstances. For instance, if I was an artist and created a masterpiece that was rejected by the public, why did they reject it...? Did I have any say in whether it was to be rejected, or is it entirely out of my control how the public perceives my work...? Who's at fault for the meaning behind an image, the person projecting it or the person perceiving it...?

Obviously, anybody can assign any meaning to anything. Anybody can think anything about anything. However, at what point is it that the person who etched into the rock ultimately has total control over what is construed or communicated...? It all comes down to, I think, the difference between control relies on what we allow ourselves to be emotionally evoked by. That is, there are two or three modes of control in life: maintaining control over oneself by not giving control to other people, giving control to other people by not maintaining control over oneself, and getting control from other people by their subsequent dis-maintaining control of themselves, or in other words, getting control from other people by them giving it to you.

It is interesting to think about. You're probably thinking, "What does this have to do with the man slitting his throat...?" Exactly. Why did the man slit his throat over seemingly just looking at the etched cross...? Perhaps the cross had meaning that we can not comprehend. One could argue that it is a travesty for such a thing to happen and that it was entirely the man's fault for choosing to do so, even though we don't know why. However, one could also argue that the fault and culpability is on the person that etched the cross into the rock in the first place, for without the cross the man would not have killed himself...

more explanation here...

I will let you in on a secret. The man that etched the cross into the boulder was the same man that interpreted it, and died thereafter. What does that make you think...? Interesting isn't it...? Why would a man react to something so strongly that he created...? Think what you will.

Now, I will bullet point some of the stuff I've been thinking about...

1.) We cannot give anyone control over us unless we choose to be emotionally evoked by the stimuli that is presented or the image that is projected. I.E. There is no image unless we perceive there to be.

2.) We can make the argument that some emotions are evoked automatically without our control, i.e. they are biological processes. Fight or flight response is an example.

3.) If a criminal killed someone's daughter, and the parent became irate, is it the parent's choice for becoming irate, or did the criminal force the parent to become irate...? This question leads me to believe that we are the ultimate determining factor in whether we give control to other people or maintain our control. Hence, it is a choice. We choose to give control, or we choose to keep our control.

4.) In Propaganda, the difference in getting control from other people, as opposed to not making a difference at all, relies on how ignorant the host is. The more educated we become, the less control we give to other people...


Well, this wasn't very well written. But it's an idea...


Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts: In Our Darkest Hours

Who says we can't help...? Whether you choose to 'believe' in a God or not, help is a sovereign gift. It is innate. We all have it. We all have power to give it. Even if we have to help ourselves. Sometimes, scientifically, religiously, psychologically, within any frame of measurement, sometimes the only person in the world possible to help you is yourself. So if you don't believe in yourself, no one will. Where there is one, there are two. One is an infinite times greater than zero. Think of the spark that started the universe. If there was no spark, then how would the greatness of the universe exist as we know it...? If you don't believe in yourself how can others...? Where there is one, there are two. You have to be that one spark. You have to be that first spark before the universe expands. Where there is one, there are two. Be the first to believe in yourself and others will too. One is an infinite times greater than zero. In the darkest hours in our weakest state we are able to use our sovereign gifts, our abilities to make more difference than any other time in our life. The difference lies in what we choose to do with that ability...

Don't let other people's doubts bring you down. Don't let you bring you down. Know better than skepticism. Believe that you can do it, even when you are most hopeless, because it is at the time when we are most hopeless, that we have the ability to make the most difference...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Mind Projection Thesis

Mind Projection Thesis
by XJ Hall

I believe that for whatever physical entity one possesses and utilizes, one ultimately has physical memory to go along with it. I believe that dreams are the recorded and repeated physical memories of those physical entities. Thus, a person who is able to utilize his sight with eyes would be able to 'see' dreams and a person who is able to utilize his sense of touch with hands would be able to 'feel' dreams. I believe that the mind is the focalization of all of one's physical memories. I believe that memories are physicalities and thus they are able to be detected. This leads me to believe that in order to project memories from the mind to an external audience one must de-encrypt the physical memories by recording the detected energy reacting with them, running the recorded data through a cipher, and reassembling the feedback into a visual-perceivable or other physical-presentable order.


Thoughts: Lack of Intelligence Leads to Perfection

The biggest revelation of all is to find out that what you are part of, no matter how intricate your role, the relevancy of your existence is a matter of mere interpretation. Maybe I didn't word that very well. I began thinking, there is no Real Meaning. There are only forces, that push us one way or the other. We exist, like animals, part of the circle of life, or the Master Idea. We are (morphus?) forms that perpetually move throughout the 'air' like the oil in a lava-lamp. And we don't have any more control over our impulses than an elk in the forest. But we believe we do. We have insight into our own behavior. Hence meaning. But I argue, meaning is only the result of intelligence. Intelligence, however, is not sovereign. Contrary to popular belief, I argue that intelligence is far from perfection. It is the lack of perfection. The opposite of perfection.

The energies in an unintelligent system move to and fro, hither and tither, without questioning their dominance over other energies. They are psychic in their ability to predict where to go next without predicting it. It is perfect harmony, a unanimous conscious, how you say, Yin and Yang. Everything compliments each other. That's the Master Idea. Everything exists, and is because it is, without self contradiction. Yet, even still having intelligence, we are part of the Master Idea. We are not sovereign, it is only our intelligence that makes us think so. It is only our intelligence that makes us find meaning in everything we do. The reality is, there is no Real Meaning. Only Forces that push us one way or the other.

Have you ever solved a very complex problem in your dreams...? I'm sure you have but you don't remember it. A way to think about how I am trying to explain this is to think about a normal human who is awake. It is more difficult to solve problems because of something called latent inhibition. I'm no expert on it, I heard about it a while back. Basically, the farther we drift into the subconscious, what I call the Master Idea, the easier it becomes to solve problems. The easier it is to become part of the Master Idea. When we are in this state we can predict things without predicting them. What I mean is, in order to predict something there has to be a certain level of uncertainty. Most likely time gets in way. But when we are part of the Master Idea, we know what happens because it happens in the same time frame. In fact there is no time in the Master Idea. Everything exists in the NOW. In the Master Idea, we don't predict what happens, we are part of what happens.

So when we are sleeping or half asleep and are more part of the Master Idea, our latent inhibition is way down, therefore we can solve the most complex of problems.

Unfortunately, we can't remember them. This is where new technology comes in. Based on my mind projection thesis, in the future, we will be able to record our thoughts, the pictures in our mind, and the music as well. We will be able to drift into our subconscious and solve complex problems (because of low latent inhibition) while recording them.