Monday, August 12, 2013

Thoughts: Why a Thought is More Than a Reality

A thought is more than a reality. It is all of 'time' before it, the progenitor and the precedence in one. It is the object of a nebulous Truth, formed through a mystery of the 'Consciousness'. Understand that doubt may erase the validity of a thought, but it does not erase the Truth from where it came. Even if the thought is dismissed, we have to accept the Truth that formed it. If we go backwards and uncondense the thought, expand it into the Truth it was founded on, we would be able to find insights into why the thought occurred. It is not wrong to judge a thought, whether you think it should be accepted or not, good or bad, etc. But we should not forget that even ridiculous thoughts come from Truth. In fact, ALL thoughts come from Truth. My point is, we should pay more attention to the Truth the thought comes from than the validity of the thought itself.


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