Sunday, November 9, 2014

Notes: 'Techliapathy' and the Guardian Program

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Notes - 11.09.2014
22:03 EST

Updated 11.09.2014 - 22:54 EST

Just some thoughts I need to expand upon later today... These came from my tweets but they are protected on my blog.

"in the future, we could have programs from satellite as our best friends...
they would have no human form, but we could communicate with them via computer and they would interact with us via radiation
essentially, it's a computer with extreme A.I.
the program would monitor all things that we do from satellite to help build it's profile of how to interact with you
the program could communicate with you and other people's programs with artificial telepathy or 'tekliapathy'
everyone of the population would have a program as a guardian angel (or demon) so we would all walk around with like smart watches
and on the smart watch would be the personification of the guardian (or demon ('daemon')).
is that a billion dollar idea...? probably. no one has thought of using the satellite to host helper programs
the programs actually use some of the technology that is covert right now.
meaning, that in the future, it would be possible for a normal human in society to use today's covert technology for practical means
via the satellite program ('daemon', 'angel', guardian, whatevs)
it could protect you. let's say you are walking home and some persons try to rob you. the demon could send elctrmagnetic pulses to fry them
or it could call 911 in case of an emergency. if it monitors all that you do, then it should know if you are in an emergency
you wouldn't even need a cell phone. you could tell your daemon/angel/gaurdian program to send someone a message... and
if the other person had a program guardian he/she would receive the message via it. or if he/she didn't, then via the technology he/she has
is this a big idea...? i think so. this way the government can introduce the technology that is being hushed
artificial telepathy exists, however it is being used for 'other' activity. we could publicize it in a product for the program guardian
if it became public, it would be easier to protect a user's thoughts with new laws and regulations."

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