Sunday, October 6, 2013

Inventions: AIR-FI

Here is a brief description: A-FI or AIR-FI is a device and technique for storing and retrieving data via the air in an enclosed space, preferably a room. It is an air filter, an air composition identifier, and an air composition changer, in one. Air is constantly moving, so in order to store data in the 'air', we must label or imprint a certain percentage of the molecules in the space with the data wanting to be stored. Then, for retrieval, the composition of the air around the device will be measured for certain imprints / differing constructions of changed molecules. In a space that is not sealed off, air 'slipperage' / escape will occur affecting the composition of the entire space. Thus, the device could possibly only detect the air closest to it, such as an id card that has been factorized to emit a unique scent whose molecules are imprinted with the data that needs to be checked / verified. In another scenario, a student would save his project in his nearly perfectly sealed room (or vacuole / battery). A user-set ratio of data-molecules to total molecules would determine the amount of imprinted air. The obvious advantage of this is that air is abundant.

How to imprint data in air via molecules:


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