Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project NEO: Just Some Philosophy

Project NEO
© 2013 XJ Hall

Today's date: 06.11.2013
Start date: circa* 02.29.2013
Status: ...

*before, on, or near

The purpose of this project was to create an innovative new type of way to use the technology that we currently employ for social networking, along with HTML5 and other technologies, essentially creating the neo-social network or neo-social game.

How we know what will come next:
There is a philosophy that goes with creating successful ideas. To put it short, we ALL WANT something out of life. And what we WANT is core to our being, and can be argued to be our being. The realization is that life is really a transitory stage, meaning, there is something before it and something after, and life is inbetween. We are stuck in life passing time, however that does not mean that we have to live in a psychological state of being that does not benefit us.

The people, i.e. the consumers, are willing to pay for a product that will better their psychological state of being or outlook on life; they are willing to pay for something that satisfies their WANT. The problem is, WANTING something and knowing exactly what they WANT are two different things.

People will not buy something, unless it solves a psychological dilemma (whether it is subconscious or not). We know that the product solves the dilemma because the user continues to buy the product. Having a company that bases its products off of creativity and originality, or for having a company at all, it is the responsibility of that company to find out what these people WANT, even before they know WHAT they WANT.

If there is one, there are two. If there is one person who wants something then there is another person like him who wants the same thing. A quick browse on Google should show that social networks are becoming boring or outdated (that, along with the internet and computers, but that's another story...). The social network needs to be facelifted or one-upped altogether. How do we do this...?

Using analisation techniques, we can realize new ideas that come from patterns unique to the situation or predicament at hand. In the case of Project NEO, I had to come up with a new type of social network, that was also innovative. To do this, I relied on my pattern making skills to study and compare a handful of technological products that fit the popular definition of 'innovative' when they were released to the public. Companies such as Apple and Nintendo hit it right on the money with their innovations such as the Iphone and Nintendo Wii.

We are summing up patterns (not shown here) that are so potent they are used in many industries including the Video Game, Music, Movie, and creative industries. These patterns or profiles are the basis of what starts the idea and brainstorming process. Ultimately, the ideas that lead from the initial idea are what I consider 'gold-mines' for what could be achieved through them. These novel ideas are actually what the user, the consumer, what the people want but don't know that they want.

In the process of building NEO we came upon all sorts of cool stuff...



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