Monday, July 1, 2013

Documentaries: Icing on a Cake and the NEO Soundtrack

NO MUSIC in my first movie.

I have realized while watching A SIGNIFICANT amount of documentaries, about conspiracies and such, that music plays a very important role in getting the point across. Does it work? SOMEWHAT-YES. It depends, but I think in various cases it is a charlatan practice, exuberant since the invention of movies with sound, that limits the message from achieving it's highest audience saturation. There is another way we can do this, a better, more moral way. Let me explain.

Do you like frosting...? Most people do. Music is just like that. It is the icing covering the entirety of a cake. It is a "sweets" at the top of the nutrients pyramid. It is a device used to jump-start and push the intentions of the author (and is also used to hypnotize, but we'll cover that later). This doesn't apply to ALL documentaries, but it is insulting to be considered less educated. Why do I say this...? The authors may not recognize what they are doing, but that is the reason why music is used in their documentaries: because less educated people are more susceptible to believe or be persuaded when their emotions are evoked through music.

Of course I have the choice to NOT watch the documentary.

Why put icing on the cake if the cake tastes fine by itself...? NO. Sometimes we have to take the cake as it is, even if it is bitter. The Truth need not icing to be comprehended, only the willingness of the audience.

By using 'icing' or music to set the tone of a documentary the author obviously is using a tactic to aid in the broadcasting of his intentions, but it is also 'dishonest'. Just give the audience the cake as it is, tell the truth without ornamentation or distraction.

If you don't believe me about the effects of music, watch a documentary about a conspiracy. Then, imagine that documentary without the music. You'll probably agree that it makes a big difference in how we perceive the message. In my opinion, this is ethically wrong.

To solve this dilemma, I have considered (this is just an idea right now) of using a new type of soundtrack with my first documentary that is NOT JUST inspired by the events but actually directly results or is a byproduct of the events. How will I do this? I'll think of something.

This needs more time in the oven.


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