Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thoughts: All Noise is a Memory, An Extension of YOU

Today, I am nothing. and the universe was once the same. Nothing. There is nothing. But it is so powerful, to be nothing at all. How does nothing hold so much power...? Let us liken nothing to silence and use them interchangeably.

The power is not in the absence of sound, it is not in the void itself. When everything is nothing, there is nothing to compare, so there is no value. The power is not in the nothing. It is in the memory of the nothing, that being just as strong, if not stronger, as the reality of something. We don't know that it was silent until we hear the noise. But when we do, I suppose this would be called 'having Knowledge'.

Now I am going to analogize the problem that one might consider with memories and silence to a small tape recorder in a black void. One might be wondering, "If the tape recorder was always rolling, if our memories were pre-existent to the noise, then why couldn't we record sound, granted it would be all silence, but wouldn't we be able to 'have Knowledge', wouldn't we be aware none-the-less...?" This is easy to solve. The solution is that the memories could NOT have existed, the tape recorder could not have existed, before the noise. Meaning, I am not saying the recorder was recording when it was silent, I am saying that the recorder is the noise, so it could not have recorded until it itself existed. The recorder, memories, are the 'noise', therefore, it records itself. Memories are but another 'noise', for how else would it contrast itself to nothing, to silence? For if there were all silence, but memories existed, it would 'know' there is all silence because it itself would be noise... get it? Furthermore, this leads to conclude that all noise could be but a memory, that contrasts of different frequencies within itself, and that all originate from the same source.

So when you see a water bottle on the table next to you while you are typing, what I am saying is, that is a memory, which is a noise. But in some way, your 'tape recorder' wouldn't be able to 'remember' it, the water bottle itself wouldn't even exist, if your tape recorder didn't exist.

Hmm, there is something to get from this. I can't put my finger on it...

Now another question is, why is it that when we observe nothing, or any absolute in anything, which equates to nothing, this nothing-ness, this silence always leads to an explosion of noise...?

Stuff to think about...


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