Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stuff: The Real NEO-Network

Just a note: if you see this idea somewhere else, it probably came from XJ Hall.

This is not really an idea, it is just a different take on what I already have. Briefly, I am building this NEO-Network to function online, but I am having a hard time seeing the difference it would make if it uses an outdated system, if it relies on advertising, or selling personal data to companies, to pay for the bandwidth. Then I thought, hey! We don't have to use ads...!
(a vision)

Jack: John, you're stupid, everyone has to use ads to pay for stuff they put online...

John: Then I won't use online...

Jack: You won't use the internet? Well, that defeats the purpose of the network...

John: Not unless the network runs independent of the WWW.

Jack: What are you saying...?

John: I'm saying, the dirty work must be done, in order to break the nonsensical, because chaos is all too easy to ignore...!

Jack: I see.

John: Basically, we can't keep doing what we're doing. We have to do it different. The Network cannot be run on an old platform. It has to be separate.

(end vision)
So basically, sorry if I'm being blatantly easy with my vocabulary, we create a 'device' that is a receiver and a sender of 'a certain type of ethos or radio wave that may or may not be in public use'. This 'device' will run on practically 'free energy' 'generated via the atmosphere'. The 'device' will be larger at first, but as technology progresses, it gets smaller, and could possibly become as small as a usb. The device will be able to be 'plugged into' via 'electrical or other means' and will have a 'display' such like a laptop, computer, or pad screen. There will be no connecting to satellite, and probably no connecting to any wires, or any wires that are tapped into by the WWW. This will be an independent network. How will information flow...? It will be an authentic experience, one that emulates or copies what had occurred 100 to 200 to 1000's of years before this. Information was passed via word of mouth or pamphlet. The information could only be accessed from exposure from one node to the next, like ants in an ant hill. It would be different, because the network would depend on the nodes in the area (because it doesn't rely on satellite), therefore making it a ground-network. NO. A user would not have the luxury of connecting to the WWW. But that is what makes it different. We start manufacturing these, get more people interested, the network will grow in each area. So there will be unique information to each 'area-network' but the setup of each node's GUI would be the same. Now some might say, "How do you find out information from across the world...?". Good question. To answer it would require using something of the scope of quantum mechanics, a 'different type of technology not currently seen by the public, making its debut for the first time ever'. It would possibly be 'used in an unorthodox way', extorted, used differently than intended, or pumped up on steroids.

Well, that's it. Like I said, if I see someone else with this idea, it probably came from my realization. I am not kidding when I say it could actually happen in the future. Remember from my previous notes, knowledge is independent of distance. That means, no matter what the distance, wherever you go, the knowledge is the same, NO MATTER WHAT. It depends on what our technology is, what we are capable of, that will allow us to do things that we have never done before, that will allow us to tap into this 'force' and discern what is happening anywhere at any time. It could happen. Maybe it already is...

That is all,

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