Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Master Idea Theory: Self-Aware Existence Vicariously Via Properties

XJ Randall
15:55 EST

Not-Nobody Needs No Explanation.

How long will it be before "they" cease to remember...? As if it isn't a choice and must be forgotten. But that is the point. Ten years from now, will they be saying, 'Look, there's the man from ten years ago...!'...? If they do, they are losers. Because Time never dies, but man does. Tempus semper fugit, non autem homines. The Master Idea states that time does not exist. So tell me, how can something that is not, always be, but something that is, be finite...? How is it that an illusion holds more strength, more endurance, outlives the legacy of a man...? Ultimately, if man beats the illusion, if man outlives the illusion, he is sovereign. Now, how that is to be done, is the question...

The Goal.

The goal is to find a realistically possible solution for a person to outlive their mortal lives, just as the Harry Potter character, Voldemort, transcended time via radial placements of his 'character', what we will call his 'properties', that outlived him. When his properties were brought together, they revived him as a single unit. The solution tells us that to do such a thing in real life would require knowledge of the unseen or 'under' layers of the Master Idea and how to manipulate them, concluding that, contrary to what is assumed, it is possible that it is the properties of an existence that bring it into being or foster the conditions for an existence to be possible, rather than the existence acting as an affector or catalyst for the conditions or states of the properties around it. All this must be done in another realm, so to speak.


First, from studies of the Master Idea and previous notes, we know that (from theory) man's effect does not come to an abrupt halt after he ceases to exist. It continues to ripple through the 'interaction network' in society until decay and friction bring the wave to a null, i.e. it is transformed, and this is based on the laws of inertia or momentum. Some people call this immortalism, the theory that a person continues to exist through his works and interactions, forever (because one man affects another man affects another man affects another man, etc., etc.). Just visualize one person's life like a drop of water hitting a placid, very still, pool of water within a large container. The drop creates waves that bounce off of the walls of the container until the water becomes still again. We must also realize from previous studies that man's consciousness transcends time, and not only do we have a sequential and non-chronological effect, but we must also note that there is probably a system to how the effect transcends and how it is transferred through the Now, such as if the transmission were based on a pattern, like a mathematical spiral or other geometric shape spanning more than 3 dimensions (see graphic).


|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                  Graphic Here.                    |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |

What Is A Property...?

When you think of something, anything, what do you remember...? Someone once defined a spirit as a "collection of symbols that is self aware." In other words, it is an 'image': it is a collection of characteristics  that synergetically together make the whole. The popular memory could also be defined as an 'image', or an object that exists based on its thousands of characteristics. Meaning, when you run the image through your mind, theory tells us you remember the strongest qualities of the memory, the parts that stand out. Your perception or your brain then, probably systematically, puts the characteristics together in a way that makes people seem unifiable. Based on a previous post, we know that recognition of anything, separation itself, is created from conditioning. Thus is the 'property' and what I am referring to in this note. One day we will have a more scientific / mathematical / psychological name to them, once they become discovered.

Getting rid of the notion that you don't want to remain in the matrix, just in case you do, we move on to the question. Is it possible to live beyond natural means vicariously through our more enduring properties that are systematically placed throughout the environment...?
(see G02.)


   O ---      O
        |     |
        ----> X <----- O

X = Your Self-Aware Existence
O = Property

Now let's think about this. Obviously the question that arises is, am I still ME if my properties are spread apart...? And if all of my properties outlive ME, then if we put them back together is it still ME alive...? 'If you change every board on the ship, is it still the same ship...?' How do we know that we will still be intelligent or aware if we are spread apart...? This leads to awareness could be the right combination of properties.

This leads to the possibility that when a person(s) thinks about you, that is you manifesting in their minds... But just because one or many minds may be aware that one exists, does that mean that one can be aware of himself vicariously through separate awarenesses...? From this we come to the conclusion, we assume, an entity could possibly be remotely intelligent or aware vicariously through the properties present in other people's awareness. We assume, if the property(ies) exists in another person(s)'s awareness, if it is the right combinations of properties, then an aware YOU exists in that person's awareness.


a.) Aware via One Person    b.) Aware via Network
All necessary properties    All necessary properties
are in one person's         are spread apart in a         

awareness.                  network.

