Monday, September 16, 2013

The Master Idea: Manipulation of Reality In a Non-Chronological or Mono-Chronological Universe

XJ Hall

I semi-detailed part of this theory in my previous notes. To state this part simply, from this we could learn to manipulate reality, just as Jesus once did.

From this, Knowledge could not be power. No. It is the perception, the interpretation of Knowledge, that we must give our dues. It is what our minds do to it, how it is manifested that determines how powerful we are. Knowledge by itself cannot do that. Knowledge is as immaterial as numbers. Think of it as data or 1s and 0s. Different devices will display that data differently*. Only our consciousness has the ability to create the interpretation.

* Like a graph. If you give ten different people the same data and tell them to plot a graph with it, they will all do it differently, according to their 'devices'.

This tells us that the manifestation of prophecies is the willing of a consciousness to partake in the global consciousness. Because if reality is tied to multiple consciousnesses then it is committed to the sum of them. This means that as a whole we could change prophecies if we knew how. But to start it would require believing in new material and NOT repeating our history lessons. Remember, Knowledge does not change, only the perception of knowledge can change, and that is controlled by a consciousness. That would explain the quantum exercises they were doing, sending a photon through a slit and observing the output shape on the other side. Scientists were confused because the decision was made in the NOW, but when the experiment ran, it was perceived as being created in the PAST. 

"What has happened here is that a random decision (which cards to burn) made in the present has caused a photon 50 years in the past to decide to be in the form of a wave or a particle."

Then it clicked, the AHA moment...! Somehow, there is a relationship between the man making the photon punch cards in the past and the man viewing them in the present. In this relationship, once again, there is no time. This is almost like saying, the man in the past, 50 years ago, exists right next to the man in the present as we speak. Something must be constant; initially that would be Knowledge, but the whole of the idea could be explained as the Master Idea.

We are living in the NOW: not a dot that moves on a timeline, but a dot that is constantly changing, based on our perception of reality. So, there is a distance* between the man in the present and the man in the past and it is smaller than some people's distances between who they are connected to in the present...! This means, that a man who makes a decision in 2013 could affect a person or people in 1929...!*

* Think about it like two clear and flat pieces of plastic about a notebook page in size, height, and width. One layer is put on top of the other and they are suspended in space. A light source is above them. Using a black permanent marker, a circle is drawn on the top layer, but it is NOT drawn on the bottom. Even though the marker is not drawn on the bottom layer, the top layer still affects it by the shadow it makes. Now multiply the layers by infiniti with drawings on all layers and an ambient light source. Get it...? This is a very simple analogy. 

How is this possible you might ask...? Because TIME DOES NOT EXIST. All of what we percieve to be time is only a separation by 'distance' between planes in the NOW. We are living in a network, a spiderweb of interactions between people in perceived different time frames, but time is a distance that can be large or small and is independent of time frame. Technically, we are ALL in the same time frame. Based on this, in the network a node could exist in the future and affect a node in the present. Whereas vice versa, a node in the present could affect the future. There is little distance between the planes of percieved time: we're just layers on top of each other, we can't see each other but we can affect each other through our actions... now, the scientific mechanics of this is another matter.

When we look at the quantum mechanics photon experiment, it seems that the artifact itself is what makes a difference as the punch cards spanned decades, which is multiple time frames or layers. This means that the card is the same card in the present or future or past; upon it's creation it exists in all planes of existence.*

* What I am saying is that basically the Universe is made up of atoms and electrons. It would be more logical to say that instead of the punch card existing in all planes of existence, it is the atoms and electrons of its make-up that transcend all time. This would mean that whatever object you could fathom, if you could affect it right now, you are somehow affecting the atoms in that object, wherever they came from, in all planes of time, more specifically, in the NOW.

The conclusion is that we create the past and the future by what we do. right. NOW. In the network there are many dialogues: the past affecting the future, the future affecting the past, the present affecting the present, etc. We realize from this, that because there is NO TIME, WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD IN HISTORY IS TRUE BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE BASE ALL OUR DECISIONS OFF OF IT. This implies, that if we chose to believe in a different past or future for ourselves, then that choice would manifest in our everyday lives. MEANING, WHAT WE BELIEVE IS FABRICATED. HISTORY IS FABRICATED. There is no time, yet if we believe History to exist, then it affects everything in the NOW. History is nothing, it doesn't exist... it is NOT concrete...! 

Just think about that. We all could be living in the biggest matrix that ever existed...! History exists because we are aware that it exists. It could be a huge control device. It only has power because we give it power. If we believe in an idea in the NOW, we believe in an idea in the past and the future. There is more on this, but what I am saying is, we can change the past and the future by changing the NOW, and perhaps, according to quantum mechanics, only if we are unaware of the past or the future. This requires letting go of certain prophecies and History. Remember to ask yourself, "what is the purpose of remembering this History?" the next time you are told that 'this is the official count of how it went down and you should learn it exactly as it is'...

Based on this Theory, being aware of something makes it true. If we keep history, then it is true. If we keep prophecy, then it is true. The manifestation of the idea that is still alive could require 'drones', or facilitators (consciousnesses) with a higher ability to affect it to bring it to fruition. It is not clear on what would make someone have a higher ability to do so, but it could be related to the amount of connections within the 'network'*.

* Suppose a person with LESS connections would be more able to affect the manifestation of an idea, or perhaps a person with MORE connections would be able to do so. If the latter was the case, the result could be tenfold in a network where an idea is learned by most people within the network. If everyone were a 'drone' or facilitator, the manifestation of the idea would be imminent.

All of this culminates to the realization that if one has a set frame of mind, then it is impossible to change reality. But anything is possible, when we change ourselves.


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