Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Past Thoughts: You are the Source of Light

This is interesting. These thoughts suggest that the properties of light are fabricated within the 'mind' or  within our consciousness. Basically, light doesn't exist unless we are aware that it exists because we create the view of our world. This leads me to believe that the awareness and/or existence of some things is and is not independent of our consciousness. Here it is:

"I was looking at the river one night and was wondering why the light reflects off of the water the way it does. How come the reflection always follows the eye...? I mean, how come when we move the light reflection does not stay in position that would denote change...? The light reflecting off of the water always reflects towards the eye, in comparison, a shadow does not  stay in a position relative to the eye, as we are able to tell based upon the change that occurs in its shape as we move around the object that creates it. No matter where I move to, as I look on the North side of the bridge towards the lights on the Union street bridge, the light emanating from it, reflecting off the water, always stays relative to my eyesight. when I move to the left or right, but continue to look towards the reflection, it does not curve or change shape."

Thinking about this I knew that this would be the same for each person. No matter who you are, the light will always reflect towards YOUR eyesight, not someone else's point of reference. From this I came to the conclusion that the source of light must come from within each of us, because if it were an outside source, the reflection of the light would change it's shape or point of reference when we changed our position, but instead it always stays constant. This lead me to conclude that YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF LIGHT! That somehow, biologically, there is something in the brain within each of us that allows us decode the light. But this also meant that the light reflection for each of us could be unique. I might note that the premises to this argument are valid, although the conclusion might not be true."

Hmm, interesting. I thought I was incorrect in assuming that the properties of light were fabricated.


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