Friday, December 26, 2014

Projects: XJ Corps Telepathy to Speech

XJ Randall
17:31 EST

This project is for use with NeuroSky's brainwave headset.

This program can accurately translate telepathic speech to audible speech or respective command. The difference between this telepathic program and others that are currently 'up-to-date' is that this program actually doesn't need external stimuli to evoke a brainwave response and it is much faster than experiments that do use evoked potentials.

It is fairly fast with only 3 to 4 commands, taking 4 seconds to accurately match the telepathic data to the corresponding command. For a higher number of commands, it's wise to gather 7 to 10 seconds of data after onset of telepathic command. There is a higher rate of accuracy the longer the data-time is. I found that each unique command has a unique 'trail' it leaves through 10 seconds of data, that makes it distinguishable from other commands.

■ How to use:

Run the start button. Hover over the record button while simultaneously thinking in your head the command name. I stress, "thinking", not SAYING, as there is a better and more clean data set to deal with when there is less motor-input involved. After thinking the command in your head (while you can hear it in your head), the program picks up 4 to 10 seconds of data unique to the command. Each command has a different wave. Telepathy to Speech - 1.0 concentrates on a lower number of commands but in higher versions I would want to push the system to see how far I can take it, probably using a phoneme system to match phoneme thoughts.

The user can record a sample for each command so that when the command is translated from telepathic data, the sample is played. An example would be a person recording, 'Hello, my name is John.' for command 1, and then, in their head repeating that command when recording telepathic data.

I think this is the first public telepathic device, although it is simple, it has much room for improvement, including getting a faster recognize time. I will try to get a video of me demonstrating this, so that you can see what it looks like in action.

Hope you enjoyed.


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