Thursday, June 11, 2015

XJ Corps: Notes June 2015

XJ Corps: Notes June 2015
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Thursday 11 June 2015
16:42 EST

Before reading ahead, it is important to be familiar with XJ Corps / User Contract. Some of these Ideas are or will be for sale under XJ Corps. For serious inquiries, contact XJ at his email:

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It's been a while since my last blog post. Suffice to say, there are many ideas I would like to share, although most of them cannot be explained in their entirety in this post. Below are the most recent ideas that need to be expanded.

■ President X's First 129 Days

In a future time line of the history of the world, more specifically the United States, President X is ushered into office to make good on promises of a 'New America'. Here are his first 129 days in office.

■ Image Broadcasting: Vicarious Relay of Information

In a more recent 'X-Men' movie, a character known as Professor X is able to talk to people through the 'indirect control' of another person's 'device' or 'shell'. However, the technology that I explain here is based on actual observation and experience, something that has happened to me numerous times.

■ Image Broadcasting: The "GOD VOICE"

■ XJ Corps: The 'Sole' Computer / Apparatus

■ XJ Corps: A Super Computer that is Stored in the Atmosphere

■ XJ Corps: Telepathy X Update

■ Light, Time, and Ideas Experiment and Observation: My Explanation

■ XJ Corps: Additional Notes

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Explaining these ideas will take some time. Essentially, 'they hit me with a frequency to try and stop me from telling you my technology'; I could do it all in 24 hours, however I don't have the protection I need to do it that quickly.

If you would like to invest in any of these ideas, or wish for me to explain them to you, please feel free to contact me at my email.

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