Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Master Idea Theory: Self-Aware Existence Vicariously Via Properties

XJ Randall
15:55 EST

Not-Nobody Needs No Explanation.

How long will it be before "they" cease to remember...? As if it isn't a choice and must be forgotten. But that is the point. Ten years from now, will they be saying, 'Look, there's the man from ten years ago...!'...? If they do, they are losers. Because Time never dies, but man does. Tempus semper fugit, non autem homines. The Master Idea states that time does not exist. So tell me, how can something that is not, always be, but something that is, be finite...? How is it that an illusion holds more strength, more endurance, outlives the legacy of a man...? Ultimately, if man beats the illusion, if man outlives the illusion, he is sovereign. Now, how that is to be done, is the question...

The Goal.

The goal is to find a realistically possible solution for a person to outlive their mortal lives, just as the Harry Potter character, Voldemort, transcended time via radial placements of his 'character', what we will call his 'properties', that outlived him. When his properties were brought together, they revived him as a single unit. The solution tells us that to do such a thing in real life would require knowledge of the unseen or 'under' layers of the Master Idea and how to manipulate them, concluding that, contrary to what is assumed, it is possible that it is the properties of an existence that bring it into being or foster the conditions for an existence to be possible, rather than the existence acting as an affector or catalyst for the conditions or states of the properties around it. All this must be done in another realm, so to speak.


First, from studies of the Master Idea and previous notes, we know that (from theory) man's effect does not come to an abrupt halt after he ceases to exist. It continues to ripple through the 'interaction network' in society until decay and friction bring the wave to a null, i.e. it is transformed, and this is based on the laws of inertia or momentum. Some people call this immortalism, the theory that a person continues to exist through his works and interactions, forever (because one man affects another man affects another man affects another man, etc., etc.). Just visualize one person's life like a drop of water hitting a placid, very still, pool of water within a large container. The drop creates waves that bounce off of the walls of the container until the water becomes still again. We must also realize from previous studies that man's consciousness transcends time, and not only do we have a sequential and non-chronological effect, but we must also note that there is probably a system to how the effect transcends and how it is transferred through the Now, such as if the transmission were based on a pattern, like a mathematical spiral or other geometric shape spanning more than 3 dimensions (see graphic).


|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                  Graphic Here.                    |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |
|                                                   |

What Is A Property...?

When you think of something, anything, what do you remember...? Someone once defined a spirit as a "collection of symbols that is self aware." In other words, it is an 'image': it is a collection of characteristics  that synergetically together make the whole. The popular memory could also be defined as an 'image', or an object that exists based on its thousands of characteristics. Meaning, when you run the image through your mind, theory tells us you remember the strongest qualities of the memory, the parts that stand out. Your perception or your brain then, probably systematically, puts the characteristics together in a way that makes people seem unifiable. Based on a previous post, we know that recognition of anything, separation itself, is created from conditioning. Thus is the 'property' and what I am referring to in this note. One day we will have a more scientific / mathematical / psychological name to them, once they become discovered.

Getting rid of the notion that you don't want to remain in the matrix, just in case you do, we move on to the question. Is it possible to live beyond natural means vicariously through our more enduring properties that are systematically placed throughout the environment...?
(see G02.)


   O ---      O
        |     |
        ----> X <----- O

X = Your Self-Aware Existence
O = Property

Now let's think about this. Obviously the question that arises is, am I still ME if my properties are spread apart...? And if all of my properties outlive ME, then if we put them back together is it still ME alive...? 'If you change every board on the ship, is it still the same ship...?' How do we know that we will still be intelligent or aware if we are spread apart...? This leads to awareness could be the right combination of properties.

This leads to the possibility that when a person(s) thinks about you, that is you manifesting in their minds... But just because one or many minds may be aware that one exists, does that mean that one can be aware of himself vicariously through separate awarenesses...? From this we come to the conclusion, we assume, an entity could possibly be remotely intelligent or aware vicariously through the properties present in other people's awareness. We assume, if the property(ies) exists in another person(s)'s awareness, if it is the right combinations of properties, then an aware YOU exists in that person's awareness.


a.) Aware via One Person    b.) Aware via Network
All necessary properties    All necessary properties
are in one person's         are spread apart in a         

awareness.                  network.

        X                       MO-----   --------
        |                             |   |      |
-------------------              MO-------X---   --MO
|       ----O     |                       |  |
|    O--|         |                       |  -----MO
| O-----M---      |                 MO-----
|   O---|  |      |
|          ---O   |

X = Your Self-Aware Existence

M = External Awareness
O = Property

Note: This does not necessarily mean that an entity must be aware for you to be aware.

A Consciousness Has Weight And Pull.

The other argument is that it might take a consciousness, a denseness, to pull all those properties to a center, that is what the properties revolve around. What I'm proposing is that the properties make the denseness, or if they don't, they make the conditions for the denseness to exist.*

* But there comes the argument that what if it is possible to exist and be self aware without properties, thereby proving the above invalid...? Meaning, do we exist solely because of our consciousness, which is independent of everything but is like a weight that changes everything around it...? Yes, if the properties are 'material' in nature. But we are trying to prove that the properties set up the consciousness. Because a consciousness transcends dimensions we must conclude that it is impossible for it to exist from properties unless the properties also exist on another realm, one that cannot be seen and is not material in nature. They must be immaterial, meaning the surface reflects the subsurface properties, in which the properties would have to beat time in the subsurface. So how do we promote the properties in the subsurface...?

Well, You Want To Live Forever, Don't You...?

In order to align the properties underneath from above we must know how they correlate. How do we do this...? It will take more time to discover more about the Master Idea; as technology progresses, so too will our knowledge and understanding of the patterns of reality, so that ultimately we will have a systematic approach to manipulating the patterns of reality which are all based on a hidden constant 'idea'.

As stated in a previous post, it's like working in another realm. Can we be intelligent and aware while properties are spread apart and not in one consciousness...? Perhaps we already are spread apart, but we perceive ourselves as one consciousness. If what I say is true, then by knowing what properties are and how to align them, in the future we may be able to not only bring about the revival of consciousnesses, but world and universal events as well*.

* One day we could be able to manifest realities as if from a catalog based on their DNA or underlying 'code' (i.e. properties).


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