Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Brief Thought: The Master Idea and the Mono-Conscious

Before I tell you the idea, I'll tell you what lead up to it. Why was I thinking about this...? Oh yeah. First, let me say that it only makes sense that our bodies are made up of a matrix of atoms. But what people tend to think is that 'atoms' are somehow a concrete substance, and that it is impossible for them to be amorphous in nature. Based on my current research, no atom is what we perceive to be as 'rock solid'. It is only a group of closely knit parts held together by something, meaning that there is a 'void', a 'silence', if you will, between two 'noises'. Please correct me if I am wrong when I say that I think this is what Raymond L. Bridgman meant when he expounded upon the 'silence between two noises' in his beautifully written book, 'The Master Idea'. I have not heard of it anywhere else.

Actually, I got the phrase messed up. Pay no attention to what I just said. I still don't know what Raymond means. Maybe I'll find out later.

Anyways, being that every thing is spaced apart, there is space between every atom and that the arrangement of atoms is in a formation, something must hold them together or produce that formation, apparently being the 'conscious', or so say the experts on a video I watched on YouTube (see below).

This is very interesting when they say 'conscious'. The other day I was thinking about what to think about and the Master Idea popped up again. I visualized a blooming flower, which I have used because of the striking shape and 3D structure that is conjured when building the image in memory. It has a certain formation that occurs every time it is produce, almost exactly the same every time it is produce. Now we have to wonder what is the determining factor for the structure of the flower, the molding of the atoms. You could say, "the electromagnetic spectrum" but that doesn't explain WHY the flower is shaped the way it is, in an intelligent design, NOT SUPER intelligent, but intelligent none-the-less. I think soon we will have to break down what we think of as intelligent. But what I mean when I say 'intelligent' is not 'I beat you at chess' intelligent. When I say a flower blooming is intelligent design, I mean that it is produced in such a way that only a blue print would allow for anyone else to replicate the design. What is that blueprint...? The Master Idea.

Now to my next thought. Tonight I was thinking about one of my other theories, that the past is actually carried around with us, where ever we go. It is stored in our atomic structure, but vibrates at a different frequency. Therefore, if our 'conscious' were to vibrate at a higher or lower frequency, we would be able to experience that past. But this has a problem: people are only allowed to experience their past and would not be able to go into any one else's. I know what you're thinking. "Hey, what about those good old stories with time travelers who visit Abraham Lincoln." Well, this would not be feasible under that theory, UNLESS (here comes the good part), UNLESS the 'conscious' was outside of our personal atomic structures and was stored in a universal or mono-conscious, meaning we all share one conscious. This has some problems though as well, basically meaning that if we wanted to go to the location of where Hawaii is in 33 AD, the problem is that no one has been to Hawaii in 33 AD because it wasn't inhabited. In this theory your conscious can't vibrate to pasts that have never been encountered by any other conscious or the collective conscious. This  is not to say that we can't astral project (that is in the present) in order to widen the mono-conscious. To solve this, adding to this theory, we could say that even inanimate objects are part of the mono-conscious so perhaps we can reach outside parts of the human conscious.

So basically, there could be this mono-conscious, but there could also be the plural of the 'conscious', many of them, that all come from the Master Idea.

Now for a semi related note: What we have now is the laws of physics. That is the pattern that explains the blueprint of why a flower blooms in the shape it does. But once we find out what this Master Idea is or what it is made of, we could be able to manipulate it to essentially change the laws of physics itself. We're talking about changing the blueprint of the conscious of the blooming flower and possibly everything else!

Just some stuff to think about,


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