Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Brief Thought: What is RIGHT...?


In my previous post I brought up my argument that life is a transition from the known to the unknown. Because it is constant, the inevitability of the unknown upon us (or death) is used to facilitate or conduct the overarching business of trading (buying or selling) emotional and psychological states or well beings. This is all done on a stage with invariable boundaries, i.e., at this moment in time, humans cannot get up and choose to leave the 'business' because that choice is non-existent (where would we go...? and furthermore, would we bring our problems with us...?).

Because this life is arguably a transition stage we can assume that there is at least one other 'stage' beyond this. That is the definition of transition, to lead from one thing to the next. And if we can assume that there are other stages besides life, then the ideology that life should be thought of as 'the only thing that matters and that we should base all of our decisions on' diminishes in value (I could go into this later). So, if life is not AS important as it usually is, my question is, is it right to ignore another human being who we are aware of and is suffering psychologically...?

There is a man crying for help in the roadside. Do we help, or do we NOT help...? The argument that says we should help basically stems from the popular right thing to do.

"Why wouldn't you help a man who is suffering...?"

The argument to NOT help basically says,

"Well, since life is a transition stage and there is a stage after this then it doesn't really matter what I do because the man that is suffering psychologically won't suffer forever or I won't be here forever to be able to see him suffer and do something about it..."

What is RIGHT anyways, and why do all my arguments seem to point to its definement...?


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