Thursday, August 29, 2013

Theory: Request Response Theory

This is basically the idea that supports that "we allow ourselves to become victimized." (Or other action in place of.)

A human's imagination is rooted in 3D, therefore the explanation I provide will utilize this condition. That being said, the basis for the existence of all is the Master Idea. To put it simply, the base or cornerstone of all creation, settled at the bottom of the stack, is a static and concrete 'idea' that never changes but somehow fuels and influences the physical domain(s) above it to manifest in a way that coincides with the 'direction' of its 'print'. To be more accurate it would suffice to say that the Master Idea is the plan of the Universe, and the energy for the Universe, which is the Universe itself. So the Master Idea is everything, and pervades everything, even though we don't have specific devices to detect it alone (yet). This also leads us to conclude that there is no Time as we perceive it, a dot moving on a timeline. There is just a dot; no past, no future, only the present constantly changing in the NOW.

Arguably, there is an ether that transcends all levels above the source, whether physical or metaphysical (that being able to be detected or not), that acts as a stream to carry 'information' to and through everything connected to it. The details of information, or 'organic data', is yet to be discussed (it could be suggested that energy is itself data).

People are the physical materialization or result of the Master Idea broadcasting itself 'through matter' (quoted because matter is the Master Idea, so it is figurative). Unlike the Master Idea, which is constant, because we are physical, we change. When the information a person broadcasts changes, the attitude of the information changes, or in other words the 'color' of the message changes. In any event regarding Free Will or lack thereof, when we change a 'color', the 'information' that is broadcast is sent as a request through the ether to whoever or whatever is in contact with it. You can imagine a node sending out wave ripples of information around it. The ripples continue to flow until decay and friction make them null (which we will not go into here). If Free Will exists, then the people that receive the request have the choice to answer it, to respond to it, or to ignore it. In responding to the request, whether to do an action that is morally or ethically right or wrong, the receiver helps mold the sender's destiny.

Changing the 'color' of the information being broadcast through us can change the responses we get from people we are in contact with, whether they are literally right in front of us, in another country, or in another realm. This relies heavily on Free Will (or non Free Will equivalent). The problem now lies in finding how to change the 'color' voluntarily, on our own accord. Of course, we haven't gone into complexity of this, which would detail all of the possible configurations for sending and receiving requests, including sending and receiving requests of requests and compounded requests.


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