Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theory: How is the Future cast before it occurs...?

How is the Future cast before it occurs...?

There is another dimension or plane that humans can tap into, it transcends all time, and it holds the knowledge of the Universe. It is called the Master Idea. No matter when a person taps into the Master Idea, however they got there being regardless, they are tapping into the past, present, and future because ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN, IS, AND WILL BE THE SAME FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. So when they tap into the Master Idea they are tapping into all eternity: the Truth. Time does not exist, only our perception of time exists.

The following are the notes I used to prove the above (granted I still have more work to do), that knowledge is another dimension, it holds the 'data' of that universe, regardless of time, and that the only thing that can change is our perception of reality. The concept of Free Will is slightly altered. Knowledge is constant, an Idea, forever. However, it may be interpreted differently by the consciousness. Understanding how to to affect the consciousness 'device' would lead to studies of manipulating reality.

How are we able to tell the future from a limited perspective...?
How does manifestation work...?

1.) Master Idea Theory claims that there is no "dot that moves on a timeline", only a 'dot that continually exists and is ever-changing.' Time does not exist.

2.) Therefore, because there is no past or future, there is just the present, i.e. the NOW, consisting of multi-facets of planes, each overlapping eachother or existing within the same space but separated by *a distance.

* This is exactly what time is; while our current idea of time allows us to believe it is an abstractivity, distance is a notion that is more so measurable and while being metaphysical in nature will be detectable once technology catches up.

This leads to the question, 'If the Universe stopped expanding, would 'time', or the metaphysical distance exist...? Without change, there may be no time.

Also leads to the conclusion that there could be two separate 'times'. Each differs by the distance that defines it: one is physical distance, the other metaphysical distance.

3.) I think our past is recorded in our atomic structure. Why do I beleive this...? Somehow our brain has to be able to access past memories. If the past was stored outside of our brain, the Universe is moving at a certain pace, we would be unable, physically, to connect to our past.

But this is another matter for collective unconscious.

4.) At this point, there is a plane that transcends at least the present plane, present-past plane, and present-future plane in the NOW (reality at the present moment). In the 3rd dimension, it is the Idea plane that holds the information and knowledge to everything that IS. Meaning, it's the status of the Universe and everything in it at any moment (which means it constantly changes with the universe). It is the ghost copy of the Universe, think of it this way, it is not the pen I write with, it is the properties, the data, the knowledge of the pen I write with**.

** This suggests that data, information, or knowledge, is a separate dimension itself, if not a separate plane of existence (quite possibly both).

QUESTION: What if (to test this) our reality was only that dimension, the dimension of knowledge...? We would think that we are in a physical reality, but we are actually in a limited view because we only have the properties of reality, not the physicality, suggesting that it would be up to a third party device to interpret the data... Basically, the pen I am writing with is the manifestation output by that device.

5.) When a person attempts to manifest reality / predict the future / be psychic: a certain line of events follows.

a.) The man somehow vibrates at the right frequency to tap into the knowledge dimension and sap out data.
b.) It is weird because being able to sap out data for the future would denote that not only the present have a knowledge plane (dimension) but so do the past-present and future-present planes.
c.) This leads me to the question: Are the past, present, and future knowledge dimension separate or all ONE...? IF THEY ARE ALL ONE: leads toward the revelation that ACTION is static...!

i.) The knowledge planes are ONE. past, present, future = NOW.
ii.) If the knowledge planes are all ONE and we assume that the past cannot be changed, then that would mean neither can the present nor future.
iii.) From this we conclude that if the NOW cannot be altered, then it is a constant idea.
iv.) If the NOW is a constant idea then the only thing that changes (or can change) is our perception of reality, OR the device that interprets the never-changing / static idea, or knowledge.
v.) On a separate note, this leads us to conclude that Free Will exists but it is based on interpretation of an idea that is constant.

Knowledge cannot be changed. Only interpreted differently.***

*** Like a line graph. The data can stay the same but it can be interpreted differently. Or like a song. The lyrics can stay the same, but it can have a different key or different notes.

How can we utilize this knowledge...? I have always said that there is a Master Idea that is ONE. Knowledge cannot be changed, only interpreted differently. So does this mean that if we could control our 'devices' we could manipulate our perceptions of reality....? Possibly, we might already be doing that. The question remains, HOW...? I guess we would have to find out what devices are. Is it our brains...? Perhaps, it is the consciousness (another question I have to tackle).


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