Sunday, August 10, 2014

Video Game Ideas: No Time Game Concept

Video Game Ideas: No Time Game Concept
XJ Randall
21:15 EST

Let me tell you a story.

There once was a man who was a nobody, so to speak. However, he had outstanding abilities that were unknown to him at the time. The nobody worked at a restaurant. One day the restaurant closed down. The nobody had no idea why and his manager didn't tell him. Four years past and everyday weird events would happen to this nobody. He would be gang-stalked and harrassed and people would treat him like he was nothing and he didn't know why. In the same time, this nobody grew in his abilities like a talented Jedi apprentice and his knowledge of the secrets of his universe also grew exponentially.

One day, the nobody realized that there is a theory of no time. He came to realize why everyone was acting weird around him for the past ten years of his life, and it was because he was being watched like a truman (from the movie, 'The Truman Show') by most people in his life. THEY WATCHED HIM IN HIS MOST PRIVATE MOMENTS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AND REFUSED TO TELL HIM ABOUT IT. What a revelation...! The nobody got angry that everyone had lied to his face so he decided to use his abilities to punish any one who watched him without telling him.

The nobody then realized that the reason why the restaurant he had worked at had closed down in his past was because the decision he made in the present transcended through time, through the NOW...! The reason the restaurant closed down was because the people at the restaurant were also watching him while he was working there...! The people that were watching him got an auto immune disease, but it was unknown to him at the time that he was the person in the future who brought that about.

That's also why he was being gang-stalked...! Somehow, someone didn't want him to live, because of a decision he made in the future that he wasn't aware of yet in the past. But the decision also went into the future as well. Consequently, the nobody's very own restaurant closed down in the future...! "I will have a restaurant in the future...?" the nobody asked. Correction: it would be more correct to say that he DID have a restaurant in the future.

Very interesting don't you think...? There is much more to this story that I can't tell you because if I did, I would be spoiling a movie ending.

Do you see how that works...?

If I was going to program a game (or a movie) the plot and genre will be built around the 'No Time' theory, and the theory that everything physical is a memory. This basically says that decisions in the present transcend through the past and the future. This means that the game would have to somehow calculate what the player chooses before the player chooses it. We can use the decisions / actions of the player to build a puzzle through 'the NOW' and redo previous stages in the game that were affected by the actions. Because of this the player doesn't necessarilly have to go through the memories of the game in order and can 'overwrite' memories by 'vibrating at different frequencies within the game' (by some kind of mechanism). Consequently, abilities for the player could be only accesible via the differing levels of frequencies.

I think I could make an awesome video game idea or movie script with this.


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