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Previous Thoughts: "Analyzation"

The following was taken from one of my previous blogs. I included it because it fits more into this blog than it does the other one. These were my thoughts at that point in time, i.e. 9.25.2012. The writing is less formal, as I chose to leave it in its original state, but nonetheless, the message is essential...

I'm writing sloppy because i don't care that i'm writing sloppy. i just felt like writing and i want to get the gist down...

with so many different takes and beliefs out there it's hard to know what is the Truth... i'm sure more philosophical introspection and external observation will resolve this.

In fact, did you know, that I realized the Master Idea from philosophical query...? Yeah, it was just like, i was walking around everywhere, just broke as fuck, thinking about TIME and GOD and all that other stuff that relates to it. My first philosophy class was awesome because, as a studious and almost zealous learner, i took in everything and took time to analyze each question and homework assignment thoroughly to come up with the correct take/viewpoint/conclusion/insight/answer. even though some of my essays weren't great some of the conclusions i came up with were (brilliant?) for the first time.

 If you train yourself to do this over and over again it becomes very easy to think of some great ideas. I MEAN REALLY. AWESOME. IDEAS. When you do this it's almost like you are using another sense, you're 6th sense (or whatever you want to call it): a nonexisting term, "analyzation". if you analyze everything, scrutinizing everything, THINK about EVERYTHING, to the minutest detail, you will be able to form patterns based on what you analyze. you can become very successful at stuff when you use it.

For example, you could use "analyzation" for playing games with people, like POKER, CHESS, or HEARTS. I have become very good at Hearts and I seldom play it. Last time I played it was in 2010. My partner and I, no matter who my partner was, almost always won a match. Even if my partner was less skilled than me. This was because you can figure out the pattern of that game, how to win, fairly easily.

Poker is another game, that if someone, SOMEONE, had the time to come up with the WINNING FORMULA, it could be done, I have no doubt that it can be done: a person could win every match. Not every play, obviously, but every match. No doubt. The formula's out there, I was working on it a few years ago, when I used to be good.

Not only can "analyzation" work for just simple games, but it can work for coming up with INNOVATIVE IDEAS. These ideas are innovative, but at the same time, its like, they could be thought of by other people, if those people had the insight. Ultimately, the idea or insight that comes from "analyzation" could be something that will happen within a matter of time (or may not, but still an awesome idea), you're just the first to think about it. So, in a way you're sort of predicting the future through the patterns that you've assessed and nit picked.

A good job for an "analyzer" or 'innovator' or 'idea generator' would be in fields that require projection. Any type of projection really. What I mean is, predicting outcomes of a business, or popularity of a song, or how a movie will do at the box office, or maybe how many people will show up (Those are simple things). If it's Computer Graphics, which is the case for me, one could use their knowledge of visual media and anything associated with it, analyze it, eat it for breakfast, think about it all the time, to predict patterns or come up with new innovation.

For example, about 2 years ago, i was thinking about Holographics and 3D displays. At the same time I was thinking about how to teleport a person from point a to point b. I came up with an idea to project an enviroment 3000 miles away into an "environment room" in a way so that  the people in the room would feel like they are actually there. This includes all sorts of stuff like environment AI and messing with a person's 5 senses to 'trick' their brain into believing they are there... pretty cool huh...? that's all i'll say about that.


Anyway, Nintendo had just said they would release a 3D hand held soon. Taking the knowledge that i had about there being 3D capability without glasses, i projected this onto a grander scale; basically coming to the conclusion that if we don't need glasses for 3D, one day, a new type of medium will be used for large scale cinematics  and it will be 3D and we will not need glasses to view it. This means 3D movies without glasses; the movie will actually look like it's right in front of us. I also came to the conclusion that a more articulate and complex 3D holographic display would be needed. Furthermore, since I was making beats at the time, I figured that holographic display will soon shortly be used in the entertainment industry, specifically the MUSIC industry, for live displays and such. This means back up dancers, or dancers in general, on the stage will be 3D Holographic...

If you look up how a 3Dholographic works you will understand that there needs to be at least 2 separate images projecting onto the same plane. Thus the technology that is needed requires an ample amount of devices that can traverse or move fluidly (probably on programmed or animated tracks) to parallel the movements of it's projection. This also means that an additional amount of effort had to go in to the production (knowing that at least 2 images must be used, but more likely, 6 images will be used) but i was thinking the cost should go down once the technology becomes more widely used... Who is the first to set the largest 3D Holographic record...?

On a video game scale, this could be big. Computers, BIG. A 3D holographic laptop screen, that displays the depth of an environment of the person you are video chatting with. Along with it 3D web cameras for 3D laptops. Saving files in a 3D holographic format for easy mobility: 3DH (3D holographic). 3D Holographic Phone. The boom could be big. Am I not the first to think of this...?

Like I said It WILL eventually happen. It's just, I'm early, if not the first, to think of it. So it may take a while, maybe 5 years, maybe a decade, for us to see a Lady Gaga or such type on stage with holographic dancers around her....

the best part about it is that if we have a 3Dholographic camera, it could be used for other things, like solving crime scenes or what not, it would pick up things in 3D. We could watch a basketball game in 3D holographic from a 3D holographic projector.

Anyway, where am i going with this...?


eh, i'm just rambling

Like I said, if you analyze everything, you can get insightful results or patterns that will direct you towards possible outcomes. And it doesn't matter what you use, "analyzation" on. Anything really. even "Religion"... you just gotta set aside the time to do so...

the problem is, I haven't had time to be super-philosophical recently, my energy is being used elsewhere. like school


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