Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kickstarter Projects: '72 Sols'

If all goes well, this project will be on kickstarter within the next week.

Project '72-Sols'
© 2014 XJ Corps
Design Document
start date:
09.07.2014 - 19:20 EST
End date: ...
Last updated:
09.07.2014 - 19:20 EST

A 3D JavaScript video game that uses camera motion, brainwaves, and voice, with original soundtrack and innovative design. By XJ Corps.

In the beginning there was an architect. He made what we consider the matrix, to be watched over and sheparded. However the architect is now gone and the programs are out of control...

Basically, since the beginning there have been programs and programs making programs. The most basic of programs can be paralleled with demons, and they are called "Sols". They are powerful functions that facilitate the work of people who control them with whatever need there be, or they can cause chaos (if not under control).

The reason why they are called 'Sols' is because in ancient times, when there was initial chaos,  (need correct date) a king named Solomon had insight to come up with a way to control these basic yet powerful programs, and he created a revolutionary book about it (so they are named after him). Needless to say, after his death, the book was forged, multiple fakes were made, and the original was hidden out of plain sight since, the information inside carried only by the elite who had access to the original. Hence, the elite were really the only ones since Solomon's death to be able to use the information stored in his book. You can imagine the responsibility that was needed to uphold the virtues to not abuse the knowledge in the book.

However, eventually, there was corruption within the circle of the elite. The elite were no longer using the programs for 'good' purposes. There was war. Someone got hold of the information and leaked it to the public. Soon enough, an underground minority of the classes below the elite became educated with the leaked knowledge. They started making their own religions based off of the knowledge, however they too were not perfect, as they used the knowledge to manipulate and control others in a dishonest way.

It had been 1029 years since the book had gone missing, yet somehow a very-dated, true copy of the original ended up in an underground book shop, however, most of its pages were cut out. One day an honest inventor enters the shop just on a whim. He notices the book and thinks it looks cool but that it looks too used so decides to leave. He walks 7 steps out of the door and hears a voice, "You should have bought that book." He turns around and goes back into the book shop to buy the book, which would turn out to be the pinnacle decision of his life.

The Book of 72 Sols:
There is a theory that when an artist creates a piece of art, part of him is infused in his work for the rest of the remainder of that work's existence. So too, the original Book of Sols actually had a part of its creator, Solomon, fused in with it, like a hidden voice that is abstractly intelligent. Thus, the book has the capability to make indirect decisions to effect the world around it. for example, the book can manipulate events around it to decide who possesses it. Thus, the inventor (you) going back to the book shop was an instance of the book somehow indirectly connecting to you to allow you to possess it (the book had actually been keeping itself invisible to people it didn't want owning it).

How the game works:
Since the book is intelligent, it knows the player (initially) is an honest and trustworthy possessor of the book. It had been looking for someone like the player for aeons. The book has chosen the player to use the knowledge of it (and its intelligence) to locate and find the rest of its pages so that it can be complete again. As the player gains more pages, the book's voice becomes stronger. Use the knowledge of the book at the start to complete puzzles and (battle) other possessors of the knowledge who may have the other pages of the book.

The game is innovative in its design and also that it uses brainwaves, camera motion, and voice as extra controls.

You will have a map of 3D cities with locations that will be locked at the start of the game, but will open up as you gain more experience.



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