        X                       MO-----   --------
        |                             |   |      |
-------------------              MO-------X---   --MO
|       ----O     |                       |  |
|    O--|         |                       |  -----MO
| O-----M---      |                 MO-----
|   O---|  |      |
|          ---O   |

X = Your Self-Aware Existence

M = External Awareness
O = Property

Note: This does not necessarily mean that an entity must be aware for you to be aware.

A Consciousness Has Weight And Pull.

The other argument is that it might take a consciousness, a denseness, to pull all those properties to a center, that is what the properties revolve around. What I'm proposing is that the properties make the denseness, or if they don't, they make the conditions for the denseness to exist.*

* But there comes the argument that what if it is possible to exist and be self aware without properties, thereby proving the above invalid...? Meaning, do we exist solely because of our consciousness, which is independent of everything but is like a weight that changes everything around it...? Yes, if the properties are 'material' in nature. But we are trying to prove that the properties set up the consciousness. Because a consciousness transcends dimensions we must conclude that it is impossible for it to exist from properties unless the properties also exist on another realm, one that cannot be seen and is not material in nature. They must be immaterial, meaning the surface reflects the subsurface properties, in which the properties would have to beat time in the subsurface. So how do we promote the properties in the subsurface...?

Well, You Want To Live Forever, Don't You...?

In order to align the properties underneath from above we must know how they correlate. How do we do this...? It will take more time to discover more about the Master Idea; as technology progresses, so too will our knowledge and understanding of the patterns of reality, so that ultimately we will have a systematic approach to manipulating the patterns of reality which are all based on a hidden constant 'idea'.

As stated in a previous post, it's like working in another realm. Can we be intelligent and aware while properties are spread apart and not in one consciousness...? Perhaps we already are spread apart, but we perceive ourselves as one consciousness. If what I say is true, then by knowing what properties are and how to align them, in the future we may be able to not only bring about the revival of consciousnesses, but world and universal events as well*.

* One day we could be able to manifest realities as if from a catalog based on their DNA or underlying 'code' (i.e. properties).


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Manipulating Reality: Knowledge Without Awareness - To Work In Another Realm

The following is me brainstorming. It shows that the potential, the vibration of something, leads to a 'feeling' that leads to an object that fits into a language. The potential for anything lies within us all, not within language. All of the knowledge in the universe is contained within us, language is just a device in this matrix that allows us to manifest it or realize it; in other words potential collapsing. From this we have new ways to manipulate reality.

Note: I bolded the important elements.

Some quotes to start out with:

'There is no stark definition, just the collection of images, symbols, or otherwise 'feelings' we lump together as a whole separate entity.'
'Everything is about vibration. God doesn't care whether you swear or not, it's not about the word itself, it's about the vibration it carries. If it has an evil vibration, then don't do it. This is why swear words in other languages have no effect. Because spoken language attempts to decipher vibration, instead of the other way around...'
'In the beginning, we were ONE with the Master Idea and we knew not. And when we knew, we grew apart...
... We were directly connected once; we communicated with the WORD, the vibration, the potential. Then, we became aware, and new rules manifested.'
'Quantum mechanics tells us that everything starts as a potential, a vibration, then it collapses into a nominative  and definitive object.'
'These are things to keep in mind. So what I am saying is, we should realize that there is a hidden force or vibration. That an image is a collection of parts, or properties, but those properties are only the surface language for the vibration that exists underneath, in you and around you. We are conditioned from a young age to fit into society in a certain way, so this must tell us that maybe we can condition our unique vibration...'
'... There is a language for all five senses. But language, in the matrix, is interpreted differently by different ideologies...'

Get it...? It's the vibration that matters... I'm on to something now I know it, just can't figure out what it is.
It's like I know I know, but am not aware of what I know.
Need to drink some energy drink... Two vibrations: survival and anti-survival... or more...? What are the combinations of vibrations...?

Oh, think I got it.

