Monday, December 16, 2013

Thoughts: Some Thoughts For Next Time

Thoughts needed to be elaborated on, the next time I connect to the Master Idea:

1.) Explanation of "There is no change": A Theory.

2.) How to create a Virus Against Scalar Brain Hi-jackings:
If there is a giant metaphysics computer 'brain' out in the ocean that is connecting to millions of people's brains by way of scalar waves, we can assume that if the connection is bi-directional, it can be hacked, organically. HOW, is the question...? Astral travel is one solution, we have the popularized 'Secret' and the theory that encapsulates it, and also we have other external technological remedies. The basic gist is that, if 'IT' is connected to me, I am connected to it, thus I can change it with a few tricks.


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