Saturday, October 19, 2013

Technology Report: Manipulation of Reality via Thought Broadcasting

XJ Hall

"The future is not technology, it's how we use it."

Parts of this post are detailed loosely in several previous entries, Image Broadcasting / Projection Theory and Theory: Request / Response Theory.

In another previous post, I said that reality is the interpretation of knowledge, inherent in the Master Idea, a projection by one's "device", that being the consciousness and its physical manifestation, the brain. At this moment, that theory could be no farther from the truth and interestingly paraligns with the process that happens when we emit or broadcast a thought. The undergoing of such activity requires there to be an emotion attached to the process (current theory) reinforcing that only first order organisms, those that are capable of emotion, are capable of manipulating reality (as opposed to second order organisms which are incapable of emotion).

A human as a whole, including one's body and one's brain, whatever makes one's total electrical field or aura, is a 'device' or factory capable of outputting information, data, but more specifically packets of vibrational energy on an indefinite basis. It can be deemed that this is exactly what emotions are, a spectrum of vibrational energy: the higher or lower the vibration the more or less the chance for survival, pointing to the side conclusion that the relationship with 'good' and 'evil' could also be aligned with this assumption.

What I am saying is, this is a process and there is one limitation to it. Currently, it is the lack of evidence or research and information about it. So how would we test it...? How does it work...? A rough sketch is as follows: A thought is generated from the source and projects outward like a wave, affecting anything in its path. The theory states that distance is inconsequential; an atom affected two meters away is the same as an atom affected two billion meters away. All is one. Taking this into account, along with the assumption that time is non-existent, it would seem that there is an opening for a new technology, or at least an interest in, to spring up based on a limitless potential.

For example: in this theory, a thought, or a vibrational packet that is constructed from one's reality 'device', coupled with an 'emotion' (what comprises it) could not only affect people in the room around oneself but could potentially affect someone 1029 miles away (and also in different time frames...!). We could study this with an experiment(s) with a setup in a controlled environment, such as a hanger, that is mostly void of electromagnetic radiation (done with anti-radio wave paint and anti-microwave paint).

Since the walls are lined with reflective material, no thoughts, being electromagnetic in nature, will be able to escape. (This means that the thoughts are not only are kept within a space, but since there is no time, the thoughts from one day might transcend to another... or another year for that matter.) In the open space there can be about 100 people, or more or less, all emitting thoughts according to a guideline (or not). Each participant is set up with thought monitoring device, such as EEG headset or other equivalent. The energy will be measured for all the participants during a trial run. The thoughts cannot go anywhere, so they must be picked up or reflected back into the space. We want to see how the thoughts manifest in each and all participants vibrational energy. The ultimate goal is to devise a systematic approach so it can be 'tinkered' with.

After realizing the mechanics to the system, there are probably several things it could be used for, but it would most notably be used for manipulating reality. Give me time to think of the applications, it's kind of interesting.


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