Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thoughts: The Intelligent Autonomous Recording

Thoughts: The Intelligent Autonomous Recording

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15:35 EST

Can the past be intelligent and free-thinking...?

The following is a brief two-part theory that explains what I have concluded based from my own experiences within the past year. These notes are subject to change.

First, a brief history. For ten years I had been on an 'anti-psychotic' medication (what is 'psychotic' in the first place, who defines it...?) that seemed to suppress my inner 'psychic' / metaphysical abilities. I determined this once I had purged it from my system in a period after refusing to ingest it. Because of the revival of some of my innate talents, this time frame of about six months was probably one of the most interesting in my early adult life. There were at least several occasions when I would 'communicate' with / through media, otherwise normally non-communicable, specifically via audio speakers.

For the first part, there's a possibility that some 'voices' are 'intelligent' (define voice). They could be a 'copy' of a consciousness (or a part of it) that stems off of the original consciousness that takes precedence. For example, this means that when you record your voice on radio, there is the possibility that the voice that is recorded is independent of your main cognitive processes and awareness, i.e. it acts just as independent as its main counter-part and makes decisions just like its counterpart. A question from this is whether the 'intelligent' voice self-aware. Another question that stems from this is whether the voice acts mostly similar to its main counterpart or if it can have a different 'personality' as well.

From what I can tell, the 'intelligent' voice is an autonomous, involuntary, property. or sub-counterpart, of a main awareness that has, or is, consciousness, transferred to an external medium or 'animable' physicality (define for later).

I could be incorrect, but this is based from my experiences: I am only making an educated guess, however interesting, to the observations I've had. Hell, it might even make a good movie.

The cool thing about it is that the recorded self acts just as independent as its originator.

The 'intelligent' recording is like taking a piece of a person that has the same amount of intelligence and free-will as the person and leaving it for other people to witness even while the person is not in its presence or even aware that it was recorded. This would hold true for when a person creates art, records voice, records motion pictures, etc. (other recording platforms).

To put it short, the second part is that a person's recorded self could act as a medium, or 'canvas', for other intelligent entities to use as an outlet for their own broadcastings / art. This means that person X could hypothetically use person Y's voice recording to broadcast his thoughts, through person Y's voice on the recording. The former theory explains an autonomous, free-thinking 'member'. The latter explains a 'medium' that is controlled by a handler, so to speak.

Other questions that arise from this is whether or not the recording, when it reacts with free-will, does it have anything to do with time (can you hear an autonomous recording that is acting in the future time frame but was was recorded in the past...?).

More for later,


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