A language, one from any of our senses, that being the 'image' that is created from a collection of properties, is the result of the collapse of a potential or vibration. Realizing the potential, knowledge, or vibration in it's pure form is the opposite of language. It is the direct connection to the source.

So, based on this, what we see with our eyes (or any other sense) could be a language. Language is not the vibration, it is the stimulator, the 'evoker' of the vibration. We can only know language if we are conditioned to know language (this tells us that are bodies, our DNA, is the result of conditioning). The vibration itself is universal.

A language of the eyes would be, one man sees red and thinks 'car', another man might think, 'apple'. Whereas in another language, the color green might invoke 'apple' from the the first man, and 'car' from the second. The vibration for the apple and the car, their potential stays the same, it is the language that differs in allowing each man to realize the vibration.

Based on this, vibration is inherent; we carry with us the library of all vibrations.
This also tells us that we are capable of some amazing things or feats in the future based on what we could train ourselves with the different combinations of vibrations. It could be a formula. In this matrix, language is an extra step. Somewhere along the line we forgot that the library of vibration, the raw meaning, doesn't exist in words, it exists in us. This tells us that it could be possible to change what's around us based on probing into ourselves.

An exercise:
Create an exercise to somehow be aware of an object (collapse the potential / vibration) without being given any surface level awareness of it before hand.

Create a program / exercise that inverts language to potential. But what if this doesn't work because language and potential are not interlinked...? They both don't co-depend on each other. So I think.

What does this say...?
If we can manipulate the potential then we can manipulate language. If we can manipulate the idea, then we can manipulate it's manifestation / materialization in reality.

How do we do this...? As stated, we might not be able to work backwards. We have to work
: in other words, the potential lies within us, internally, not externally. All the exterior is, is another language. The exterior relies on your body, your physicality, your 5 senses, the perceivers of your reality. The interior is connected to your consciousness and doesn't rely on perception, and your consciousness is connected to the source.
Just because you aren't aware of what you know, doesn't mean that you don't know. A consciousness knows all knowledge, but is not conditioned to be aware of it.

'It's like working within another realm.'

So How do we work inwards...? Somehow, we have to feel the vibration, the potential, before it collapses. How do you manipulate anything...? Somehow, we have to condition ourselves to know how to manipulate potential.
Perhaps, since the library of potential and vibrations exist with / within / through us, we have to be the vibration we wish to see collapse and manifest...
Hmm, interesting.



Sunday, January 19, 2014

Video Game Ideas: Spontaneously Generated Story Line Based On User's Bio-Feedback

08:17 EST

This is just a brief note from one of my tweets.

What if I made a program based on bio feedback that controlled the reality to the graphics in the program...? This would mean the graphic reality would be different for each person. I was thinking of how we could all be consciousnesses next to each other in a room but when we are in the matrix we are separated by distance and time. So if we mimic this in a video game, the reality would be dependent upon 'consciousness' or each user's bio feedback. The 'knowledge' doesn't change, only the perception of it, which is different for each person. So the knowledge would be the basic program, most probably a self-augmenting / self-generating program that builds itself based on it's code. So an html page would be have to be auto intelligent and 'auto expanding' to behave in a way that is tailored to the user's bio feedback. This reminds me of DNA.

A simple example: in a video game, the world environment must be created, but it could be done in real time based off of user's brain waves. We could make interactive displays based off of bio feedback, like movies that are different in each sitting because the viewers are different. If a movie were shown in a theater, the program would react to the sum feedback of the entire room, giving different movie displays for different audiences.

Based on this, video games would not be so much about a preset story anymore, but what the basic story can evolve into. In many successful video game plots, the story starts at a beginning point (see graphic) and goes through layers similar to threads being woven in and out of each other. This is the reason they are successful, because they are aesthetic in nature, which is not to be confused with complex. A linear complex plot or story line that is not aesthetic will usually not be successful.

In the proposed video game plot / story line layout, we also see an interwoven 'drive' through the story that consequently makes it aesthetic, however this layout uses 'spontaneous interaction' based on biofeedback and A.I. ending in the result of having a story ending that is not preset, and ultimately, an infinite amount of different ways to end the game. I guess you could call this a sort of 'omni-setup': The story starts at a beginning center point and grows outward. Whereas in the linear, 'diamond', story setup, it is preset and always ends the way the game creators want it to.

