Monday, June 24, 2013

2013: A Cumulative Dissertation

Now this may take me some time, probably days, maybe a month, but I decided that I will sequentially go ahead and write in these new ideas. These ideas were formulated within the last 2 months and include a mini description:

1.) Desktop version of SOXR / EYXR mix:
Technologies: C++, Visual Basic, ... .NET, etc.

2.) 'Papercode':
OCR / Stroke Recognition, Compiling, and Execution.

3.) 'Bio-data Interaction and Communication':
Interact with associates via bio-data across networks.

4.) 'Hex-J':
Game © 2007-2013 XJ Hall. NO NEED FOR PATENTS. FREE FOR ALL.
(Credit XJ Hall).

5.) 'SOXR3D':
3D Sound Manipulation.

6.) 'Air-Midi Controller':
OR Air Controller via camera and object tracking (javascript).

7.) 'The Neo-Social Network / Neo-Social Game':
Contents TBA...

8.) 'The BIG Shadow':

Although I could make more money by waiting a year, it is stiffening my creative juices by holding them back. I can always think of a better idea, precisely because there are an enumerable amount of outlets, including newly created ones (or ones that have not been created yet) that could be vented for that purpose.

Who wants these ideas anyways...? Well, they are pretty brilliant (thank the Master Idea). To conclude this year I am creating a book from the ideas realized before and through 2013. It will be like a cumulative dissertation. I haven't thought of a name yet...


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