Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thoughts: Flatland

"Deeds, and not words, shall proclaim the truth. Listen, my friend. I have told you I can see from my position in Space the inside of all things that you consider closed. ..."
-Section 17, Flatland by Author A Square

I tried to make an analogy to this book and while I was reading through I picked up some neat thoughts. I'm looking for the 'out' and I believe the author knew of it. Here are my thoughts, I have not changed them in any way yet...

"This tells me that spirits from the 4th dimension can see our thoughts. But thoughts are universal, meaning it is allowed to be construed by a 4th dimensional being because it is a physical nature, similar to a smell of a flower in the 3rd dimension. The smell can be judged as either good or bad but the smell remains the same no matter who smells it. the letters change based on language, but the meaning is not dependent on language.

i think, in higher dimensions, communication is not dependent on language, where letters change, but 'meaning' which is based on physicality. in higher dimensions, an explicit meaning cannot be altered. so basically, spirits would communicate by meaning, but humans interpret meaning and recognize it as language... this also might *mean that our thoughts are physical or can be seen in higher dimensions... it wouldn't matter whether they have language or not, meaning is universal, it is based on vibration, frequency, energy. this means that two different people from two different backgrounds and languages could telepathically (brainwave headset) telepathically communicate meaning without language and understand what the other person is saying it would be in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration so we would have a headset able to communicate with the brain...

it is possible that all of the dimensions are around us, interacting with them depends on whether we are able to pick them up or not. brain == 3D, thoughts == 4D? not sure yet... well it says that nothing in 4D is able to be picked up in 3D but what if we are part 4D? then we could pick up some elements of 4D nature. how is it possible for a human to experience the 4D world after taking DMT if not one part of him was of 4D nature...? or... perhaps the meaning of what we see is interpreted as a spirit world. leads to everything is a meanning dependent upon translation. is meaning knowledge with an emotion...? just like knowledge, maybe emotion is a dimension as well...?"


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