Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Notes: Stuff for next year.

NOTES: Okay, new stuff on the way starting next year. Am hoping to finish the NEO Network, which will be renamed to 'Project N' (N == 14). Then can start creating a video game. Haven't decided what the video game would be but it would be showcased at xjhall.com using javascript. Hopefully, can sell the game to a major company if it is successful. More thoughts concerning consciousness (maybe). Want to work extensively with brainwaves, and the main resolution that must be completed by the end of 2014 is building something by hand that deals with the synchronization of brainwaves / psi-waves, electrical circuits, and maybe even some type of mechanics such as robotics. That means new ideas eventually will pop up for the stuff plan on building. We could even tamper with some LEGO circuits and add extra stuff to it. I'm talking about maybe syncing the screen gui with the robot with the brain wave headset. Stuff to think about.

Oh, also have to redo the design of my website, because it looks sloppy and isn't efficient enough.


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