The gist is, we create the 'DNA'  or the 'knowledge' for a video game needed to propel it to grow out of itself, like a seed, all within the code of the video game. All that is needed for the seed to grow is the user.

In some of my next notes we could expand this even further to cell phones and other devices, that in the future will spontaneously generate content and remotely react based on our bio-feedback.

That is all,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ideas and Theory: Protograde and Retrograde Memory and 2 Movies

Skip down to (2.) to get to the interesting stuff.


0.) WHAT IS "THEY"...?

It's a certain emphasis, a stressing of the word to push another meaning out of it, made apparent by the quotation marks. "They" is a power simply by the way it is stated. When referring to "they", I am referring to the unseen forces that observe and perhaps control this matrix from a free and outside perspective, mostly not limited to the laws of our reality, that is, if "they" existed. This argument might be hypothetical in nature, but if it helps, my goal is to find a new idea for manipulating reality by brainstorming. To briefly explain, let's write down what we know including a possible new technique to get the future from brainwaves.


If "they" exist, I believe that "they" know ALL the laws of our universe as they are observing us from outside this realm, as if we are in a looking glass. Some of this theory I obtained from other sources, so I did not realize this idea by myself (I am not sure of its validity). Because "they" are in a higher dimension (as explained in Flatland) they have more nodal points of reference for perceiving their reality but also the same amount for perceiving our reality, which is consequently more than most humans can comprehend. To put it short, "they" can see not only what we are doing, but when and how we do it, without respect to time or linear dialogue, which doesn't exist in their realm. "THEY" CAN SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING, WHERE YOU WILL BE AND HAVE BEEN, WHAT YOU ARE THINKING, AND WHAT YOU ARE FEELING, if "they" existed.


Do you think memory is something immaterial, something intangible, that cannot be seen nor felt...? To the contrary, my thoughts lead me to conclude that everything you see in front of you, ALL PHYSICALITY in this realm, anything that 'affects' you, whether you can feel it or not, is a memory. Think about it as if you are a piece of clay that absorbs energy, and everything that comes through any of your 5 (6, 7, 8...?) senses is an object that is pressing against the clay (if I could draw a picture, I would, but my phone is broke :(...). So say we have a piece of clay on a wooden table, and 3 different objects such as a water bottle, a pencil, and a book. Once those objects touch the clay (your consciousness) they become a memory. When they cease to make contact with the clay, they cease to be a memory. Now, just by having the objects touch the clay must mean that there is at least a one way communication going on, but could also mean that upon contact the objects themselves actually become an extension of the clay (you). This is interesting because if the memories are an extension of you, then obviously it could be possible to manipulate them, if we knew how. This idea further lends to the, "We are ONE" theory. It could point to the realization that if everything in this realm is able to affect us, then it might be possible for us to be connected to and manipulate all of those things.

Moving on, taking this further, retrograde memory is a known memory whose effect, impression, or 'push' against the clay has yet to decay to it's null point when it ceases to become a memory. It exists within a linear time frame. Similarly, protograde (or postgrade) memory is the opposite of retrograde memory. In our realm a protograde memory is not known, it exists none the less, however it is yet to be perceived. In "their" reality, a protograde memory is as known as a retrograde memory, in fact, there is no time, so they are both simply on the same level, only differing in substance or content. This is why "they" can see everything we do and know exactly what we will do before we do it. It's like it's already written. This is weird to visualize. It would be like saying, "they" must know at all times what is touching our clay, meaning, that the book pressing up against the clay does so in the past, present, and future, i.e. the NOW. "They" must see all eternity at one time...! (So perhaps change for them is a choice...?) Visualizing, I picture a piece of clay (you) that bends each object / memory that affects it in and out of itself, like they're morphing into a helix or some other geometric shape.


