Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Theory: The 'One Light' Theory

by XJ Hall

Hello, I came up with ANOTHER theory having to do with a 'network'. This is different than the last because it uses 'mirrors' to explain the transfer of a substance related to survival (hang with me). This is interesting because when we normally think of embodying a characteristic or property, we think of it as something that WE generated, or something that originates from us. Whereas, this theory challenges that notion by saying that all we are as humans, all anything is as a node in the network, is a reflection, or mirror, of what already exists. We don't have any properties other than what we reflect...! The properties of who we are are the result of the transfer of an omniscient 'light' in a way where it is concentrated into rays and bounced off of mirrors, or different compositions of the omniscient light.

The whole of what we perceive to 'be', 'life', as far as we can tell, is 'a network': a labyrinthine conglomeration of connections based on stimuli, to be sensed, assimilated, comprehended, analyzed, interpreted, metaphorized, rationalized, philosophized, produced and re-produced, and challenged and re-explained via alternate, and eye-opening, explanations. Perhaps, this is one such explanation, but a brief one at that.

If you asked me questions about the network it would be easier for me to explain it to you. But since you are not here, at least yet, I will have to emulate the questions that I think you would like to ask.

"What is this about...?"
I was postulating on forgiveness and I realized that there exists within humans something like a 'mirror' that can be pivoted via an invisible axis that runs through it. Hang with me here, this is interesting. It is a one sided mirror: on one side is a reflective surface and on the other is a non reflective surface. In being a one sided mirror, humans, or nodes, can reflect the stimuli passed through a connection, or they can turn the mirror inward to basically reflect nothing at all. Assumed to be a matter of choice, upon fully introverting the node becomes invisible to the network. Why is this so...? The network itself IS an omniscient 'light', a type of 'ether', if you will. It has always been an omniscient light and exists in of itself, however it was not a network until somehow nodes started popping up. This suggests that nodes are a different composition of the light, but are composed of the light none-the-less. The nodes were able to reflect the omniscient light; in doing so they 'were' in the network because they could not 'be'in the network unless light was reflected from them. This leads to conclude that light cannot be seen unless there is a node, with its mirror turned outward, to reflect it.

"So what are you saying...?"
A network must be comprised of at least two nodes that are connected. The connection would be the omnicient light, the 'ONE LIGHT'. We cannot know we exist within the network unless there is another node that reflects the ONE LIGHT, and we cannot be known to exist by other nodes unless we, ourselves as nodes, reflect the ONE LIGHT. We can exist without knowing, but in order to know, we must exist within the network. Light cannot be seen unless there is a mirror to reflect it. Get it...?

Now moving on, the omnicient light that makes up the network can be bounced off of one node to another throughout the network in way so that it is disperssed in an indiscriminant manner, so that some nodes recieve more or less light than others. Moreover, in heavilly concentrated areas where light is reflected from multiple nodes, the node whose mirror is facing the concentration will reflect the properties of all of those beams, seemingly an augmented reflection of light. So what I am saying is, a node such as the sun is a huge reflection of all of the light being concentrated at it. Were the sun's 'mirror' faced inward, we would not see the light focused in space. Get it...?

Applying this to humans, the light 'goes through' every thing in the network, but we are unable to see it, all the time, because there is not always a 'mirror', or node, to reflect it. Okay...? The first human did not know that he existed until the second human gave him reference of that (until the second node reflected the light).

So what's my point...? Thinking about forgiveness I began to think about this paradigm and what it means. I think, as nodes, humans may have several mirrors that reflect different compressions of the omnicient 'light', and one of the mirrors reflects what I cannot name but will analogize with 'love', 'knowledge', and 'truth', all together. Basically, these are survival 'substances', a 'substance K', probably the most purest form of compression of the ONE LIGHT.

And you might say, so what...? Remember, I said that a node ceases to know it exists if it is not part of the network, and it can only be part of the network if it reflects light. So if a human were to turn its mirror inward from substance K, a compression of ONE LIGHT, the human would be doomed to survive within the network, at least from reflecting substance K. There are probably other 'substances', or compressions of ONE LIGHT, but let's just say, for this explanation only, that substance K WAS the only substance that was reflected. And let's just say that the network consists of billions of human nodes, each with their mirror turned at various degrees, each reflecting substance K, consequently creating a network that may be more densly permeated with substance K in some areas than in others. What I am saying is there is a relationship here. The 'areas', or spaces, of the network where substance K is less concentrated will have the inability to reflect the most from it. However, this does not mean that the most densly permeated space of the network will be utilized efficiently, if there are few or no nodes to reflect the light back into the network. Get it...?

"Well, XJ, this is rather abstract. What do you plan on using this for...?"
It is interesting, really. I know I've been coming up with ideas related to networks, I need to stop doing that. But we can apply this to some things. I mean, how is substance K communicated to each node...? Through 'reflecting'. But what is reflecting...? Obviously, 'reflection' could be a simple abstract term for more complex things such as the science, or behavior of 'behavior'. This leads to connections with my previous post that suggests that the 'uptake', or in this case 'reflection', of substance K is for the most part independent of logical surface meaning (despite what we believe) and relies on what is reflected to us in a systematic manner. This would include the angle of 'light' reflected to us, or the way we behave in order to change the 'angle' of our 'mirrors'. Remember, we can't be anything we don't reflect. We are what we reflect, and if we didn't reflect we wouldn't be (at least in the network). So being able to systematically change our 'mirrors' to reflect the most light would be interesting. There are things that I have not mentioned here, like the current scientific explanations for the properties of light could be applied to this theory. For instance, diffusion, color, wavelength, etc.

This whole theory could probably be made into a movie. We might be able to do something with this behavior wise. I mean, in a network see what we can do...

Not sure what else to say. Just my thoughts,


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