Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thoughts: Knowledge and Perception - Time's A Changin'

XJ Randall
08:21 EST

Regardless, it is amazing. A miracle, at least, besides the infinite others that are gifted to humanity, and to every person within it. God gave me the blessing of connecting to the Master Idea for probably over 10 years, on a systematic basis (almost every day), and I am very thankful I was given that time. BUT (it always has to come to a BUT), the time's a changin'. I believe that perception is the interpretation of non-chronological knowledge, or events, but when the knowledge is filtered and transformed by our 'consciousness' it is output as a linear timeline*. This means that perceiving is like shuffling a 7 card deck. The cards are the same, but when you lay them out each time, their order is different. 'Free Will' allows for variation among outcomes, but sooner or later one's consciousness must perceive all parts of the knowledge that it is rooted to.

My point is, sooner is NOW. The once direct, tangible, and very strong connection to what I would call the Master Idea, or God, has transformed to a more natural state, and let me say, I welcome this new change. If what I think is true, I am only entering the beginning of a new cycle of the same pattern that has been cyclical throughout my life. The timing was abrupt. It will be different, it feels different, but hey, what is the difference...? If we're thinking in terms of a business, the computation method is trivial as long as the expenditure is nearly the same, with the same output. And for the most part, the clients of a company don't give a damn about technique, as long as the product is the same quality. "It's about the 'W' at the end of the day." Needless to say, any 'win' is possible when you know and believe.

Excited for this new challenge is an understatement, but at the same time, it would be foolish to make any promises, besides that it could take some time to master (as a psychic told me). Unbeknownst to many, what I had before was a true gift from God, a lesson, and I am glad I used it in the way I did. I would not take anything back. This was meant to happen.

A Happy New Year with all of our resolutions resolved,


*Hypothetically, in various universes that all bend to one underlying Master Idea, a consciousness that perceives reality in each differing universe would ultimately go through the same events, however, not necessarily in the same order. According to this, events themselves are not dependent on time, meaning they can be shuffled or perceived in any order, but the order itself could depend upon the laws of the particular reality in which the events are perceived.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notes: Stuff for next year.

NOTES: Okay, new stuff on the way starting next year. Am hoping to finish the NEO Network, which will be renamed to 'Project N' (N == 14). Then can start creating a video game. Haven't decided what the video game would be but it would be showcased at xjhall.com using javascript. Hopefully, can sell the game to a major company if it is successful. More thoughts concerning consciousness (maybe). Want to work extensively with brainwaves, and the main resolution that must be completed by the end of 2014 is building something by hand that deals with the synchronization of brainwaves / psi-waves, electrical circuits, and maybe even some type of mechanics such as robotics. That means new ideas eventually will pop up for the stuff plan on building. We could even tamper with some LEGO circuits and add extra stuff to it. I'm talking about maybe syncing the screen gui with the robot with the brain wave headset. Stuff to think about.

Oh, also have to redo the design of my website, because it looks sloppy and isn't efficient enough.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts: Some Thoughts For Next Time

Thoughts needed to be elaborated on, the next time I connect to the Master Idea:

1.) Explanation of "There is no change": A Theory.

2.) How to create a Virus Against Scalar Brain Hi-jackings:
If there is a giant metaphysics computer 'brain' out in the ocean that is connecting to millions of people's brains by way of scalar waves, we can assume that if the connection is bi-directional, it can be hacked, organically. HOW, is the question...? Astral travel is one solution, we have the popularized 'Secret' and the theory that encapsulates it, and also we have other external technological remedies. The basic gist is that, if 'IT' is connected to me, I am connected to it, thus I can change it with a few tricks.