Thursday, October 18, 2012

Power And Innovation: Responsibility of a Leader

To know Truth is to have Power. And "with Great Power comes great Responsibility." The goal of anyone with Power, as humans with Power seek more Power, is to achieve the highest illumination of insight possible; to find Truth through this Power so that one can live life in the most Responsible, RIGHT way. To do anything otherwise would be unethical and a squandering of Rights, or control: A world where Power is equivalent to the monetary unit of an 'incentive' allows RIGHTS to be controlled by the 'highest bidder.' Leaders, especially, must be Responsible to set precedence and become paradigms of the society, or world, they wish to come to fruition. However, there is the argument, of course, that a corrupt leader with Power will not do what is RESPONSIBLE, but, rather, what is "WANTABLE."

Words are arbitrary among humans, however, meanings are not, and it is arguable that whether we choose to call anything by any name, in any tongue, a concrete existence, perpetually reaffirmed by our senses, confirms that the object or entity exists universally. The sun inevitably continues to exist, and exists universally, regardless by what name it is or has been called by. The fact that it is Universal, means that it exists. It is the same as saying, "Two men from two different backgrounds, from two different continents, from two different time periods, both came up with the same idea without any influence from each other." This could be called, 'indirect convergence': the 'acknowledgement' (better word could be used) of an idea by two non-connected sources, proving it's either universal 'Truth-ness' or existence.

Thus, RIGHT can be seen as something that is Universal, and one definition that culminates from thoughts on indirect convergence is that RIGHT is something that 'promotes survival' (Note: just because someone is doing the RIGHT thing, doesn't mean they are telling the Truth). It is vague; it could lead to a whole other argument or postulation I've already done, so I will leave it at that.

And we get to the point. Obviously, the leaders of the country in question did not do the RIGHT thing. And by this, I mean, they are UNORIGINAL. I am reading a scholarly book about 9/11 and one of the sections is about "Machiavellian State Terror". Why would "enlightened", "powerful" leaders emulate the works of a past philosopher...? It is important to note, something that is universal or Truth will remain Truth no matter what name is given to it. I've only loosely researched it, but there is a 'supposed document'. IF there is a document, 'Truthing' that "Machiavellian State Terror" was, indeed, an objective, it just shows how non-genius the manufacturers of 9/11 were. But, then again, being a criminal doesn't take brains, it takes Power.

Okay, I have to go do a lab now, otherwise this would be longer and better formulated...

The Gist:
The Responsibility of a Leader with Power is NOT to Emulate, but to INNOVATE.


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