Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Manipulating Reality: Knowledge Without Awareness - To Work In Another Realm

The following is me brainstorming. It shows that the potential, the vibration of something, leads to a 'feeling' that leads to an object that fits into a language. The potential for anything lies within us all, not within language. All of the knowledge in the universe is contained within us, language is just a device in this matrix that allows us to manifest it or realize it; in other words potential collapsing. From this we have new ways to manipulate reality.

Note: I bolded the important elements.

Some quotes to start out with:

'There is no stark definition, just the collection of images, symbols, or otherwise 'feelings' we lump together as a whole separate entity.'
'Everything is about vibration. God doesn't care whether you swear or not, it's not about the word itself, it's about the vibration it carries. If it has an evil vibration, then don't do it. This is why swear words in other languages have no effect. Because spoken language attempts to decipher vibration, instead of the other way around...'
'In the beginning, we were ONE with the Master Idea and we knew not. And when we knew, we grew apart...
... We were directly connected once; we communicated with the WORD, the vibration, the potential. Then, we became aware, and new rules manifested.'
'Quantum mechanics tells us that everything starts as a potential, a vibration, then it collapses into a nominative  and definitive object.'
'These are things to keep in mind. So what I am saying is, we should realize that there is a hidden force or vibration. That an image is a collection of parts, or properties, but those properties are only the surface language for the vibration that exists underneath, in you and around you. We are conditioned from a young age to fit into society in a certain way, so this must tell us that maybe we can condition our unique vibration...'
'... There is a language for all five senses. But language, in the matrix, is interpreted differently by different ideologies...'

Get it...? It's the vibration that matters... I'm on to something now I know it, just can't figure out what it is.
It's like I know I know, but am not aware of what I know.
Need to drink some energy drink... Two vibrations: survival and anti-survival... or more...? What are the combinations of vibrations...?

Oh, think I got it.

A language, one from any of our senses, that being the 'image' that is created from a collection of properties, is the result of the collapse of a potential or vibration. Realizing the potential, knowledge, or vibration in it's pure form is the opposite of language. It is the direct connection to the source.

So, based on this, what we see with our eyes (or any other sense) could be a language. Language is not the vibration, it is the stimulator, the 'evoker' of the vibration. We can only know language if we are conditioned to know language (this tells us that are bodies, our DNA, is the result of conditioning). The vibration itself is universal.

A language of the eyes would be, one man sees red and thinks 'car', another man might think, 'apple'. Whereas in another language, the color green might invoke 'apple' from the the first man, and 'car' from the second. The vibration for the apple and the car, their potential stays the same, it is the language that differs in allowing each man to realize the vibration.

Based on this, vibration is inherent; we carry with us the library of all vibrations.
This also tells us that we are capable of some amazing things or feats in the future based on what we could train ourselves with the different combinations of vibrations. It could be a formula. In this matrix, language is an extra step. Somewhere along the line we forgot that the library of vibration, the raw meaning, doesn't exist in words, it exists in us. This tells us that it could be possible to change what's around us based on probing into ourselves.

An exercise:
Create an exercise to somehow be aware of an object (collapse the potential / vibration) without being given any surface level awareness of it before hand.

Create a program / exercise that inverts language to potential. But what if this doesn't work because language and potential are not interlinked...? They both don't co-depend on each other. So I think.

What does this say...?
If we can manipulate the potential then we can manipulate language. If we can manipulate the idea, then we can manipulate it's manifestation / materialization in reality.

How do we do this...? As stated, we might not be able to work backwards. We have to work
: in other words, the potential lies within us, internally, not externally. All the exterior is, is another language. The exterior relies on your body, your physicality, your 5 senses, the perceivers of your reality. The interior is connected to your consciousness and doesn't rely on perception, and your consciousness is connected to the source.
Just because you aren't aware of what you know, doesn't mean that you don't know. A consciousness knows all knowledge, but is not conditioned to be aware of it.

'It's like working within another realm.'

So How do we work inwards...? Somehow, we have to feel the vibration, the potential, before it collapses. How do you manipulate anything...? Somehow, we have to condition ourselves to know how to manipulate potential.
Perhaps, since the library of potential and vibrations exist with / within / through us, we have to be the vibration we wish to see collapse and manifest...
Hmm, interesting.



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