Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Brief Thought: Image Broadcasting via Network Hosts (Resonance)

This idea is very, VERY, interesting. I don't think I've heard of anyone trying it out, on any website or video game whatsoever. Websites today are very one dimensional, including the social networks. There are endless possibilities with implementing this. I will definitely include it in my current project...

│ Image Broadcasting via         
 Hosts in a Network (Resonance) │

"You could do something BIG with your psychological energy, if it is focused. When it comes to affecting other people, this remains to be researched. I have no final say on the matter as of yet, but I have one initial theory..."

The idea stems from, "What if people broadcast their motives through other people...?" Meaning, other people's motive's are accomplished through us by our 'picking-up' of their motives, whether it be consciously or not, and being the main transportation for those motives to be broadcast to other people. The theory is, we are the vessels by which other people broadcast their motives and other people are our vessels. We pick up another person's motives by coming in contact with the people that carry the motive. This means that we don't necessarily have to know or directly come in contact with the original source in order to broadcast the motive from the original source.

This is very interesting because based on this, a whole entire image or some other type of complexity could be intertransferred or carried between a network of people and, if deciphered correctly, would basically yield the same image as the source no matter who it is deciphered from.

This is also very similar to a source of energy or an energy beam that has been diffused into the atmosphere, then replicated hundreds of times by hosts, then refocused back into a copy of its original state. All of that would depend on the arrangement and focalization of different nodes in the network. No social network I know of has used this theory at all for any type of innovative interaction between the users in the network.

Of course we have to deal with image decay but the whole concept is very interesting. Obviously, if this were implemented in a social game there would be other factors that also play into this including 'resonance' and 'behavior'...



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