Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ideas and Theory: Protograde and Retrograde Memory and 2 Movies

Skip down to (2.) to get to the interesting stuff.


0.) WHAT IS "THEY"...?

It's a certain emphasis, a stressing of the word to push another meaning out of it, made apparent by the quotation marks. "They" is a power simply by the way it is stated. When referring to "they", I am referring to the unseen forces that observe and perhaps control this matrix from a free and outside perspective, mostly not limited to the laws of our reality, that is, if "they" existed. This argument might be hypothetical in nature, but if it helps, my goal is to find a new idea for manipulating reality by brainstorming. To briefly explain, let's write down what we know including a possible new technique to get the future from brainwaves.


If "they" exist, I believe that "they" know ALL the laws of our universe as they are observing us from outside this realm, as if we are in a looking glass. Some of this theory I obtained from other sources, so I did not realize this idea by myself (I am not sure of its validity). Because "they" are in a higher dimension (as explained in Flatland) they have more nodal points of reference for perceiving their reality but also the same amount for perceiving our reality, which is consequently more than most humans can comprehend. To put it short, "they" can see not only what we are doing, but when and how we do it, without respect to time or linear dialogue, which doesn't exist in their realm. "THEY" CAN SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING, WHERE YOU WILL BE AND HAVE BEEN, WHAT YOU ARE THINKING, AND WHAT YOU ARE FEELING, if "they" existed.


Do you think memory is something immaterial, something intangible, that cannot be seen nor felt...? To the contrary, my thoughts lead me to conclude that everything you see in front of you, ALL PHYSICALITY in this realm, anything that 'affects' you, whether you can feel it or not, is a memory. Think about it as if you are a piece of clay that absorbs energy, and everything that comes through any of your 5 (6, 7, 8...?) senses is an object that is pressing against the clay (if I could draw a picture, I would, but my phone is broke :(...). So say we have a piece of clay on a wooden table, and 3 different objects such as a water bottle, a pencil, and a book. Once those objects touch the clay (your consciousness) they become a memory. When they cease to make contact with the clay, they cease to be a memory. Now, just by having the objects touch the clay must mean that there is at least a one way communication going on, but could also mean that upon contact the objects themselves actually become an extension of the clay (you). This is interesting because if the memories are an extension of you, then obviously it could be possible to manipulate them, if we knew how. This idea further lends to the, "We are ONE" theory. It could point to the realization that if everything in this realm is able to affect us, then it might be possible for us to be connected to and manipulate all of those things.

Moving on, taking this further, retrograde memory is a known memory whose effect, impression, or 'push' against the clay has yet to decay to it's null point when it ceases to become a memory. It exists within a linear time frame. Similarly, protograde (or postgrade) memory is the opposite of retrograde memory. In our realm a protograde memory is not known, it exists none the less, however it is yet to be perceived. In "their" reality, a protograde memory is as known as a retrograde memory, in fact, there is no time, so they are both simply on the same level, only differing in substance or content. This is why "they" can see everything we do and know exactly what we will do before we do it. It's like it's already written. This is weird to visualize. It would be like saying, "they" must know at all times what is touching our clay, meaning, that the book pressing up against the clay does so in the past, present, and future, i.e. the NOW. "They" must see all eternity at one time...! (So perhaps change for them is a choice...?) Visualizing, I picture a piece of clay (you) that bends each object / memory that affects it in and out of itself, like they're morphing into a helix or some other geometric shape.


Going on, if you can visualize the piece of clay (your consciousness) as a small ball of light about 3 inches in diameter, we can assume from (2.) that in this realm it has the pull of a very dense object. That means that what is connected to your consciousness morphs in and out and around it like the planets and energy do around our galaxy center, which would be the sun. Now understanding that there are billions of consciousnesses out there, we get into networks again, and also realize that besides the interconnectedness of our consciousnesses in the present, our 'pull' has affect that transcends time: If you touch an atom in the present, you are touching that atom in every single state it has ever been in and will be in, in the past and in the future. If you make a decision in the present, you make a decision in the past and in the future, i.e. in the all encompassing NOW. This leads us to consider that perhaps, atoms are made of the same substance that decisions are made of, only decisions are a different formation (consciousness, dense consciousness, and denser than dense consciousness...?). If this was so, we could efficiently change 'things' in our timeline that would take days or years, we could compress them down through formula and equation to take minutes...


Stemming from that last thought, imagine knowing exactly what to put in the media in order to have something happen across the globe. It's like a chain reaction, but it's a calculated one, where the catalysts are compressed and flash-disseminated into society, something that took years to accomplish now takes days or even minutes. Of course we have to think about lag, timing, and other issues. Hey, you want some examples...? They are out there, in prophets who are wanted killed by the Illuminati (they do it naturally) and just think of 9/11... it was for a calculated purpose... ... ... (sorry for getting dark).


I'm still looking for a way to tell the future via brainwaves. Previously, I thought there might be a constant sigil, but I didn't know how to get it. Via digital portraits of brainwaves...? Perhaps the images we get could show us insights into the future...? I have yet to test this because I'm afraid after putting all the work into programming it won't work. Don't blame me, I wan't a sure shot the first time...!

But now we have the theory that in higher dimensions, "they" can see protograde memories. It is said that there are multiple realities all layered on top of each other, but this does not mean that a different reality allows the same insights as a different dimension. However, since we will assume knowledge is the same in this dimension and higher dimensions, then we can also assume that we are all connected, if not by realities (which could be consciousness vibrating at different frequencies).

The brain is an organism that we assume can connect to other dimensions. Connecting the dots, if brainwaves can be measured during or after changes in realities, we could possibly somehow correlate that with telling the future, i.e. getting a protograde memory. The assumed theory that comes from all of this is that the higher the frequency your consciousness resonates the more you basically become omniscient. On a side note, from this, we can say that God must resonate at the highest frequency possible (the God frequency...?), because God is the most omniscient being in the universe.


Suppose a man, maybe a scientist, or a corporation, or an entity was experimenting with drugs (okay natural remedies for you hippies and greeners) found a way to make his consciousness resonate at the highest frequency it can for a human body. Thus, the 'God Frequency' is born. It is not actually the frequency of God, but the closest and highest our consciousness can vibrate. Plot ensues...


Get it...? The higher you go up in dimensions, the more omniscient you are. Somehow we have to tie this in with brainwaves, to be able to be omniscient on a normal level, without jacking up our frequency via unnatural means.

Well, that's about it. We could probably make a whole movie from all of this. Or at least start one. More soon (I guess)...


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