Thursday, July 10, 2014

Brief: XJ Tarot Reading on Hillary Clinton

XJ Randall (Hall)
18:01 EST

"The deck knows the answer to the question before I ask it." -XJ

*XJ shuffles the deck using the Fibonacci sequence...*

"Tell me something I don't know about Hillary Clinton that may help me in choosing to vote for her or not." -XJ

*XJ spreads the cards out in a five card cross going from left to right and top to bottom.*


Before I give you a brief, you might have noticed that I have a new look for my 'XJ Tarot Deck'. Thanks, that is all.

Now I will tell you how I started to come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is affiliated with Skull and Bones members, members of Free-Masonry, and could possibly be (herself) an accomplished member of a sect, cult, or group that remains a tight clique of secrecy (perhaps). Note: I have barely researched any of this. This may not be accurate.

Note: Will finish this later, but here are some hints to help you come to the same conclusion: Look at the numbers...! The top number, representing the past, is an 11, a MASTER NUMBER (I'll explain later the significance of this happening). The middle column representing the present adds to 32, another number often associated with Masonic Numerology. And the bottom row, representing the future, is a 5. For any of you who have read Anton Wilson, five is considered an important number among members of the so called, "Illuminati", but the important thing to remember is that 3 + 2 = 5. The 32 (or inverted 23) reiterates itself in the next row.

The spread obviously says a lot more than what is initially perceived, and this is based on the skill level of the interpreter. That being said, I could write an essay based on what I found. A full-detailed description soon to come...

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