Sunday, June 16, 2013

Notes: The Ideas Leading up to M~

I tried to make these look good. O well. These notes were taken directly from my notebook.

 'Philosophy Behind M~:' Philosophy and thoughts behind brain wave technology and its future implementation(s).

■  'The Master Idea:'
1.) 'Indirect Convergence:' There must be truth to an argument (idea) if at least 2 people come upon its conclusion by means of 'indirect convergence.' There must be a link, meaning that something, some entity or idea, came before us for both of us to (realize the same idea) come upon the same conclusion.

2.) 'Ubiquitously Evident Physicality:' 'Spontaneous Generation' was once believed to be a culpable factor for unexplained happen-chance (origins of the physical). However, we know now that it is practical to say that energy is passed on from one organism to another. It is clear to see a trend as technology evolves. In the future, immaterial enigmas will be soluble via palpable (detectable) or physical diagnosis and explanation. To put it simply, everything in the Universe is detectable; our understanding is only as great as the technology that aids it. When human technology reaches its peak, we will know a significant amount more, physically, about the things that leave us in the dark today.

3.) 'Omni-Representation:' ___more later...

4.) 'Idea Theory:' Everything in the entire universe is detectable (or physical), most specifically, our minds.

a.) 'The Mind:' The mind is the focalization of all things physical pertaining to our bodies and holds the physical ideas...

b.) 'My Mind Projection Thesis:' I believe that for whatever physical entity one possesses and utilizes, one ultimately has physical memory to go along with it. I believe that dreams are the recorded and repeated physical memories of those physical entities. Thus, a person who is able to utilize his sight with eyes would be able to 'see' dreams and a person who is able to utilize his sense of touch with hands would be able to 'feel' dreams. I believe that the mind is the focalization of all of one's physical memories. I believe that memories are physicalities and thus they are able to be detected. This leads me to believe that in order to project memories from the mind to an external audience one must de-encrypt the physical memories by recording the detected energy reacting with them, running the recorded data through a cipher, and reassembling the feedback into a visual-perceivable or other physical-presentable order.

5.) 'Technology and Innovation:' 

a.) 'No Original Idea:' "We derived all of our ideas from the Master Idea. We are all innovators, sharing our ideas subconsciously, but the reward goes to the realizer. Hence, there is NO original idea. Only original realizations of the Master Idea."

b.) 'Time Does Not Exist:' "Idea Theory tells us that there is no time and what we perceive to be the past are repeated physical memories, structures, or objects."

c.) 'Inequality and Identicality:'
i.) 'Inequality Leads to Innovation:' ___more later...
ii.) 'Identicality OR Lack of Inequality Leads to the Solution of a Network:'* ___more later...

*However, we cannot say that there is positive correlation between lack of inequality and less innovation (innovation is more apparent with more inequality precisely because there is a noticeable difference between the entities involved).

d.) 'The Decision of Man:' The content of man's decisions evolve with technology, however, HOW man makes decisions has not differed drastically since over two-thousand years ago.

e.) 'Conclusion:' Because of all of this, we can assume that some part of the fate of human kind rests on how technologically advanced we become.

■  'Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory:' ___more later...

■  'The Structure of the Past and How our Brains Interact with It:' __more later...

■  'M~ Results:'  __more later...


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