Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts: Lack of Intelligence Leads to Perfection

The biggest revelation of all is to find out that what you are part of, no matter how intricate your role, the relevancy of your existence is a matter of mere interpretation. Maybe I didn't word that very well. I began thinking, there is no Real Meaning. There are only forces, that push us one way or the other. We exist, like animals, part of the circle of life, or the Master Idea. We are (morphus?) forms that perpetually move throughout the 'air' like the oil in a lava-lamp. And we don't have any more control over our impulses than an elk in the forest. But we believe we do. We have insight into our own behavior. Hence meaning. But I argue, meaning is only the result of intelligence. Intelligence, however, is not sovereign. Contrary to popular belief, I argue that intelligence is far from perfection. It is the lack of perfection. The opposite of perfection.

The energies in an unintelligent system move to and fro, hither and tither, without questioning their dominance over other energies. They are psychic in their ability to predict where to go next without predicting it. It is perfect harmony, a unanimous conscious, how you say, Yin and Yang. Everything compliments each other. That's the Master Idea. Everything exists, and is because it is, without self contradiction. Yet, even still having intelligence, we are part of the Master Idea. We are not sovereign, it is only our intelligence that makes us think so. It is only our intelligence that makes us find meaning in everything we do. The reality is, there is no Real Meaning. Only Forces that push us one way or the other.

Have you ever solved a very complex problem in your dreams...? I'm sure you have but you don't remember it. A way to think about how I am trying to explain this is to think about a normal human who is awake. It is more difficult to solve problems because of something called latent inhibition. I'm no expert on it, I heard about it a while back. Basically, the farther we drift into the subconscious, what I call the Master Idea, the easier it becomes to solve problems. The easier it is to become part of the Master Idea. When we are in this state we can predict things without predicting them. What I mean is, in order to predict something there has to be a certain level of uncertainty. Most likely time gets in way. But when we are part of the Master Idea, we know what happens because it happens in the same time frame. In fact there is no time in the Master Idea. Everything exists in the NOW. In the Master Idea, we don't predict what happens, we are part of what happens.

So when we are sleeping or half asleep and are more part of the Master Idea, our latent inhibition is way down, therefore we can solve the most complex of problems.

Unfortunately, we can't remember them. This is where new technology comes in. Based on my mind projection thesis, in the future, we will be able to record our thoughts, the pictures in our mind, and the music as well. We will be able to drift into our subconscious and solve complex problems (because of low latent inhibition) while recording them.



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