Going on, if you can visualize the piece of clay (your consciousness) as a small ball of light about 3 inches in diameter, we can assume from (2.) that in this realm it has the pull of a very dense object. That means that what is connected to your consciousness morphs in and out and around it like the planets and energy do around our galaxy center, which would be the sun. Now understanding that there are billions of consciousnesses out there, we get into networks again, and also realize that besides the interconnectedness of our consciousnesses in the present, our 'pull' has affect that transcends time: If you touch an atom in the present, you are touching that atom in every single state it has ever been in and will be in, in the past and in the future. If you make a decision in the present, you make a decision in the past and in the future, i.e. in the all encompassing NOW. This leads us to consider that perhaps, atoms are made of the same substance that decisions are made of, only decisions are a different formation (consciousness, dense consciousness, and denser than dense consciousness...?). If this was so, we could efficiently change 'things' in our timeline that would take days or years, we could compress them down through formula and equation to take minutes...


Stemming from that last thought, imagine knowing exactly what to put in the media in order to have something happen across the globe. It's like a chain reaction, but it's a calculated one, where the catalysts are compressed and flash-disseminated into society, something that took years to accomplish now takes days or even minutes. Of course we have to think about lag, timing, and other issues. Hey, you want some examples...? They are out there, in prophets who are wanted killed by the Illuminati (they do it naturally) and just think of 9/11... it was for a calculated purpose... ... ... (sorry for getting dark).


I'm still looking for a way to tell the future via brainwaves. Previously, I thought there might be a constant sigil, but I didn't know how to get it. Via digital portraits of brainwaves...? Perhaps the images we get could show us insights into the future...? I have yet to test this because I'm afraid after putting all the work into programming it won't work. Don't blame me, I wan't a sure shot the first time...!

But now we have the theory that in higher dimensions, "they" can see protograde memories. It is said that there are multiple realities all layered on top of each other, but this does not mean that a different reality allows the same insights as a different dimension. However, since we will assume knowledge is the same in this dimension and higher dimensions, then we can also assume that we are all connected, if not by realities (which could be consciousness vibrating at different frequencies).

The brain is an organism that we assume can connect to other dimensions. Connecting the dots, if brainwaves can be measured during or after changes in realities, we could possibly somehow correlate that with telling the future, i.e. getting a protograde memory. The assumed theory that comes from all of this is that the higher the frequency your consciousness resonates the more you basically become omniscient. On a side note, from this, we can say that God must resonate at the highest frequency possible (the God frequency...?), because God is the most omniscient being in the universe.


Suppose a man, maybe a scientist, or a corporation, or an entity was experimenting with drugs (okay natural remedies for you hippies and greeners) found a way to make his consciousness resonate at the highest frequency it can for a human body. Thus, the 'God Frequency' is born. It is not actually the frequency of God, but the closest and highest our consciousness can vibrate. Plot ensues...


Get it...? The higher you go up in dimensions, the more omniscient you are. Somehow we have to tie this in with brainwaves, to be able to be omniscient on a normal level, without jacking up our frequency via unnatural means.

Well, that's about it. We could probably make a whole movie from all of this. Or at least start one. More soon (I guess)...


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thoughts: No Name Yet

00:41 EST

In this reality, if everything was made of a substance, then there would not be not substance. For if everything was a substance, we would not know a substance not to be, therefore, we would not know it to be. Or would we...?

If it is known, then it is known not to be; there are two modes to a substance in the Universe.

A wholeness is ONE, and since it is known for a wholeness to exist, it must also not exist, for these are the two modes of a substance, and a wholeness by domination of all substances inherits their properties, just as God, the Master Idea (or scientific equivalent), must be everything that we are not, and all that we are.

Now, if the dual-modal law of a substance is applied to light, hypothetically speaking, if all substance was light, then once again we would see the laws transcend, immune to nomination; we would see that there is light and there is not light. We would take the understanding that of those modalities or states, they must always come together to form the Universe as a whole.

Ultimately, we can say that there should be an equilibrium, an equation, such as a basic mathematical law ex the assumption that can be applied in such a way as to output a value directly tied-to or correlational to light or not light in comparison to a whole, and that also reveals to us the nature of its ambulatoriousness, absence, and overall affect. This aforementioned, something unnamed, to be explained in my notes...

... Later.