Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OWS Propoganda Fails

In this response, I use the word "propoganda" to describe the positive efforts to broadcast an idea, regardless of bias and lacking in misleading nature.

In my opinion, one thing OWS does wrong is how it informs its target audience. OWS uses vague, yet glittering one-liner trademarks that by no means educate the passer-byer, who could potentially be a supporter, on the specific grievances that propelled the movement. At first glance, an Occupy facebook page is filled with pathos-attention grabbing (at least that's its purpose) rhetoric that might make us want to join the revolution. But this is exactly what's wrong with it. People are not supposed to join because it's 'inspirational' or convenient in our city. In a movement, the medium must be ethical; people are supposed to join because it is the right thing to do. The propoganda should reflect this. If you can't educate your audience on why it is the right thing to do, the exact reasons why they should join, then the propoganda fails to complete its job. This would assume that valid points exist that need to be reiterated. I would recommend, again, a list of exact grievances and how they correlate to current negative situations. Then, if you really wanted to reach a mass target, come up with an animated display or video that will educate the audience. And I'm not talking about videos of "protests".



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