Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thoughts: No Name Yet

00:41 EST

In this reality, if everything was made of a substance, then there would not be not substance. For if everything was a substance, we would not know a substance not to be, therefore, we would not know it to be. Or would we...?

If it is known, then it is known not to be; there are two modes to a substance in the Universe.

A wholeness is ONE, and since it is known for a wholeness to exist, it must also not exist, for these are the two modes of a substance, and a wholeness by domination of all substances inherits their properties, just as God, the Master Idea (or scientific equivalent), must be everything that we are not, and all that we are.

Now, if the dual-modal law of a substance is applied to light, hypothetically speaking, if all substance was light, then once again we would see the laws transcend, immune to nomination; we would see that there is light and there is not light. We would take the understanding that of those modalities or states, they must always come together to form the Universe as a whole.

Ultimately, we can say that there should be an equilibrium, an equation, such as a basic mathematical law ex the assumption that can be applied in such a way as to output a value directly tied-to or correlational to light or not light in comparison to a whole, and that also reveals to us the nature of its ambulatoriousness, absence, and overall affect. This aforementioned, something unnamed, to be explained in my notes...

... Later.


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