Monday, October 22, 2012

Etiquette in Effectively Disseminating a Green Idea

After a smidge of research on a third party in relation to tonight's presidential debate, I could come to the slightly preconceived conclusion that, based on the image projected through the media, some of these groups or 'parties' do not have the etiquette to compete. There are various things a party or group could do that leads to such an opinion, and one of them is GETTING ARRESTED. Unless you're Rosa Parks, GETTING ARRESTED does not help "the cause." It only shows that you do not know how to play by the rules of 'the game', that, might I mention, were not created and are not controlled by YOU. Not only does it not help "the cause" by GETTING ARRESTED, but it does not help your IMAGE either.

Your "image" plays an important role in how others assimilate you in their mind and, moreover important to you and your group, how they incorporate YOU into THEIR lives. If your IMAGE doesn't fit into people's schema, you will not gain their support. Consider this: IF you wanted to explain an unorthodox theory based on FACT to a 'normal' American, would you do so by standing on top of a garbage can, SHOUTING in the street? Obviously you know, this would create adverse results and the opposite of effective dissemination of your theory. People will not only be repelled by your vulgar actions, but they lose respect for your point of view. The last thing you want is to be labeled as a "conspiracy theorist" (a negative connotation), especially when your cause is based on factual evidence.

People want to see change, but to do so in such a dis-eloquent manner projects ignorance. A Mouse does not take out an Elephant by laying in front of it's path, when the Elephant can clearly STOMP on it altogether or ignore it (although I'm not saying the Elephant does not fear the Mouse, because, as we all know, the Elephant FEARS the Mouse (philosophical inquiry pertains as to WHY...?)). There are times when GETTING ARRESTED is appropriate for a cause, but when a political party is trying to "infiltrate the government", it probably isn't the best choice.

There really is no other viable option to 'win' than to play by the rules of 'the game', and this means 'playing' 'the game'. Because if you don't, you become another intricate yet trivial part of that which you are against.


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