Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inventions: 'Noter'

Usual ideas for inventions arise from the need to complete a task, mixed with common sense and the lack of innovation to complete it. This invention is no different. 'Noter' is an online blogging site but the blogs are done entirely in a drawing-type application that looks like a blank notepad or notebook. Similar to modern blogging sites, the user has the capability to use HTML and CSS to change the template, or use a template 'guide'. The application can use 2D or 3D canvas and saves the post and all images in the post by the coordinates and data of an image, or page, created by the user. Saving the coordinates of a stroke or line gives the user more options, specifically when replaying or editing. Basically, it is Microsoft Paint and Notepad on steroids. It can be used on a pad device (or laptop) to quickly jot down notes or ideas, or can be used for more lengthy projects such as a personal site, power-point equivalent presentation, or what else.


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