Sunday, November 9, 2014

Inventions: Prototype Function for the 'Guardian'

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Inventions: Prototype Function for the 'Guardian'
Sunday 11.09.2014
22:25 EST

Updated 11.14.2014 - 12:25 EST

I had an idea for Google Glasses, 'X6', or other similar device that I would call a, 'guardian'.

Using face recognition and speech recognition, the 'gaurdian' would digitally record what the user says and to whom he says it to. This sounds kind of bordering on invasive, but it is actually kind of cool.

Let's say a user wants the guardian to record his conversation with someone. The user would start by introducing his conversation-mate to the guardian by saying something like, "Guardian, ..." (which would activate it to start listening...) , "this is Joan", while looking at his friend, Joan. The gaurdian would then associate the face with the spoken name which would be translated to text and stored for later, when the user encounters her face, or when the guardian recognizes it again.

The user could then tailor the settings specifically for each person, making them unique, so that every time the user and person interact, the guardian applies functions applicable to the conversation.

For instance, say you want to remember what your parents or friends say to you and you want to keep a log in order to do that. The guardian would keep your conversations with each person in a digital album accessible from, what they call nowadays, a cloud or private server.

Another thought by brainstorming,


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