Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Contract of Man to his Society

Why do i do the things that i do, what is the ultimate force that is pushing me to do these things...? i have come to the hypothesis that human behavior is not controlled by them, instead their behavior is determined by an outside force, the same force that acts on all of us. Because obviously, i dislike doing some of this college shit, yet, i continue to do it anyway....? IF i am not controlling myself then what is...?

Jack: but you are controlling yourself. you're controlling yourself to do what you dislike because in the end you will be better off.

John: that's good Jack, but who defines 'better off'...? "Better off" for who...?

i hypothesize, that some persons' real motive in life can be masked over by a film of "the outside force"'s motive. in other words, we do things, we are driven to do things for this 'outside force' first, before dealing with our own wants.

What is the ultimate factor that makes a man do what he dislikes? And don't tell me you absolutely enjoy working at a fast-food restaurant, when YOU KNOW that you have a creative mind that could be used for other things in more positive ways... like overthrowing the Big Z, which i am sure, this has something to do with.

Postulation ensues, and most assured, some new insight will be encountered.  I believe it is a network, everything connects to everything else. So i'll see what i can come up with.

i need a dry erase board and some markers...


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