Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ideas: The Animated Image

I'm going to see if this will work. If not, this says something about the place where animated images are and how they fit into current technological expectations.

Very quick and informal. A question: why is there so much limitation on pictures when there is a possibility to explode with this stuff? What I mean is, where is the animated photograph that should have been invented since the movie 'Harry Potter'? Not only is this lacking in vividness but also other things having to do with animation are as well, including sound. There are some lucrative ideas that have (or may not have) already been thought of, however they haven't been done (finished / executed / brought to public attention)... yet. The animated image could be enhanced probably on various levels, and utilized across the creative field, including in physical objects not pertaining to the internet.

Food for thought. Or what not. Bringing it to your attention,

If the above animated image does not work, then I rest my case.

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